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Well the Division’s Engineer- ing Excellence Awards are over and the winning projects and people are to be con- gratulated. What a range of projects. What a fine dinner. Thanks to attendees for mak- ing it such a success. You will be pleased to know Adam James has completely recovered from his voice ail- ment. While I heard many positive comments, one adverse comment I heard was why was there so many contractors on the podium and so few consultants. Partners Peter Hagan, President

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    Engineers Australia Northern Division October 2009

    Well the Divisions Engineer-ing Excellence Awards are over and the winning projects and people are to be con-gratulated. What a range of projects. What a fine dinner. Thanks to attendees for mak-ing it such a success. You will be pleased to know Adam James has completely recovered from his voice ail-

    ment. While I heard many positive comments, one adverse comment I heard was why was there so many contractors on the podium and so few consultants. Many of our members are with contractors and we thank them for their support, as well some of our consultants have been consistent entrants in the awards over many years. We are pleased to get quality entries from our members. It is up to members and their employers to make sure they enter and get the recognition they deserve. Recent national polls have shown the climate change has fallen in importance since the onset of the global financial crisis. All those who attended Ron Coxs repeat presentation on climate change and its challenges will attest that initiatives need to be taken and EA locally will endeavour to see that the issue remains high on the agenda both at a Territory and National level. The top end has some particular issues with the nature of the river systems and continuining research into this area is critical. Again I encourage you to visit makeitso.org.au and register. Building our profession is vital to the ongoing or improved wellbeing of our com-munities. We need your help.

    Finally our Annual General Meeting is on 3rd December. Please come. There is an opportunity

    for you to contribute to our organisation by nominating for positions on the management committee. The committee is made up of elected and appointed members and represents a broad spread of the engineering disciplines and activi-ties. If you are interested and want to get more information call me or Len (your incoming Presi-dent) or Bronwyn.

    Peter Hagan, President

    From the President Presidents Report 2009 Engineering

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    Over 310 guests celebrated the 2009 Engineering Excellence Awards at the Darwin Convention Centre on Friday, 18 Septem-ber.

    The Awards were themed around the institutions 90th Birth-dayLooking Forward Looking Back with props loaned from the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory including a 1918 AEC Truck and a 1904 Olds Mobile Model Replica which was built from the ground up by Mr Leo Izod in the first 6 months of this year, as well as a penny farthing and an old motor which are all currently housed at the Old Qantas Hangar.

    The Looking Forward was enhanced by the use of a IS250C Lexus convertible which made its grand entrance at the Awards and was kindly provided by Lexus (Bridge Toyota).

    Thank you to Leo, the Qantas Hangar team, Trevor Horman and John Mitchell from Bridge Toyota for their assistance in making the Awards most memorable.

    Alice Springs projects took out top gong at the Awards. Crowne Plaza Solar Array took out the 2009 Engineering Excellence Award with Desert Knowledge Solar Centre taking out the 2009 Engineering Excellence Award for Research. The Crowne Plaza also took out the ANZSES Sustainability Award. All of the pro-jects were entered by CAT Projects Pty Ltd which was headed by the then previous General Manager and national award winner, Grant Behrendorf. Grant won Engineers Australia National Tech-nologist of the Year in 2007.

    The Works Section of the 1st Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force (MRTF1) in Afghanistan took out the much deserved Peoples Choice Award and Presidents Award.

    GHD Pty Ltd and The Department of Planning and Infrastruc-ture also basked in the limelight for Engineering Excellence Award for Reports, Procedures and Systems.

    Highly Commended Award winners were; Telstra Corporation for Community Engagement for the Arnhem Land Fibre Project, Macmahon Contractors for the Bradshaw ICTC Towers near Timber Creek for Project Management and GHD Pty Ltd and Power & Water Corporations Ben Hammond Centre for Envi-ronment and Sustainability.

    Lindsay Montieth of GHD Pty Ltd won Professional Engineer of the Year. Engineering Technologist of the Year was awarded to Tom Maher of Darwin City Council while Captain Michael Thompson from the 1st Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force took out Young Professional Engineer.

    Fred Finch and his wife Lynn, were the lucky winners of the door prize of a weekend use of the Lexus Convertible which was kindly donated by Bridge Toyota. Fred and Lynn were de-lighted with their prize.

    The Crowd was entertained by Raymond Crowe, Unusualist with some very funny moments for members, in particular Adam James and Jacinta Kelly. And, of course, members danced the night away with the music of Silverback who are always a huge hit.

    The Division President and staff would like to thank all entrants to the Awards, our partners, sponsors, supporters, friends and members who continually support this annual event.

    2009 Engineering Excellence Awards 2009 People in Engineering Awards

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    2009 Engineering Excellence Awards


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    Directors Report

    Now that the 2009 Engineering Excel-lence Awards are behind us we are able to reflect on how it went. The general consensus from those who attended was that it was an entertaining night. Ray Crowe certainly had everyone enthralled as the entertainer and for those who missed out you can see part of his act on youtube with shadow puppetry to the Louis Armstrong song What a Wonder-ful World. Each year we get an interesting range of entries and, as the national judge said to

    us, it is always different to what is seen in the southern divisions. Thank you to the companies who take the time and effort to put in their projects each year. It is your effort that keeps the Awards interesting and provides us with an event. Congratulations again to all winners, including those in the individual awards, and com-miserations to those who didnt. The National Awards in Can-berra are the next challenge in November for all of our winners. A massive thank you to the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT who loaned us the pieces for display during the awards. A special mention again goes to Leo Izod for the work that he did for this occasion. Leo certainly is doing his bit to maintain the heritage of the Northern Territory and tirelessly gives his time and energy to make sure that everyone gets to benefit. Engineers Australia is now officially 90 years old. We have been promoting the theme all year of Looking Forward Looking Back and Northern Division has taken this on with gusto. Those who attended the awards were impressed with the 90 year old AEC truck combined with the very modern Lexus convertible which highlighted how far engineering has come just in the auto-motive field. We were excited to be able to support the Darwin High School team to attend the national Science and Engineering Challenge event in Bendigo. We understand that they came fourth on the day which is a mighty effort. This is the second year that a team has managed to go from Northern Division with Alice Springs OLSH School attending last year. We have managed to run the Sunchase event for both Alice Springs and Darwin schools again this year. We have a very ac-tive committee in Alice Springs with a track that enables winners to go to the national event with their cars. A big thank you to Steve Sawyer and his gang in the centre who make this happen. Darwin does not have a track and so is restricted to racing kit cars. This year the students were able to mix it with the big cars at the scrutineering in Darwin for the Global Green Challenge to give them a sense where technology can take them.

    The Sunchase event which was held in Darwin on Thursday, 22nd October was a fantastic event with over 200 primary school children in attendance. The event was held in conjunction with the Global Green Challenge, an event which attracts interna-tional attention. A big thank you to the many volunteers who helped make the day a great success.

    Bronwyn Russell Executive Director

    Engineers Australia joined forces with Hays Engineering Re-cruitment arm at the CDU Careers Expo which was held on Fri-day 25 September. The Fair was aimed at all undergraduate and graduate students in Engineering and Information Technology. With over 15 displays on site during the Fair, it was a perfect opportunity for the Division to launch their student vacation handbook and for Hays to provide useful information on salary comparisons.

    CDU - Engineering & IT Career Fair

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    Sunchase 2009 - a resounding success

    Over 200 Darwin Pri-mary school students enjoyed basking under clear skies as 52 Sun-Chase solar kit cars raced to the finish line at the Darwin Show Grounds this week. This all happened thanks to Engineers Australia, Power and