Parent Bull Aiden Pearce, Cody Larkin, Lee Webster, Charlie Gray, Sarah Wren, Maisie Hancock, Katie

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Text of Parent Bull Aiden Pearce, Cody Larkin, Lee Webster, Charlie Gray, Sarah Wren, Maisie Hancock, Katie

  • Parent Bulletin Friday, 21st October 2016


    We would like to advise you that you are able to give your views on the Academy to Ofsted via their parentview

    questionnaire, at any time – not just during inspections. We would encourage you to do this at:

    Dates for your Diary:

    Monday 24th October until Friday 28th October – Half Term

    Monday 31th October – Return to school

    Tuesday 1st November – Year 11 CWA Presentation 2:10pm

    Tuesday 8th November – One Punch can Kill presentation

    Monday 14th November – Year 11 Mock exams start

    Friday 18th November – Children in Need Day

    Tuesday 22nd November – Year 9 Parents evening

    Wednesday 23rd November – PSHE Day

    Thursday 1st December – Christmas Fayre

    Friday 2nd December – Year 11 Mock exams finish

    Monday 5th December until Friday 9th December – Inter-House Maths Mastermind

    Tuesday 6th December – Celebration evening (Years 8-11)

    Thursday 8th December – Parent Voice 5:30pm

    Wednesday 14th December – Christmas Lunch

    Wednesday 14th December – Talent Show

    Friday 16th December – Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

    Friday 16th December – Last day of term

    Friday 16th December until Tuesday 3rd January – Christmas Holiday

    Wednesday 4th January – Staff Training Day

    Thursday 5th January – Spring term begins

  • Attendance: Well done to the 280 students who have 100% attendance in the first half term. Names will be put into a draw and

    the first 100 names picked out will be awarded free pizza at seminar time during the first week back. We also had

    392 students with at least 96%. Please remember that students must have at least 95% attendance to be in the top

    100 achievement points.

    Whole s hool atte da e is 9 %. This ti e last ear atte da e as 9 %. Let s tr to raise our game next term and achieve even higher.

    Year 7 96%

    Year 8 94%

    Year 9 95%

    Year 10 91%

    Year 11 91%

    This week I had the pleasure of awarding the Attendance cup to Nelson House students at our Rewards Assembly.

    They had the highest Attendance with 95%. Well done! This cup will be in the Reception area together with the

    Highest Achievement cup and the Endeavour Trophy.

    Nelson 95%

    Cresswell 94%

    Vancouver 94%

    Macarthur 93%

    Please remember to contact me before 8.30am if your child is going to be absent. This way I can ensure that they

    receive the correct mark on the registers.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    Have a great half term break.

    Year 7 and 8 Weekly Maths Challenge:

    Each Friday Year 7 and 8 will be set a Maths Challenge. The Challenge will be on Show My Homework and can also

    be found outside CF2. The answers can be emailed to or hand given to Mrs

    Amos by Wednesday 3pm.

    A winner from each year group will be chosen at random to win Maths Star of the Week. They will be awarded with

    a certificate, a postcard home and a small prize. All students with the correct answer will also receive a certificate.

    WEEK 2 ANSWERS: Total surface area of 750cm²

    Congratulations to Megan Golding (Year 8) and Jack Timberlake (Year 7) for winning Maths Star of the Week.

    Well done to all who have taken part.

    Mrs Amos

  • Rewards Update:

    This week we celebrated our first reward assembly of this term. We started on Tuesday with KS4, our Head Girl

    Kaitlyn Senter started the assembly off by reading out the names of the students who worked hard to be in the top

    100. Here are the names:-

    Tegan Bennett, Wiktoria Kozikowska, Aimilios Nakos, Casey Grimes, Megan Thorburn, Bailey Farrell, Hannah Eke,

    Aiden Pearce, Cody Larkin, Lee Webster, Charlie Gray, Sarah Wren, Maisie Hancock, Katie Hembling, Jessica Fowl,

    Saba Zaheer, Isabella Clack, Billie Hoste-Davies, Sophie Couzins, Sarah Duncan, Grace Byfield- Stubbs and Angelika

    Caplinska, well done to them all - they all received a high street voucher.

    The top student for KS4 and the whole school was

    Tamazin Bacon, Y10 Cresswell House, with a

    fantastic 168 points, well done. Here is Tamazin

    receiving her rewards from Mr Rimmer.

    The college passed on a number of comments regarding our students. The Students below have been nominated to

    be Class Representatives. They will be receiving badges from the College after half term.

    Jessica Fowl - Hair and Beauty

    Theo Clarke-Twell - Level 2 Engineering

    Paige Self - Child Development

    Callum Bentley, Ben Corbett, Lennon Wardale, Weronika Woznialis, Courtney Middleton, Jessica Fowl, Bethany Ross

    also received outstanding comments regarding their work at the college.

    KLA have a new trophy to present this year called the Endeavour Cup. This will be presented to a student at the end

    of every half term who has made the most effort to change the way they work or who always tries to display 110%

    effort to make the most of their lessons. They may not always get it right but the determination is always there. KS4

    received 7 nominations for this award, here are the names,

    Isabella Thurnell, Tamazin Bacon, Harvey Cross, Reece Maddern, Jasmine Reeve, Alex Palmer-Silcock and Phoenix

    Booty. Congratulations to all students.

    House totals since the start of term.

    1st Cresswell 7,227

    2nd Vancouver 6,933

    3rd Nelson 6,761

    4th MacArthur 6,381

    Cresswell was presented with the behaviour trophy in both KS3 and

    KS4 assemblies. The attendance trophy was presented to Nelson for

    achieving 94.9%, this was also presented in both assemblies. Mr May

    accepted the trophy from Mr Hill, Head teacher at Howard Junior

    School on behalf of Nelson House and Miss Carnell accepted the

    trophy from Mr Rimmer on behalf of Cresswell House. Well done to

    them both.

  • Rewards Update o ti ued…….. Over 27,302 reward points have been gained by the students since the start of term, what an achievement for

    students here at KLA.

    On Wednesday, KS3 enjoyed their assembly. KLA invited Mr Hill from Howard Junior School to help award the prizes.

    Again, KLA s Head Girl Kaitl Se ter read out the a es of the stude ts ho orked hard to e i the top . Here are the names:-

    Bailey Naish, Keenan Bridges, Daniel Silva Luso, Ella Mason, Kiara Da Silva, Callum Poole, Laurie Meads, Lauren

    Wilson, Joshua Dear, Jack Timberlake, Kaitlyn Salmons, Kaiden Lane, Catherine Castro, Millie Bareford, Brooke

    Williams, Josh Sullivan, Matthew Loft, Malgorzata Rudolf, Renat Chodos, Shackain Self, Isabel Wright, Samantha

    Palivaite, Alfie Rippengill, Padraig Denmark, Grace Johnson, Connor Sullivan, Liam Tidd, Erica Charters, Kiera Ashby,

    Leanna Fitzgerald, Uphaz Riaz, Silas Hozier, Leo Scoles, Charlie Johnson, Charlotte Marks, Joshua Raines, Curtis

    Chilvers, Samantha Grinevic, Thomas Green, Katie Rattenbury, Charlie Hammond, Chelsea-Mae Morton, Max

    Andrews, Alicia Brook, Megan Golding, Alexander Haslam, Ella Davies, Chloe Robinson, Thomas Chappell, Megan

    Osborne, Charlie Royle, Liam Burt, Jonathan Senter, Elise Clayton, Nayan Johnston, Gemma White, Harley Mott,

    Jayden Goodbourn, Abbie Perry, Amie Brown, Fern Mortimer, Zuzanna Dos Santos, Harvey Gray, Callum Povey,

    Sophie-Eloise Mallett, Erin Byfield-Stubbs, Abigail Mason-Brown, Danas Skupeika, Tatianna Burns, Alice Nicholls,

    Kane Hannant, Vadim Ganeev and Phoenix Sherry.

    Well done to all the students who received a high street voucher, a special mention to Jack Dixon who was top for

    MacArthur House with 123 reward points, Erin Curl top for Nelson House with 106 reward points and Noah

    Partridge top for Vancouver House with 103 reward points.

    I then had the great pleasure of announcing the first winner of our new award, The Endeavour Trophy. The

    nominations from KS3 were Christopher Warren and Kaiden Lane.

    Christopher was the lucky winner. He was nominated by Miss Barber from English for consistently trying his

    hardest, really appreciates feedback and uses it to improve his work . Photo below is of Christopher receiving his

    award from Mr Hill and Mr Rimmer. Mr Hill also brought along four of his students in Y6 to see what secondary

    school life is really like.

    I would just like to the thank you to Kaitlyn Senter and Edward Dew our Head boy/girl for all their help with the

    assemblies and Mr Hill for accepting our invitation to help present the rewards.

    Mrs Thomas

  • KS3 (Years 7-9) Science Experiment Club:

    Ever wanted to know how Scie e is used outside of S hool? Co e alo g a d e perie e S ie e pra ti al s that are used in different places of work. There will be a different focus each week.

    This will be in S13, from 3pm until 3:45 with Miss Carnell.

    Numeracy Ninjas Leader Board:

    HOUSE SCORES TO DATE - 21st October 2016

    Cresswell 2370

    Nelson 2358

    Vancouver 2223

    MacArthur 2162

    As we break up