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Written For The People By The People October 2011 3.00 UK/$4.95 USA


The Paranormal Explorer Magazine

Born This WayThe Life of a REAL Vampire



Editors Note

Hello again folks, I hope you have had a wonderful month since the last time I talked to you all. I, along with Belle, have launched the UKs first Paranormal Radio Network (in conjunction with Birmingham City Radio) called HCFM Paranormal Radio Network located at Our radio show, Haunted Cornwall FM, has gone back on the air and is going very well. If any of you have a radio show involved in the paranormal world, remember you can advertise it in our show directory in our magazine at a very affordable rate. The Paranormal Explorer now has its own radio show airing on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm BCT/2:00 pm EST where you can tune in and listen to Belle and I waffling on and interviewing our writers from the magazine. The link for that is Click on the listen/chat tab to hear the show and chat with us. You can ask us any questions that spring to mind. We, as a magazine, have decided to sponsor Ghost Stories of South Australia for a competition they are running so be sure to stop by their fan page and tell them we sent you. Its a great page so stop in and say hi. And last but not least I would like to see a load of your Halloween photographs in our November issue. The best one will win a 3 month subscription and The Paranormal Explorer 2

their photo will be on our front cover of the magazine, so get snapping over the Halloween holiday. We will have plenty to share as the show is doing a 2 day event in Penzance. Again, I would like to say a special thanks to Belle and our family of people who work so hard to make this magazine the best available for you all. So until next month, have a great month, stay safe, and be honest on your investigations. Let us know your results. If you have some great pictures send them to us at [email protected]

John Forster

The Paranormal Explorer 3

Contents Paranormal10 16 Chambercombe Manor Investigation The Explorers Spotlight

Contents Spirituality62 2012 Part 1; Angels, Aliens, and Nature Spirits, Oh My! 68 Faith Vs. Knowing 70 Healing Around the World 72 Life and Us 76 How To Be The Change

12 The Paranormal Undercover 28 The Sound of Midnight

Paranormal Education34 Experiments with Orbs

Occult38 Obsessed with the Tool 44 Wickerman, Equinoxe, and Harvest Home 48 Born This Way 52 A Breakdown on Real Vampirism On Our Cover 16 The Explorers Spotlight 28 The Sound of Midnight 48 Born This Way 62 2012 Part 1: Angels, Aliens, and Nature Spirits, Oh My! 56 Donor Bill of Rights


82 Tips, Tricks, and Tools of the Trade 86 Reincarnation, The Secret of Past Lives 88 Angelic Experiences


Guidance90 Therapy Thoughts 92 Photograph Readings 94 In Your Dreams 96 Agony Aunt 98 The Faulkner Tarot 104 The Herbal Corner

Ufology58 UFOlogy Vs. the Media

Myths & LegendsMore Articles Coming Soon


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Dear Editor...Do you have a question for one of our column writers, or a comment to share about our magazine? You can submit your questions or comments on our Fan Page on Facebook, or email your questions or comments to us at [email protected] We want to hear from you!

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I was really amazed with the photographs in the article Ghostly Images in last months issue. They were incredible and yet so creepy. We have certainly come a long way in our belief in the paranormal and that spirits do indeed show up in photographs. It doesnt require a professional photographer or any special camera to capture spirit images. You can find pictures all over the internet. Im sure many of them are photoshopped, but Im willing to bet there are more genuine spirits pictures than fakes. Great job on the article! Michael Parkson USA Your magazine is great and seems to cover so many different topics in the paranormal. Any chance that you can include an article that covers more about astral travel? Id really like to learn how to do that but Im just a litte nervous in trying it until I can learn more about it. I really trust your magazine and know that you only include the best in it. Thanks for publishing such a great collection of topics. Jade Gatsby USA Loved the story on crop circles! Have there been any found in the US? Gavin USA

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Haunted Cornwall FM Presents

Chambercombe Manor Investigation

By Darryl AthertonThe Paranormal Explorer 10 The Paranormal Explorer 11

ParanormalAugust 27, 2011Pre-Event & Walkround The HCFM Team had done some pre-investigation energy linking to the manor and the main points arising from this was the amount of rapid movement on the stairs leading up from the Kitchen, and strong female energies located in the Tudor Room. On the Walkround to view the rooms and place the trigger objects John demonstrated the reported events from the Chippendale Room,. When he lifted one of the drawer handles, at the same time the one on the opposite side of the unit copied this. A photograph was taken just after this and a large orb was detected in this area of the chest of drawers. The investigators were divided into 3 teams, led by Mark, Pygar and Darryl; John adopted a roving commission. Main Hall Both Mark and Darryls group reported the presence of a tall man who stood in the room between the window and cupboard. It was also reported by Allan that this man was around 76 tall. There were a number of reports from all groups of cold spots near the chairs by the fireplace. This was supported by a report of a woman walking toward the chair during the night, and on one photograph in particular there is a large orb on the furthest chair that suggests someone sitting in it. Also, there were reports of both a monk and a young girl with a straw doll in this room at times during the night. There were some good results from the Spirit Board in the Main Hall, and these confirmed details and dates given during an earlier vigil in the Kitchen. During the sessions with the board numerous cold spots and shivers were reported. Chapel Area In this area a Priest was seen and there were 2 independent reports of a strong smell of incense in here at different times during the night. This room had a very Catholic feel, and Darryl felt the need to kneel at the Altar when placing the trigger object in here. A wooden cross was placed in front of the altar, and there was some small sideways movement at the top of the cross. The phrase Peters Chess was picked up in this area. Kitchen The experiments set out in here were Table Tipping and Planchette. These were supported by a ball being placed on the small settle under the stairs. Photographic evidence appears to support some slight movement in the ball. Darryls Team made contact with a young boy named Daniel, who lives in the fireplace, and he was asked to tip the table, or rock the table. He successfully rocked and then tipped over the table using the energy of the 5 people on the table. Then with just 2 on the table, using just 2 fingertips each, one each hand, he walked the table 4 feet across the floor from the centre of the room towards the Chapel. Another table tipping exercise by Marks Team resulted in some tipping of the table. A number of things were reported across the groups in this room, including 2 lurcher type hunting dogs, a man and women, heads being touched and a sense of being watched. There was a suggestion that the dogs had been buried with the girl in the pond. Darryls Team also undertook a Planchette experiment here with a man named Clement, who had followed them down from the balcony above the kitchen. Clement has referred to Darryl as The Devil because he had taken his wife away that he was looking for, and identified Tina as his wife, Vivien, from a former life. During the work with the Planchette Clement drew the word GO, aimed at Darryl, then gave the date as 1846. He told us he was the Gilly for the estate, and drew several flowers that looked like large daisies; finally he drew the word LOVE.

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ParanormalVictorian Room This room gave many people experiences, and most of these revolved around a dispute and duel between 2 men and a young servant girl. The most reported incidents in here were touches, cold spots, breezes, tight chests, being choked or strangled, and pains from wounds and injuries. The information collected from the vigils in this room told of a young servant girl, made pregnant by the son of the house. There was a resulting duel ove