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Oriental Monsters

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  • Oriental MonstersA Supplement for B/X

    Written by Ned Martell (Revised June 2013)

    Illustrations by:Various (all artwork is in the public domain, copyrights expired due to age).

    This document contains over 65 all-new monsters suitable for an Oriental campaign. Each of the monsters is based on real world legendary sources, so in some cases the name of a particular monster may be the same as that published in another game book, but in every case the monster fully detailed herein is a novel interpretation written by myself.


    Akashita... 1Amanojaku.. 1Amanozako..... 1Amikiri..... 1Ayonyobo... 1

    Bakekujira... 2Bakeneko.... 2Baku.... 2Bashe... 2

    Daidarabotchi..... 2Dragon (Earth).... 2Dragon (Water)... 2Dragon King (Earth)... 3Dragon King (Water).. 3

    Funayurei.... 4Furi... 4Futakuchionna.... 4

    Gashadokuro.. 4

    Hainu... 5Hakutaku.... 5Harionago... 5Hebi..... 5Hengeyokai..... 5Hitotsumekozo.... 5Honeonna... 6

    Ikiryo.... 6Ikuchi... 6Inugami... 7Isonade.... 7Itsumaden... 7Ittanmomen.... 7

    Jiangshi.... 7Jikininki... 8Jorogumo.... 8Jubokko... 8

    Kama-itachi..... 8Kappa.. 9Kijimuna.. 9Kitsune.... 9Koropokguru... 9

    Langgui 9

    Mujina.... 9

    Nature Folk... 9 Nekomata 10Nue.. 10Nukekubi.... 10Nureonna.... 11Nuribotoke.. 11

    Okami.. 11Oni... 11Oni (Onibaba).... 11Onibi.... 12Onryo.. 12Onyudo... 12Otoroshi... 12

    Penghou.. 13Pixiu..... 13

    Qilin..... 13

    Rokurokubi..... 13

    Satori... 13Shachihoko..... 14Shen.... 14Shojo... 14Shuigui.... 14

    Taimatsumaru..... 14Tanuki.. 15Tenaga-Ashinaga.... 15Tengshe... 15Tengu (Greater).. 15Tengu (Lesser).... 15Tsuchigumo.... 15

    Umibozu.. 15Ushioni.... 16

    Wanyudo.... 16

    Yako.... 16Yamaoroshi..... 16Yukionna..... 16

    Zenko... 17

    APPENDIX I: Monster Listing by Hit Dice 17

  • Akashita

    Armour Class: 4 No. Appearing: 1 (1)Hit Dice: 7** Save As: Fighter: 7Move: Fly: 120' (40') Morale: 9Attacks: 2 claws/1 bite Treasure Type: NilDamage: 1-8/1-8/2-12 Alignment: Chaotic

    An akashita appears as a large thick black smokey cloud, out of which emerges the head and arms of a hairy beast with large claws and a gaping red maw containing sharp teeth and a large tongue. Anyone within melee range of the monster must save vs Poison at the end of each round or be doubled over coughing due to the noxious smoke and for the following round they will be unable to attack.


    Armour Class: 6 No. Appearing: 1-2 (2-8)Hit Dice: 2+1* Save As: Fighter: 2Move: 90' (30') Morale: 7Attacks: 1 bite or weapon Treasure Type: U (C)Damage: 1-6 or by weapon Alignment: Chaotic

    Amanojaku are thought to be related to oni, resembling them somewhat but standing only 3 feet tall. They are invariably wicked and perverse. Their favourite tactic is to find a person's deepest desires (they may cast ESP at will), and then use this information to instigate their victim into doing evil acts before ultimately frustrating the victim's desire! Amanojaku have been known to flay their victims (or animals) after death and then wear the skin to impersonate them. They are also able to mimic their victim's voice and only have a 1-in-20 chance of being detected.


    Armour Class: 2 No. Appearing: 1 (1)Hit Dice: 15*** Save As: Fighter: 15Move: 150' (50') Morale: 10 Fly: 150' (50')Attacks: 1 bite Treasure Type: FDamage: 6-36 Alignment: Chaotic

    Amanozako is a monstrous giantess standing over 20 feet tall, with a long nose, ears, and fangs. Her teeth are so

    strong that she can chew swords. She has a ferocious temper. She attacks by snatching a victim up in her hands on a successful "to hit" roll, and bringing the victim to her mouth to bite with her powerful teeth. She may use each of the following spell-like abilities (cast as a 14th level wu ren) three times a day: ESP (she may also communicate this way), invisibility, phantasmal force (with both visual and auditory effects), dimension door, polymorph others, polymorph self, and magic jar.


    Armour Class: 7 No. Appearing: 1-3 (1-3)Hit Dice: 1 Save As: Fighter: 1Move: Fly: 90' (30') Morale: 6Attacks: 2 claws/1 bite Treasure Type: (L)Damage: 1-2/1-2/1-2 Alignment: Chaotic

    The Amik i r i has a taper ing worm- l ike body about 5 feet long, a beaked b i rd- l ike head, and two crab-like claws. Normally shy and mischievous, it especially enjoys cutting nets when no one is looking but it has also been known to sneak

    up on people and cut off their hair at the roots! It will typically flee at the first sign of danger. The treasure indicated will only be found the in the creature's lair.


    Armour Class: 5 No. Appearing: 0 (1-12)Hit Dice: 3** Save As: Fighter: 3Move: 120' (40') Morale: 12Attacks: 1 bite Treasure Type: IDamage: 1-3 + paralysis Alignment: Chaotic

    Aonyobo are the g h o s t s o f o l d -f a sh ioned cour t ladies, appearing much as they did in life (with blackened teeth and shaved eyebrows) but with a distinct bluish-green tint to their skin. They will only be found in the ruins of abandoned palaces, and enjoy consuming human flesh. Upon being bitten, their victim will be paralysed for 2-8 turns unless a successful save vs Paralysis is made. Aonyobo are immune to disease, poison, and mind-affecting spells (such as sleep, charm, and hold spells).


  • Bakekujira*

    Armour Class: 6 No. Appearing: 0 (1)Hit Dice: 16+16** Save As: Fighter: 15Move: Swim: 180' (60') Morale: 12Attacks: 1 bite Treasure Type: NilDamage: 6-36 Alignment: Neutral

    Bakekujira is a ghost, taking the form of a skeletal whale 60 feet long. It is accompanied by a flock of 'zombie' birds and a school of 'zombie' fish. It will ignore nearby boats or even outright non-magical attacks, but if attacked magically it will become fearlessly aggressive. If it rams a ship, it will do 6-36 hull points of damage. Bakekujira is immune to disease, poison, and mind-affecting spells (such as sleep, charm, and hold spells), and can only be hit with magic weapons.

    Bakeneko (cat hengeyokai); see Hengeyokai.


    Armour Class: 6 No. Appearing: 1 (1-3)Hit Dice: 5* Save As: Fighter: 5Move: 150' (50') Morale: 9Attacks: 2 claws Treasure Type: L x 4Damage: 1-4/1-4 Alignment: Lawful

    Baku are ch imer ica l creatures, with a spotted tiger's body & legs, an e l e p h a n t ' s t r u n k , a rhinoceros' eyes, and an ox's tail. They are very shy, but are helpful to humans: they prowl d r e a m s a n d e a t nightmares. Baku are able to use the spell ESP at will (and may also use this ability to devour dreams if the target is sleeping). Baku are immune to all poison and disease, and are at all times affected as by the spell protection from evil 10' radius. It is said that a bed made from the skin of a baku retains these protective qualities.


    Armour Class: 6 No. Appearing: 1 (1-3)Hit Dice: 15+15** Save As: Fighter: 8Move: 60' (20') Morale: 8Attacks: 1 bite/1 squeeze Treasure Type: NilDamage: 2-16/2-16 Alignment: Neutral Bashe are huge pythons, up to 100 feet long, so large that their favoured prey are elephants. Their primary attack is their bite, on a "to hit" roll of 19 or 20 they will have swallowed a man-sized (or smaller) victim whole, inflicting an automatic 2-16 points of damage per round. Anyone inside the Bashe attacks with a -4 penalty on "to hit" rolls against AC 7 and may only use small piercing weapons such as a daggar. On any other successful bite attack roll, the bashe will then proceed to wrap its body about the victim, constricting for 2-16 points of damage per round automatically each round thereafter.


    Armour Class: 4 Morale: 11Hit Dice: 36+36* Treasure Type: HMove: 240' (80') Alignment: NeutralAttacks: 2 fists or trample Damage: 10-60/10-60 No. Appearing:0 (1)Save As: Dwarf: 12

    Daidarabotch i i s a huge legendary giant, hairless with pitch-black skin and well over 100 feet tall. On a successful trample attack (gaining +4 "to hit") he will inflict 10-100 hit points of damage.


    Earth Water Armour Class: 0 0Hit Dice: 10* 9***Move: 90' (30') 90' (30') Burrow: 60' (20') - Fly: - 270' (90') Swim: - 270' (90')Attacks: 2 claws/1 bite 4 claws/1 biteDamage: 1-8/1-8/2-20 1-8/1-8/1-8/1-8/2-16No. Appearing: 1 (1) 1 (1)Save As: Dwarf: 10 Dwarf: 9Morale: 10 9Treasure Type: H + M HAlignment: Neutral Lawful

    Earth Dragon: Earth dragons are the guardians of hidden treasures, especially gems and precious metals. In appearance they are similar to water dragons although they are usually wreathed in harmless flames. Earth dragons are immune to fire (including magical fire) and often live inside volcanoes. The earth dragon is unable to fly, and so when it needs to ascend to heaven it creates a volcanic eruption to carry itself up. Earth dragons also


  • have the ability to move earth (as the spell) three times per day.

    Water Dragon: Water dragons are benevolent beings, associated with water and clouds. They live in lakes, rivers, or the sea, and also among the clouds. They have the ability to control rainfall and weather (may cast control weather up to three times per day). They are chimerical, having the following characteristics: head of a crocodile; antlers of a deer; eyes of an oni; ears of a cow; neck, body, and tail of a snake; scales of a carp; claws of an eagle; soles of a tiger; and the innards of a clam. They may change their colour to match whatever environment they may be in (surprise on a roll of 1-4 on 1d6). Young water dragons are smaller, having 5 or fewer hit dice, no antlers, and may neither cont