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  • 1. Picking the Right PartnerApril 2012
  • 2. Its a Crazy, Mixed Up World for Publishers Publishers of high-quality content with large, desirable audiences need to reclaim their online ads inventory. Only big data tools can dig them out of the undifferentiated, over-supplied, machine-driven nightmare of the sell side by enabling publishers to scale-ably and cost-effectively analyze, price and allocate inventory in the new environment. David Soloff CEO of Metamarkets Ad Age December 5, 2011
  • 3. Its the Talk of the Industry What you need to know about ad tech stacks. Weigh convenience of one-stop shopping against your bizs need for innovation. Rebecca Lieb Ad Age April 8, 2012
  • 4. How to DecideThe famous Luma LandscapeDisplays literally hundreds of optionsFrom point solutions to stacksEach with their assets and liabilities
  • 5. The Time is Now BecauseDisplay Is Taking Off By 2016, Display will account for $41 Billion in ad spending: Display growing 24% annually 2x growth rate of search
  • 6. Audience Buying Is Growing Phenomenally Direct Sales taking advantage of Audience Buying in Real Time (RTB) 6%+ of total direct sales in the US will be RTB-based by 2015 Audience-based buying growing 8x rate of site-based buying Site-based (contextual) buying not as precise at reaching desired audience Source: eMarketer
  • 7. Putting Publishers on the Hot Seat Pressured by their best clients for more inclusive programs Eager to better monetize their assets and not leave money on the table Confused by the options: so many point solutions, so little time Concerned about scale: startups cant handle the volume Reluctant to make a mistake so slow to invest It all comes down to money.
  • 8. The Right PartnerCombines up-to-the-minute techand service to deliver a solutionthat includes: Proactive identification of opportunities Non-competitive pattern recognition
  • 9. How to Choose: Innovation and Flexibility Are RequiredThe right partner has a history of customer-centric innovation,delivering A suite of products, not a patchwork quilt of features Designed to grow and evolve over time Open to customization to meet my specific needs Open APIs that enable seamless integration Thinks about my business and creates new products and services with me in mind
  • 10. How to Choose: Operational Efficiencies Liberate TalentWhen systems run efficiently, talent and energy can be devotedto other processes that have a direct impact on the bottom line.The right partner allows publishersto dedicate resources to: Analyzing data Finding hidden, untapped opportunities
  • 11. How to Choose: Revenue Potential, Today and Tomorrow Publishers want partners that can grow with them as they grow help them monetize their assets today and tomorrowThey want: Unified Optimization Engine Unified Auction Management Suite of Controls Brand Controls Floor Manager Impact Estimator
  • 12. How to Choose: Ask the Right QuestionsThere are the tactical considerations. Do you need the vendor to handle buying selling reporting... publishing? Will social matter? What about offline mediaAnd there are the existential issues Does the vendor compete with me? Does it want to replace me? Does it want to commoditize me?Source: Your marketing Machine: What You Need to Know About Ad Tech Stacks, Ad Age, April 8, 2012
  • 13. How to Choose:All Information -- One Central Place
  • 14. Enabling Premium Publishers to RealizeThe Full Potential of their Digital Assets
  • 15. Thank You