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© 2008 Open Grid Forum OGF Activities wrt DMTF DMTF Alliance Partner Technical Symposium San Jose, 2008 March 27 Ellen Stokes ([email protected])

OGF Activities wrt DMTF

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OGF Activities wrt DMTF. DMTF Alliance Partner Technical Symposium San Jose, 2008 March 27 Ellen Stokes ([email protected]). Agenda. Accomplishments (since last APTS) What’s on the immediate horizon? Future alliance partner work (thoughts) Conclusion Discussion. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of OGF Activities wrt DMTF

Page 1: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

© 2008 Open Grid Forum

OGF Activities wrt DMTF

DMTF Alliance Partner Technical SymposiumSan Jose, 2008 March 27Ellen Stokes ([email protected])

Page 2: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

2© 2008

Open Grid Forum


• Accomplishments (since last APTS)

• What’s on the immediate horizon?

• Future alliance partner work (thoughts)

• Conclusion

• Discussion

Page 3: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

3© 2008

Open Grid Forum

Accomplishments (since last APTS)

• Additions to CIMv2.16 experimental• BasicExecutionService service object• ExecutionEnvironment object deemed to be implemented as a ComputerSystem

(although still waiting for MOF comment text to state the broadness of ComputerSystem)

• OGF documents: http://www.ogf.org/documents/GFD.119.pdf and http://www.ogf.org/documents/GFD.108.pdf

• Alliance partner contributions noted in CIM release text and allowed in contributed MOFs

• Improved DMTF Processes• DMTF web site is the only way to submit comments on published documents• DSP4002 (Committee & Workgroup Processes) and 4003 (Alliance Processes)

updated to state explicitly how things work with respect to alliance partners• Reviewed/commented on (with DMTF acceptance)

• DSP0225: URI Format for Published XML Schema• DSP0230: WS-CIM Mapping Specification

• Jury still out on progressing DMTF to a delegated/federated model

Page 4: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

4© 2008

Open Grid Forum

CIM BES service and ExecutionEnvironment


(See Core Model (ManagedSystem Element))


(See Core Model (Managed System Element))


(See Core Model(Enabled Logical Element))


AggregationAssociation with WEAK reference


Aggregation with WEAKreference



* Equivalent to: 0 .. nComposition Aggregation

{E} Experimental Class or Property{D} Deprecated Class or Property



CreationClassName: string {key}Name: string {override, key}PrimaryOwnerName : string {write}PrimaryOwnerContact : string {write}StartMode: string (10) {D, enum}Started: boolean

StartService(): uint32StopService(): uint32





* *

BasicExecutionService {E}

CreateActivity( [IN] Request : string, [OUT] Identifier : string, [OUT] Job : ref CIM_ConcreteJob) : uint32 {enum}

TerminateActivity( [IN] Identifier : string[ ], [OUT] Response : boolean[ ], [OUT] Job : ref CIM_ConcreteJob) : uint32 {enum}

GetActivityStatus( [IN] Identifier : string[ ], [OUT] StatusResponse : string[ ], [OUT] Job : ref CIM_ConcreteJob) : uint32 {enum}

GetActivityDocuments( [IN] Identifier : string[ ], [OUT] Response : string [ ], [OUT] Job : ref CIM_ConcreteJob) : uint32 {enum}

GetAttributesDocument( [OUT] AttrsDoc : string[ ], [OUT] Job : ref CIM_ConcreteJob) : uint32 {enum}








NameFormat {override, enum}Dedicated : uint16[ ] {enum}OtherDedicatedDescriptions : string[ ]ResetCapability : uint16 {enum}PowerManagementCapabilities : uint16 [ ] {D, enum}

SetPowerState ( [IN] PowerState : uint32 {enum}, [IN] Time : datetime) : uint32 {D}


EnabledState : uint16 {enum}OtherEnabledState : stringRequestedState : uint16 {enum}EnabledDefault : uint16 {enum}TimeOfLastStateChange: datatimeOverwritePolicy : uint16 {E}{enum}PrimaryStatus : uint16 {E}{enum}DetailedStatus : uint16 {E}{enum}OperatingStatus : uint16 {E}{enum}CommunicationStatus : uint16 {E}{enum}RequestStateChange( [IN] RequestedState {enum}, [OUT] Job: CIM_ConcreteJob, [IN] TimeoutPeriod: dateTime): uint32 {enum}

Caption : stringDescription : stringElementName : string



Page 5: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

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What’s on the immediate horizon?

• The OGF Glue workgroup has identified the base set of grid resources that need to be advertised that applications can consume. Update CIM as appropriate with these advertised resource models (e.g. new modified DMTF classes, DMTF view / abstracted classes) including how best to map/leverage information models. Anticipated output would be in the form of an OGF Information Document that extends/modifies DMTF CIM and a set of DMTF change requests that reflect OGF’s advertised models. Target: 2H2008 – 1Q2009

• https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/go/doc14639?nav=1

Page 6: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

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Open Grid Forum

GLUE main entities/relationships

Page 7: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

7© 2008

Open Grid Forum

GLUE auxiliary entities

Page 8: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

8© 2008

Open Grid Forum

GLUE storage entities/relationships

Page 9: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

9© 2008

Open Grid Forum

GLUE and OGF reference model integration

Page 10: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

10© 2008

Open Grid Forum

Future alliance partner work (thoughts)

Work register is under revision

• Virtualization https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/projects/gridvirt-wg • Identify / write use cases to feed DMTF virtualization work, e.g. portals,

aggregated virtualized resources, cloud computing, etc, leveraging OGF’s grid-virt use case work as appropriate.

• Packaging: OVF vs rPath. Evaluate, identify, and input changes to potentially merge OVF and rPath so there is a single packaging format during the next version of the OVF spec.

• Model harmonization https://forge.gridforum.org/sf/projects/rm-wg • Define the relationship between the OGF reference model and the DMTF

CIM model, identify/remove overlap.• For example, can we profile CIM model for OGF reference model, are

there classes, etc from OGF reference model that need to be inserted into CIM, what are the incompatibilities?

• DMTF to comment on the OGF reference model• ‘clouds’ is being explored via OGF BOF/mailing list….stay tuned

Page 11: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

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• Common models of Grid resources are key for adoption and integration

• Leverage of existing models and experience is necessary to advance the state of modeled information in a timely fashion

• Appropriate collaboration with DMTF is needed to expand the realm of managed information

Page 12: OGF Activities wrt DMTF

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