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  • 1. Saint-Peterburg 2012

2. Over the years North Carolina has become one ofthe largest companies selling dental materials. 3. 64 employees, including 22 sales managers 4. A pharmacological warehouse with an of 812 m2,Meeting all the quality standarts of material storage 5. An office with area of 351 m2, almost in the downtown area 6. An equipped classroom with an area of 76 m2, where dozens of doctorsare trained every week.The topics of the training courses vary and cover areas such asprophylaxis, treatment, endodontics, surgery, orthopedics, etc. 7. North Carolina is the official Russian distributor of goods of the followingmanufacturers: 3M-ESPE, Dentsply-Maillefer, Sultan Heathcare, KerrHawe 8. North Carolina is the official dealer of the products of the followingmanufacturers in the North-Western Federal District of Russia:Septodont, Heraeus, EMS,Ultradent 9. North Carolina is the exclusive supplier in Russia of theimpression materials Kohler and of the cutters, burs and polishingtools Horico-Sunshine 10. North Carolina has more than once become the leader of sales ofcertain items and has received appropriate rewards and certificates. 11. Trading 25%Private Private traderstraders50%GovernmentGovernmentAgencies Agencies Trading 25%Our customer base can be divided into three main areas: the doctors ofprivate clinics, public health centers and trading organizations. 12. The scope of our customer base is mainly North-West FederalDistrict, which includes 11 subjects of the Russian Federation 13. Among the clients of our company there are also many largenetwork clinics and commercial organizations across the country. 14. ? 18 000 000 13 000 0002011 20122013North Carolinas sales turnover in 2011 amounted to 13 million euros.In 2012 we plan to increase the turnover by 35%, and the end of the yearwill be 18 million euros 15. We have even more ambitious plans for the year 2013. 16. North Carolina is constantly developing. 17. We participate in the major exhibitions in Russia 18. Our managers are constantly being trained 19. The company is working to improve and to expand the services. 20. Our main slogan is:North Carolina - the best friend of the dentist And it is really so