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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries July 2011

New Fiction Books July 2011

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A catalogue of new adults fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in July 2011. You can request any of these titles at your local library or online at www.stoke.gov.uk/libraries

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Page 1: New Fiction Books July 2011

New Fiction Books Added

to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

July 2011

Page 2: New Fiction Books July 2011


Author Title Series

Baker, Adam. Outpost.

Clancy, Tom. Against all enemies.

McNab, Andy. War torn.

Tonkin, Peter. Ice station. A Richard Mariner adventure


Author Title Series

Beaton, M. C. Sick of shadows. Edwardian murder mystery series

Beaton, M. C. The skeleton in the closet.

Black, Benjamin. A death in summer. A Quirke Dublin mystery

Colfer, Eoin. Plugged.

Dunn, Carola. The winter garden mystery. A Daisy Dalrymple mystery

Fluke, Joanne. Devil's food cake murder. A Hannah Swensen mystery

Fraser, Anthea. Unfinished portrait. A Rona Parish mystery

French, Nicci. Blue Monday.

Giuttari, Michele. A death in Calabria.

Goodhind, J. G. Menu for murder. A Honey Driver mystery

Goodwin, Jason. An evil eye. Yashim the Ottoman detec-tive

Granger, Anne. Rack, ruin and murder. A Campbell and Carter mys-tery

Gregson, J. M. Darkness visible.

Hammond, Ge-rald. With my little eye.

Harrison, Cora. Writ in stone.

Helton, Peter. Headcase.

Holt, Anne. Fear not.

Jardine, Quintin. Grievous angel. A Bob Skinner mystery

Jeffries, Roderic. A question of motive. An Inspector Alvarez mystery

La Plante, Linda. Blind fury.

La Plante, Lynda. Blood line.

Page 3: New Fiction Books July 2011

Lee, Amanda. The quick and the thread. An embroidery mystery

MacKay, Scott. The miser of Cherry Hill. A Dr Clyde Deacon mystery

Manfredo, Lou. Rizzo's fire.

McCrery, Nigel. Scream.

Mofina, Rick. Vengeance road. A Jack Gannon novel

Robb, John. The big heist.

Rosenfelt, Dog tags.

Rowe, Rose- Requiem for a slave. A Libertus mystery of Roman

Sampson, Fay. In the blood.

Simon, Clea. Shades of grey.

Speller, Eliza- The strange fate of Kitty

Taylor, Andrew. The anatomy of ghosts.

Tierney, Ronald. Bloody palms. The Deets Shanahan myster-

Tyler, L. C. The herring on the Nile.

Vane, Nigel. The vanishing death.

Verner, Gerald. Mr.Blood.

Zouroudi, Anne. The whispers of Nemesis. The mysteries of the Greek

Family Saga

Author Title Series

Brown, Benita. Memories of you.

Crosse, Tania A bouquet of thorns.

Flynn, Katie. The lost days of summer.

Goodwin, Rosie. The ribbon weaver.

Gray, Millie. In a league of their own.

Jacobs, Anna. Beyond the sunset.

Kirkwood, Dreams of home.

Newberry, The watercress girls.

Robertson, De- Endgame.

Page 4: New Fiction Books July 2011


Author Title Series

Arthur, Keri. Destiny kills. Myth and magic series

Arthur, Keri. Mercy burns. Myth and magic

Chadbourn, Mark. The scar-crow men. The sword of Albion

Gately, Stephen. The tree of seasons.

Hoffman, Paul. The last four things.

Martin, George R. R. A game of thrones. A song of ice and fire


Author Title Series

Adiga, Aravind. Last man in tower.

Ali, Monica. Untold story.

Anam, Tahmima. The good Muslim.

Anderson, Nata-lie. Dating and other dangers.

Armintrout, Jen-nifer. American vampire.

Ashworth, Jenn. Cold light.

Astley, Judy. The look of love.

Atwood, Marga-ret. The blind assassin.

Barr, Emily. The first wife.

Barry, Kevin. City of Bohane.

Binchy, Maeve. Minding Frankie.

Brashares, Ann. Sisterhood everlasting.

Briscoe, Joanna. You.

Brown, Janelle. This is where we live.

Bugler, Suz-anne. This perfect world.

Carter, Georgie. Married men.

Cast, P. C. Goddess of Love. Goddess summoning series

Castle, Jayne. Midnight crystal. Harmony series

Chamberlain, Diane. The midwife's confession.

Doshi, Tishani. The pleasure seekers.

Doshi, Tishani. The pleasure seekers.

Egan, Jennifer. A visit from the goon squad.

Evans, Harriet. Love always.

Fox, Victoria. Hollywood sinners.

Page 5: New Fiction Books July 2011

French, Dawn. A tiny bit marvellous.

Frey, James. The final testament of the Holy Bible.

Frost, Jeaniene. Eternal kiss of darkness.

Ghosh, Amitav. River of smoke. Ibis trilogy

Haig, Matt. The Radleys.

Hannah, Kristin. Night road.

Hardy, Charlotte. The road home.

Hegarty, Ciara. The road to the sea.

Holden, Wendy. Marrying up.

Hollinghurst, Alan. The stranger's child.

Jewell, Lisa. The making of us.

Kane, Jessica Francis. The report.

Kennedy, Doug-las. The moment.

Kittredge, Caitlin. Daemon's mark. Nocturne City

Kwok, Jean. Girl in translation.

Lawrenson, Deb-orah. The lantern.

Lewis, J. F. Crossed.

Lightfoot, Freda. Wishing water.

Lorrimer, Claire. The chatelaine. The Rochford trilogy

Lovric, Michelle. The book of human skin.

Mazzantini, Mar-garet. Twice born.

McKean, Erin. The secret lives of dresses.

McMahon, Katharine. A way through the woods.

Miller, Andrew. Pure.

Mitchell, Dreda Say. Hit girls.

Murray, Jill. Sweet tyranny.

Obreht, Tea. The tiger's wife.

O'Flanagan, Sheila. All for you.

Parks, Adele. About last night.

Peixoto, Jose Luis. The piano cemetery.

Perry, Tasmina. Kiss heaven goodbye.

Phillips, Carly. Love me if you dare.

Pick, Alison. Far to go.

Picoult, Jodi. Harvesting the heart.

Radford, Ceri. A Surrey state of affairs.

Page 6: New Fiction Books July 2011

Richmond, Mi- The year of fog :

Rudd, Matt. William's progress.

Scottoline,Lisa. Save me.

Sheffield, Jack. Please Sir!

Smith, Ali. There but for the.

Sparks, Nicho- Safe haven.

Spencer, Allie. Summer loving.

Steel, Danielle. Happy birthday.

Steel, Danielle. One day at a time.

Stothard, Anna. The Pink Hotel.

Swift, Graham. Wish you were here.

Swindells, String of pearls.

Szalay, David. Spring.

Taseer, Aatish. Noon.

Tate, June. Their guilty pleasures.

Taylor, D. J. Derby Day.

Thayer, Nancy. Heat wave.

Thompson, E. V. Winds of fortune.

Wastvedt, Tricia. The German boy.

Watson, Mark. Eleven.

Webb, Kathe- The unseen.

Wickham, Made-The tennis party.

Woodman, Trust me, I'm a vet.

Woods, Karen. Broken youth.

Page 7: New Fiction Books July 2011

Graphic Novel

Author Title Series

Hickman, Jona- Thor. Ultimate comics

Kirby, Jack. Essential Captain America.


Author Title Series

Bennett, Strangers and pilgrims.

Cutter, Kimberly. The maid.

Forrester, The roots of betrayal.

Goldsworthy, True soldier gentlemen.

Golightly, Shaka the Great.

Hight, Jack. Eagle. The Saladin trilogy

Hill, Justin. Shieldwall.

Hume, M.K. Prophecy. Merlin trilogy

Jackson, Doug- Hero of Rome.

Jacq, Christian. The brother of fire. The Mozart series

Kane, Ben. Hannibal :

Kristian, Giles. Sons of thunder. Raven

Mallinson, Allan. On his majesty's service.

Plaidy, Jean. The Queen's husband.

Woodman, Rich- A ship for the king.

Page 8: New Fiction Books July 2011


Author Title Series

Anders, Karen. Deliciously dangerous.

Armstrong, Lind- The girl he never noticed.

Ashby, Teresa. A one-man woman.

Bruhns, Nina. Vampire sheikh.

Celmer, Mi- Expectant princess, unex-

Celmer, Mi- Virgin princess, tycoon's

Connelly, Stacy. The wedding she always

Cox, Maggie. The brooding stranger.

Daniels, B.J. Twelve-gauge guardian.

Dees, Cindy. Medusa's sheikh.

Dunlop, Bar- His convenient virgin bride.

Foley, Gaelen. One night of sin. The knight miscellany

Grady, Robyn. Bargaining for baby.

Graham, Lynne. The marriage betrayal.

Holmes, Valerie. Discovering Ellie.

Johnson, Janice Charlotte's homecoming.

Jordan, Penny. Pride.

Kelly, Mira Lyn. The s before ex.

Kremer, Wendy. Spades and Hearts.

Lawrence, Kim. The thorn in his side.

Leclaire, Day. Dante's temporary fiancee.

Lewis, Jennifer. The Prince's pregnant bride.

Lindsay, Yvonne. Honour-bound groom.

Logan, Nikki. A kiss to seal the deal.

Logan, Nikki. Rapunzel in New York.

Lovelace, Mer- Danger in the desert.

Lucas, Jennie. Reckless night in Rio.

Lyons, Kathy. Under his spell.

Marinelli, Carol. Heart of the desert.

Marsh, Nicola. Girl in a vintage dress.

Marton, Dana. Royal captive.

Mayberry, Hot island nights.

Page 9: New Fiction Books July 2011

McClone, Not-so-perfect princess.

Meier, Susan. Baby on the ranch.

Milburne, The surgeon she never for-

Morgan, Sarah. Doukakis's apprentice.

Mortimer, Surrender to the past.

Nelson, Nelson. The renegade.

Palmer, Diana. A long tall Texan summer.

Peterson, Ann Rocky mountain fugitive.

Quilford, Sally. Bella's vineyard.

Roberts, Nora. Under summer skies.

Saintcrow, Lilith. Taken.

Sala, Sharon. Blood ties.

Stephens, The untamed Argentinian.

Strom, Abigail. Winning the right brother.

Swart, Ginny. Desert Dreamweaver.

Thacker, Cathy Wanted : one mummy.

Williams, Cathy. Her impossible boss.

Winter, Beverley. Jasper's treasure.

York, Rebecca. Guarding Grace.

Science Fiction

Author Title Series Alexander, Karl. Jaclyn the Ripper.

Campbell, Jack. Dauntless. The lost fleet

Linaker, Mike. Hardcase.

Mieville, China. Embassytown.

Tidhar, Lavie. Camera obscura.

Page 10: New Fiction Books July 2011

Spine Chiller

Author Title Series Ajvide Lindqvist. Harbour.

Hamilton, Laurell Hit list. Anita Blake, vampire hunter

Harris, Char- Dead in the family. Sookie Stackhouse

King, Stephen. The stand.

Koontz, Dean R. The dead town. Dean Koontz's Frankenstein

Schlozman, Ste- The Zombie Autopsies.


Author Title Series Baldacci, David. Hell's corner.

Baldacci, David. The sixth man. Sean King and Michelle Max-

Barclay, Lin- Never look away.

Barton, Beverly. If looks could kill.

Berenson, Alex. The secret soldier.

Berry, Steve. The emperor's tomb. Cotton Malone

Brown, Graham. The Mayan conspiracy.

Coben, Harlan. Miracle cure.

Cussler, Clive. The spy. An Isaac Bell adventure

Davis, George. Toledano.

Faletti, Giorgio. I am god.

Finder, Joseph. Buried secrets. A Nick Heller thriller

Gakas, Sergios. Ashes. A Colonel Halkidis investiga-

Gardiner, Meg. The nightmare thief. A Jo Beckett thriller

Gardner, Lisa. Live to tell.

Gooch, Patrick. Mosaic deceptions.

Grisham, John. Theodore Boone : the abduc-

Jackson, Lisa. Devious.

Jackson, Lisa. Wicked lies.

James, Miranda. Murder past due. A cat in the stacks mystery

L ackberg, The hidden child.

Le Carre, John. Our kind of traitor.

Lehane, Dennis. Moonlight mile. Kenzie and Gennaro series

Linksey, Howard. The drop.

Page 11: New Fiction Books July 2011

Marklund, Liza. Exposed.

Masello, Robert. The Medusa amulet.

McKenzie, No cry for help.

Mooney, Chris. Deviant ways.

Patterson, Cross fire. An Alex Cross novel

Patterson, Private London.

Patterson, Tick, tock. Detective Michael Bennett

Patterson, Rich- The devil's light.

Pinter, Jason. The fury. A Henry Parker thriller

Preston, Doug- Gideon's sword.

Preston, Doug- Gideon's sword.

Robertson, Snapshot.

Robertson, Imo- Anatomy of murder.

Robotham, Mi- The wreckage.

Rocha, Luis Mi- The papal decree.

Rotenberg, The guilty plea.

Russell, Craig. The deep dark sleep. A Lennox thriller

Sakey, Marcus. No turning back.

Sandford, John. Buried prey. A Lucas Davenport thriller

Seeber, Claire. Fragile minds.

Simmons, Dan. Flashback.

Slaughter, Karin. A faint cold fear.

Slaughter, Karin. Broken.

Slaughter, Karin. Fallen.

Smith, Anna. The dead won't sleep.

Winship, Tom. The opposite of mercy.

Page 12: New Fiction Books July 2011


Author Title Adams, Max. To do or die.

Nicole, Christo- Angel rising.

Connor, Scott. Raiders of the Mission San

Hayes, Steve. Packing iron.

Hullar, Link. Bordertown wheeler.

Irons, Owen G. Ransom.

James, Matt. By the gun they died.

O'Keefe, Chap. Liberty and a law badge.

O'Keefe, Chap. The sandhills shootings.

Ryder, J. D. Gone to Texas.

Page 13: New Fiction Books July 2011

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