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First 400 books read by me sorted by author name.

Text of Books for SFF/Detective Fiction


    Agatha Christie

    i. The Mysterious Affair At Styles ii. The Murder On The Links

    iii. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd iv. The Big Four* v. Lord Edgware dies*

    vi. The A B C Murders vii. Murder In Mesopotamia

    viii. Cards on the Table* ix. Five Little Pigs* x. Peril at End House*

    xi. A Pocket Full of Rye* xii. Curtain: Poirots last case*

    xiii. The Murder at the Vicarage* xiv. The Body in the Library xv. The Mirror cracked from side to side*

    xvi. A Caribbean Mystery* xvii. They Came to Baghdad*

    xviii. Ordeal by Innocence* xix. The Passenger to Frankfurt* xx. Third Girl

    xxi. Nemesis* xxii. Halloween Party*

    xxiii. Sad Cypress xxiv. What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw! * xxv. Collection of Poirots short stories: 39

    xxvi. The Labours of Hercules xxvii. Hickory Dickory Death

    xxviii. At Bertrams Hotel xxix. Hercule Poirots Christmas xxx. Sleeping Murder

    xxxi. Murder on The Orient Express xxxii. Secret Adversary

    xxxiii. And Then There Were None xxxiv. Crooked House xxxv. Appointment With Death

    xxxvi. The Clocks xxxvii. Elephants Can Remember

    Arthur Conan Doyle

    i. Young Sherlock Holmes (Alan Arnold)* ii. Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

    iii. His Last Bow iv. Case Book Of Sherlock Holmes* v. A Study in Scarlet*

    vi. The Sign Of Four* vii. The Hound of Baskervilles*

  • J. K. Rowling

    i. Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone* ii. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets*

    iii. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban* iv. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire * v. Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix*

    vi. Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince* vii. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows*

    viii. Tales of Beedle The Bard

    Arthur C. Clarke

    i. Rendezvous with Rama ii. Rama II

    iii. The Garden of Rama iv. Rama Revealed

    Gardner: The Perry Mason Mysteries

    i. The Case of The Amorous Aunt* ii. The Case of The Lonely Heiress*

    iii. The Case of The Reluctant Model* iv. The Case of The Substitute Face v. The Case of The Singing Skirt*

    vi. The Case of The Stepdaughters Secret* vii. The Case of The Sulky Girl*

    viii. The Case of The Screaming Woman ix. I do not remember (p.v.c.) x. The Case of The Moth Eaten Mink*

    xi. The Case of The Rolling Bones* xii. The Case of The Drowning Duck

    xiii. The Case of The Drowsy Mosquito* xiv. The Case of The Gilded Lily* xv. The Case of The Velvet Claws(f pm m)

    xvi. The Case of The Blond Bonanza Isaac Asimov

    i. Prelude To Foundation ii. Foundation

    iii. Foundation And Empire iv. Second Foundation v. Foundations Edge

    vi. Foundation And Earth vii. I, Robot

    viii. Caves of Steel ix. The Naked Sun x. Robots of Dawn

    John Grisham

    i. A Time to Kill ii. The Firm*

    iii. The Pelican Brief * iv. The Client* v. The Chamber

    vi. The Rainmaker vii. The Runaway Jury*

  • viii. The Partner ix. The Summons* x. The King of Torts

    xi. The Brethren xii. The Last Juror

    xiii. The Broker xiv. The Innocent Man xv. The Associate

    Dan Brown

    i. The Da Vinci Code* ii. Angels and Demons*

    iii. Deception Point* iv. Digital Fortress* v. The Lost Symbol

    Sidney Sheldon

    i. If Tomorrow Comes* ii. Master of The Game

    iii. The Naked Face iv. The Other Side of Midnight v. Memories of Midnight*

    vi. The Sands of Time vii. The Doomsday Conspiracy*

    viii. Morning, Noon & Night ix. The Best Laid Plans x. The Sky is Falling

    xi. Tell Me Your Dreams* xii. Are You Afraid of The Dark*

    xiii. Stars Shine Down* xiv. Bloodline* xv. Rage of Angels*

    xvi. A Stranger in The Mirror Jeffrey Archer

    i. Honour Among Thieves ii. Not a Penny Less, Not a Penny More*

    iii. False Impression iv. Kane and Abel* v. The Prodigal Daughter

    vi. Shall We Tell The President? * vii. The 11th Commandment*

    viii. Paths of Glory ix. The Fourth Estate x. First Among Equals

    xi. A Prisoner of Birth Robert Ludlum

    i. The Ambler Warning* ii. The Moscow Vector*

    iii. The Lazarus Vendetta* iv. The Road to Omaha* v. The Altman Code*

    vi. The Osterman Weekend*

  • vii. The Hades Factor* viii. The Bancroft Strategy*

    ix. The Matlock Paper* x. The Bourne Identity*

    xi. The Cry of Halidon* xii. The Cassandra Compact*

    xiii. The Janson Directive xiv. The Road To Gandolfo xv. The Paris Option

    xvi. The Bourne Supremacy xvii. The Aquitaine Progression

    Douglas Adams

    i. Hitch-hikers Guide to The Galaxy ii. Restaurant at The End Of The Universe

    iii. Life, The Universe & Everything iv. So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish v. Mostly Harmless

    Robin Cook

    i. Marker* ii. Brain*

    iii. Vital Signs* iv. Coma* v. Shock*

    Clive Cussler

    i. Atlantis Found ii. Valhalla Rising*

    iii. Night Probe! iv. Flood Tide v. Black Wind

    Frederick Forsyth

    i. The Afghan ii. Icon

    iii. The Negotiator iv. The Fourth Protocol v. The Veteran

    vi. Art of The Matter vii. The Miracle

    viii. The Citizen ix. The Odessa File* x. The Dogs of War*

    Robert Jordan

    i. The Eye of The World ii. The Great Hunt

    iii. The Dragon Reborn iv. The Shadow Rising v. The Fires of Heaven

    vi. The Lord of Chaos vii. A Crown of Swords

    viii. The Path of Daggers

  • ix. Winters Heart x. Crossroads of Twilight

    xi. Knife of Dreams xii. The Strike At Shayol Ghul

    xiii. New Spring xiv. The Gathering Storm xv. Towers of Midnight

    Terry Brooks

    i. The Sword of Shannara ii. The Elfstones of Shannara

    iii. The Wishsong of Shannara iv. The Scions of Shannara v. The Druid of Shannara

    vi. The Elf Queen of Shannara vii. The Talismans of Shannara


    i. Chronicles: Dragons of Autumn Twilight: Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman ii. Chronicles: Dragons of Winter Night: Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman iii. Chronicles: Dragons of Spring Dawning: Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman iv. Chronicles: Dragons of Summer Flame: Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman

    Eoin Colfer

    i. Artemis Fowl ii. Artemis Fowl and The Arctic Incident

    iii. Artemis Fowl and The Eternity Code iv. Artemis Fowl and The Opal Deception v. Artemis Fowl and The Lost Colony

    vi. Artemis Fowl and The Time Paradox vii. Artemis Fowl and The Atlantis Complex

    Fred Saberhagen

    i. The Arrival (Earth The Final Conflict series) ii. The First Book of Swords

    iii. The Second Book of Swords iv. The Third Book of Swords v. The First Book of Lost Swords: Woundhealerers Story

    vi. The Second Book of Lost Swords: Sightblinders Story vii. The Third Book of Lost Swords: Stonecutters Story

    viii. The Fourth Book of Lost Swords: Farslayers Story ix. The Fifth Book of Lost Swords: Coinspinners Story x. The Sixth Book of Lost Swords: Mindswords Story

    xi. The Seventh Book of Lost Swords: Wayfinders Story xii. The Last Book of Swords: Shieldbreakers Story

    C. S. Lewis

    i. The Chronicles of Narnia 1: The Magicians Nephew ii. The Chronicles of Narnia 2: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

    iii. The Chronicles of Narnia 3: Prince Caspian iv. The Chronicles of Narnia 4: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader v. The Chronicles of Narnia 5: Silver Chair

    vi. The Chronicles of Narnia 6: The Horse and His Boy vii. The Chronicles of Narnia 7: The Last Battle

  • Stephenie Meyer

    i. Twilight ii. New Moon

    iii. Eclipse iv. Breaking Dawn

    G. R. R. Martin

    i. A Game of Thrones: ii. A Clash of Kings

    iii. A Storm of Swords iv. A Feast for Crows

    Angie Sage

    i. Septimus Heap 01: Magyk ii. Septimus Heap 02: Flyte

    iii. Septimus Heap 03: Physik iv. Septimus Heap 04: Queste

    Rick Riordan

    i. Percy Jackson 01: The Lightening Thief ii. Percy Jackson 02: The Sea of Monsters

    iii. Percy Jackson 03: The Titans Curse iv. Percy Jackson 04: The Battle of The Labyrinth v. Percy Jackson 05: The Last Olympian*

    vi. Kane Chronicles 01: The Red Pramid

    Sherrilyn Kenyon

    i. Fantasy Lover ii. Dragonswan

    iii. Night Pleasures iv. Night Embrace v. Dance with The Devil

    vi. A Dark Hunter Christmas vii. Kiss of The Night

    viii. Night Play ix. Seize The Night x. Sins of The Night

    xi. The Beginning xii. Unleash The Night

    xiii. Dark Side of The Moon xiv. Dream Hunter xv. Devil May Cry

    xvi. Upon the Midnight Clear xvii. Dream Chaser

    xviii. Acheron xix. One Silent Night xx. Dream Warrior

    xxi. Bad Moon Rising

    Jonathan Stroud

    i. The Amulet of Samarkand* ii. The Golems Eye*

  • iii. The Ptolemys Gate* iv. Heroes of the Valley

    The 39 Clues

    i. Clues 01: Maze of Bones: Rick Riordan ii. One False Note: Gordon Korman

    iii. The Sword Thief: Peter Lerangis iv. Beyond The Grave: Jude Watson v. The Black Circle: Patrick Carman

    vi. In too Deep: Jude Watson vii. The Vipers Nest: Peter Lerangis

    viii. The Emperors Code: Gordon Korman ix. Storm Warning: Linda Sue Park x. Into the Gauntlet: Margaret Peterson Haddick

    P. C. & Kristin Cast

    i. Marked ii. Betrayed

    iii. Chosen iv. Untamed v. Hunted

    R. A. Salvatore

    i. The Dark Elf Trilogy: Homeland ii. The Dark Elf Trilogy: Exile

    iii. The Dark Elf Trilogy: Sojourn iv. The Icewind Dale Trilogy: The Crystal Shard v. The Icewind Dale Trilogy: Streams of Silver

    vi. The Icewind Dale Trilogy: The Halflings Gem vii. Legacy of The Drow Series: The Legacy

    viii. Legacy of The Drow Series: Starless Night ix. Legacy of The Drow Series: Siege of Darkness x. Legacy of The Drow Series: Passage to Dawn

    Katherine Kerr

    i. Deverry 1: Daggerspell ii. Deverry 2: Darkspell

    iii. Deverry 3: Dawnspell iv. Deverry 4: Dragonspell v. Westlands1: A Time of Exile

    vi. Westlands2: A Time of Omens vii. Westlands3: A Time of War

    viii. Westlands4: A Time of Justice ix. Dragonmage1: The Red Wyvern

    Jim Butcher

    i. Dresden Files 1: Restoration of Faith ii. Dresden Files 2: Storm Front

    iii. Dresden Files 3: Fool Moon iv. Dresden Files 4: Grave Peril v. Dresden Files 5: Summer Night

    vi. Dresden Files 6: Death Masks

  • vii. Dresden Files 7: Blood Rites viii. Dresden Files 8: Dead Beat

    ix. Dresden Files 9: Proven Guilty x. Dresden Files 10: White Night

    xi. Dresden Files 11: Small Favor xii. Dresden Files 12: Turn Coat

    xiii. Dresden Files 13: Changes

    Michael Scott

    i. The Alchemyst ii. The Magician

    iii. The Sorceress iv. The Necromancer

    L. E. Modesitt

    i. The Saga of Recluse 01: The Magic of Recluse ii. The Saga of Recluse 02: The Towers of Sunset

    iii. The Saga of Recluse 03: The Magic Engineer iv. The Saga of Recluse 04: The Order War

    David Eddings

    i. Belgariad 01: Pawn of Prophesy ii. Belgariad 02: Queen of Sorcery

    iii. Belgariad 03: Magicians Gambit iv. Belgariad 04: Castle of Wizardry v. Belgariad 05: Enchanters Endgame

    vi. Malloreon 01: Guardians of the West vii. Malloreon 02: King of the Murgos

    viii. Malloreon 03: Demon Lord of Karanda ix. Malloreon 04: Sorceress of Darshiva x. Malloreon 05: Seeress of Kell

    Adrian Tchaikovsky

    i. Empire in Black and Gold ii. Dragonfly falling

    iii. Blood of the Mantis iv. Salute the Dark


    v. The Amulet of Samarkand: Jonathan Stroud* vi. The Golems Eye: Jonathan *

    vii. The Ptolemys Gate: Jonathan Stroud* viii. Eragon: Christopher Paolini*

    ix. Eldest: Christopher Paolini* x. Brisingr: Christopher Paolini*

    xi. Five Point Someone: Chetan Bhagat xii. One night at a Call Center: Chetan Bhagat

    xiii. The Lord of The Rings: J. R. R. Tolkien* xiv. The Hobbit: J. R. R. Tolkien* xv. If You Are Afraid of Heights: I. G.

    xvi. Do Me a Favor Drop Dead: J. H. Chase* xvii. Diamonds Are Forever: Ian Fleming (James Bond)

  • xviii. The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho xix. A Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens xx. The Historian: Elizabeth Kostova*

    xxi. The Godfather: Mario Puzo* xxii. The Godfather Returns: Mario Puzo*

    xxiii. Omrta: Mario Puzo* xxiv. Who Moved My Cheese? : Dr. Spencer Johnson xxv. The One Minute Manager: Ken Blanchard & Dr. Spencer Johnson

    xxvi. The Old Reliable: P. G. Wodehouse xxvii. The Eye of The Dragon: Stephen King*

    xxviii. Classic Short Stories: A Readers Digest Collection xxix. To Kill A Mocking Bird: Harper Lee* xxx. The Fountainhead: Ayn Rand

    xxxi. Gullivers Travels: Jonathan Swift xxxii. Buzz Cut: James Hall*

    xxxiii. Uncle Toms Cabin: Harriet Beecher Stowe xxxiv. Sphere: Michael Crichton xxxv. Next: Michael Crichton*

    xxxvi. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Emissary: J. M. Dillard xxxvii. Star Trek: Sarek: A. C. Crispin

    xxxviii. The Golden Compass: Philip Pullman xxxix. The Subtle Knife: Philip Pullman

    xl. The Amber Spyglass: Philip Pullman xli. 21:Bringing Down The House: Ben Mezrich

    xlii. Enders Game: Orson Scott Card xliii. Speaker of the Dead: Orson Scott Card xliv. Xenocide: Orson Scott Card xlv. The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus: Christopher Marlowe

    xlvi. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea: Jules Verne xlvii. Inkheart: Cornelia Funke

    xlviii. Ringworld: Larry Niven xlix. Earthsea Cycle1: A Wizard of Earthsea: Ursula K. Le Guin

    l. River god: Wilbur Smith li. The Guardians 1: The Krilov Continuum: James Lovegrove

    lii. Dune: Frank Herbert liii. Dune Messiah : Frank Herbert liv. Dracula: Bram Stoker lv. Runemark: Joanne Harris*

    lvi. Marla Mason 01: Blood Engines: T. A. Pratt lvii. Mistborn 01: The Final Empire: Brandon Sanderson

    lviii. Mistborn 02: Well of Ascecion: Brandon Sanderson lix. Mistborn 03: Hero of the Ages: Brandon Sanderson lx. Abhorsen 01: Sabriel: Garth Nix

    lxi. A Tale of Malazan Book of The Fallen: 01: Gardens of The Moon: Steven Erikson lxii. A Tale of Malazan Book of The Fallen: 02: Deadhouse Gates: Steven Erikson

    lxiii. 1984: George Orwell lxiv. Ravens Gate: Anthony Horowitz lxv. Evil Star: Anthony Horowitz

    lxvi. Nightrise: Anthony Horowitz lxvii. The Simoqin Prophecies: Samit Basu

    lxviii. Howls Moving Castle: Dianna Wynne Jones lxix. Boys and Ghouls Get Together: Alfred Hitchcock*

    On 12th

    December 2010 total is 400

  • 200: At Bertrams Hotel { 21st May 2008 } 250: The Krilov Continuum { 19th January 2009} 300: The Fourth Estate {2nd October 2009} 350: Grave Peril {11th June 2010} 400: A Prisoner of Birth {12th December 2010