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New Fiction Books Added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries April 2011

New Fiction Books April 2011

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A list of new adult fiction books added to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries' stock in April 2011.

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Page 1: New Fiction Books April 2011

New Fiction Books Added

to Stoke-on-Trent Libraries

April 2011

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Author Title Series

Smith, Wilbur. Those in peril.

Crime Series

Author Title

Beaton, M. C. Death of a valentine. A Hamish Macbeth murder mystery

Billingham, Mark. From the dead.

Booth, Stephen. The devil's edge.

Box, C. J. Open season. A Joe Pickett novel

Burley, W. J. Wycliffe omnibus.

Chapman, Jean. Both sides of the fence.

Creed, Adam. Willing flesh.

Dibdin, Michael. A long finish. An Aurelio Zen mystery

Dibdin, Michael. Cosi fan tutti. An Aurelio Zen mystery

Dibdin, Michael. Ratking. An Inspector Zen mystery

Ellis, Kate. Playing with bones. A Joe Plantagenet murder mystery

Evanovich, Janet. Smokin' seventeen.

Fearn, John Russell. Lonely road murder.

Fraser, Sara. Suffer the children. A Thomas Potts novel

Horan, Ellen . 31 Bond Street.

Jardine, Quintin. The loner :

Lennon, Patrick. Cut out.

Leon, Donna. Drawing conclusions. A Commissario Brunetti mys-tery

Lovesey, Peter. Stagestruck. A Peter Diamond mystery

Mankell, Hen-ning. The troubled man. A Kurt Wallander mystery

Nesser, Hakan. The inspector and silence. An Inspector Van Veeteren mystery

Ockley, Martha . The reluctant detective.

Paretsky, Sara. Hardball. A V.I. Warshawski novel

Perry, Anne. Acceptable loss. An Inspector William Monk novel

Picard, Kathy . Soul search.

Robb, J. D. Origin in death. An Eve Dallas investigation

Page 3: New Fiction Books April 2011

Steele, Der-went . The avengers.

Vane, Nigel . The menace of Li-sin.

Wilson, Laura. A capital crime.

Winspear, Jac-queline. A lesson in secrets. A Maisie Dobbs mystery

Family Saga

Author Title Series

Andrews, Lyn. A secret in the family.

Baker, Anne. Nancy's war.

Francis, June. Sunshine and flowers.

Goodwin, Rosie. A rose among thorns.

Gray, Millie. In a class of their own.

Henderson, Meg. Ruby.

Hood, Evelyn. Pebbles on the beach.

Hood, Evelyn. Time and again.

Jacobs, Anna. Hallam Square.

King, Catherine. The orphan child.

Tate, June. The reluctant sinner.

Wood, Val . Homecoming girls.

Woods, Janet. Straw in the wind.


Author Title Series Bell, Alex. Lex Trent.

Deas, Stephen. The king of the crags.

Grimwood, Jon Courtenay. The fallen blade. The assassini.

Hobb, Robin. Dragon haven. The rain wild chronicles.

Horwood, Wil-liam. Hyddenworld.

Mead, Richelle. Iron crowned. Dark swan.

Parker, K. J. The hammer.

Thorpe, Gavin. The purging of Kadillus. A Space Marine battles novel

Page 4: New Fiction Books April 2011


Author Title Series

Amis, Martin. The pregnant widow.

Auel, Jean M. The land of painted caves.

Bagshawe, Louise. Desire.

Binding, Tim. The champion.

Birch, Carol. Jamrach's menagerie.

Crane, Megan. I heart the 80s.

Crosse, Tania. Cherrybrook Rose.

Egan, Jennifer. A visit from the goon squad.

Goodman, Alle-gra. The cookbook collector.

Green, Hilary. Daughters of war. The Leonora trilogy

Hadley, Tessa. The London train.

Hall, Catherine. The proof of love.

Haynes, Eliza-beth. Into the darkest corner.

Hill, Pamela. Akina.

Hood, Evelyn. This time next year.

Hopkins, Billy. Tommy's world.

Irvin, Claire. Cougars :

Jacobs, Anna. Moving on.

Johnson, Milly. A summer fling.

Joseph, Anjali. Saraswati Park.

Kelly, Cathy. Homecoming.

Krentz, Jayne Ann. Shield's lady.

Law-Yone, Wendy. The road to wanting.

Lodge, David. A man of parts.

Page 5: New Fiction Books April 2011

Macomber, Deb-bie. 92 Pacific Boulevard. Cedar Cove

Manby, Chrissie. Kate's wedding.

Miller, Sue. The Lake Shore Limited.

Monaghan, Alan. The soldier's song.

Moriarty, Liane. What Alice forgot.

Newmark, Elle. The sandalwood tree.

Noble, Eliza-beth. When you were mine.

North, Freya. Chances.

Parks, Adele. Men I've loved before.

Petersen, Jenna. Married with zombies. Living with the dead.

Picoult, Jodi. Sing you home.

Reilly, Martina. The wish list.

Russell, Karen. Swamplandia!.

Sheffield, Jack. Village teacher.

Showalter, Gena. The darkest secret. Lords of the underworld.

Shreve, Anita. Rescue.

Singh, Nalini. Bonds of Justice.

Staincliffe, Cath. The kindest thing.

Steel, Danielle . Big girl.

Steel, Danielle. Honor thyself.

Thompson, Kate. That Gallagher girl.

Ward, J.R . Lover unleashed. Black dagger brotherhood series

Winter, Kath-leen. Annabel.

Wright, Pippa . Lizzy Harrison loses control.

Graphic Novel

Author Title Series

Moore, Alan. Saga of the swamp thing.

Page 6: New Fiction Books April 2011


Author Title Series

Drake, John. Skull and bones.

Hickman, Katie. The Pindar diamond.

Plaidy, Jean. The Queen and Lord M.

Riches, Anthony. Arrows of fury. Empire.


Author Title Series

Abbott, Karen. Hold on to your dreams.

Anders, Karen. Dangerous curves.

Ashby, Teresa . For the children's sake.

Ashley, Jennifer. Lady Isabella's scandalous marriage.

Bailey, Rachel. At the billionaire's beck and call?.

Benedict, Alex-andra. The notorious scoundrel.

Bruhns, Nina. Shadow of the Sheikh.

Callen, Gayle . In pursuit of a scandalous lady.

Campbell, Anna . My reckless surrender.

Chapman, Janet . Dragon warrior.

Child, Maureen. The last lone wolf.

Cooke, Cynthia. Black magic lover.

Courtenay, Christina . Desperate remedies.

Daniels, B J. Gun-shy bride.

Davies, June . Over the hills.

Dees, Cindy. Medusa's master.

Gadsby, June. The red earth.

Page 7: New Fiction Books April 2011

Harris, Lynn Raye. Strangers in the desert.

Hoffmann, Kate. The sexy devil.

Hoyt, Elizabeth. Notorious pleasures. A Maiden Lane novel

Jones, Linda Winstead. Come to me.

Kane, Mallory . Her bodyguard.

Kendrick, Sharon. Too proud to be bought.

Keyson, Patricia . Cherry blossom.

Kremer, Wendy . Swings and roundabouts.

Landon, Juliet. Scandalous innoncent.

Lester, Jane. The cousins.

Mackenzie, Myrna. Riches to rags bride.

Mann, Cath-erine. The tycoon takes a wife.

Mather, Anne. Nights of passion.

Mayberry, Sarah . Her best friend.

McCarty, Monica. Hawk.

Meier, Susan. The baby project.

Michaels, Fern. Golden lasso.

O'Reilly, Kath-leen. Long summer nights.

Power, Eliza-beth. Sins of the past.

Robins, Denise. Winged love.

Robins, Patricia. To the stars.

Tarling, Moyra. No mistaking love.

West, Annie. Prince of scandal.

His governess bride.

Italian attraction.

The mammoth book of Scot-tish romance.

Page 8: New Fiction Books April 2011

Science Fiction

Author Title Series

Campbell, Jack. Fearless. The lost fleet.

George, David R. Rough beasts of empire. Star Trek : Typhon Pact

Shattered light. Star Trek. Myriad universes

Short Stories

Author Title Series

Doyle, Roddy. Bullfighting.


Author Title Series

Barclay, Lin-wood. Never look away.

Blake, Jennifer. Luke.

Blatty, William Peter. The redemption.

Brennan, Allison. Love me to death.

Carter, Chris. The executioner.

Carver, Caroline. Back with vengeance.

Corbin, Julie. Tell me no secrets.

Deaver, Jeff. The burning wire. A Lincoln Rhyme thriller

Gibbins, David. The mask of Troy.

Goddard, Robert. Blood count.

Grace, Tom. The secret cardinal.

Hampson, June . Jail bait.

Knox, Tom. Bible of the dead.

Koryta, Michael. So cold the river.

McKenzie, Grant. No cry for help.

Patterson, James. 9th judgement. Women's murder club

Porter, Henry. The dying light.

Verner, Gerald . Dene of the secret service.

Weaver, Tim. The dead tracks.

Page 9: New Fiction Books April 2011


Author Title Series Black, Kyle . Renegade riders.

Black, Rory. The skull of iron eyes.

Bodie, Ryan. Strangers move on.

Connor, Scott. Stand-off at Copper Town.

Dalmas, Rick . Valley of the guns.

Davage, John. Killer chase.

Davage, John. Unsigned avenger.

Hayes, Steve. Viva gringo!.

Hullar, Link . Panhandle showdown.

Irwin, Alan. The long hunt.

L'Amour, Louis. Jubal Sackett : The Sacketts

Long, Elliot. Death ranch.

O'Keefe, Chap. Faith and a fast gun.

O'Keefe, Chap. The sheriff and the widow.

Rand, Caleb. Wild Meddow.

Stone, Emmett. Last reckoning for the Presi-dio Kid.

Tyrell, Chuck. Guns of Ponderosa.

Whitehead, David. Judgment day.

Page 10: New Fiction Books April 2011

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