Naviance & Post-High School Naviance Naviance is an electronic portfolio which supports the Student

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Text of Naviance & Post-High School Naviance Naviance is an electronic portfolio which supports the Student

  • Naviance & Post-High School Planning

    Lyman Hall High School

  • School Counseling Department Mission

    ● The mission of the Wallingford School Counseling Department is to support academic, personal/social, and career development for all students in collaboration with parents, teachers, support staff, administrators and the community.

  • Student Success Plan

    ● The Student Success Plan is an individualized plan that engages every student, based on their interests and strengths, to help them understand the relevance of education as a means to achieve post-secondary educational and career goals.

    ● The core components of the SSP are: ○ Academic Development ○ Career Development ○ Social, Emotional and Physical Development

    ● The SSP begins in grade 6 and continues throughout high school

  • Naviance

    ● Naviance is an electronic portfolio which supports the Student Success Plan and follows the student from school to school.

    ● In Naviance, parents and students can easily access Family Connection which will allow you to: ○ Get involved in the planning and advising process ○ Research careers ○ Research colleges ○ Create plans for the future ○ Manage the college application process

  • Steps in Post-High School Planning

    ● Junior Year: ○ Continue building your resume in Naviance ○ Attend Junior-Student/Parent Post-High School meeting with your School Counselor ○ Visit post-secondary schools ○ Take the SAT/ACT

    ● Senior Year: ○ Take the SAT/ACT ○ Complete your resume in Naviance ○ Write your college essay in English class ○ Ask for letters of recommendation from your teachers ○ Attend College Representative visits in our Career Center ○ Start your college application and Common Application ○ Sign up for college campus visits ○ Submit Transcript requests to the School Counseling Secretary, Mrs. Hoag ○ Search for Scholarships through Naviance ○ Attend Financial Aid workshops

  • Junior Year: College Exploration

    ● Research post-secondary schools ○ Complete and compare your college search using Naviance and the College Board website

    ■ Naviance → ■ College Board →

    ● Explore college websites ● Attend post-high school fairs (Wallingford School District, Choate, National College Fair at the

    Hartford Convention Center, Fairfield County at Webster Bank Arena) ● Visit colleges of interest

    ○ Consider visiting during our school breaks while college is still in session ○ Call College Admissions Office to schedule a guided tour

    ● Develop college list ○ Include Reach, Target, and Safety schools based on individual student’s academic profile

    ■ Use Naviance to compare individual academic profile with average student who attends school of interest

    ● Start building resume on Naviance

  • Junior Year: Naviance College Search

    ● Naviance: ○ Login with username/password → What you use to get on the school network

  • Junior Year: College Board Search

    ● College Board:

  • Junior Year: SAT/ACT

    ● Junior year, ALL students are required to take the SAT in March at LHHS ● Students can take it again in May or June and in October or November if

    they choose ● All schools accept the SAT or ACT, however, some schools are now

    test optional ● Always check your college’s website for testing requirements

    ○ Some of the more competitive schools require SAT subject tests

    ● Register for the SAT → ● Register for the ACT → ● *Note that each exam has a registration deadline found on their website* ● During registration you will be asked for Lyman Hall’s School Code: 070815

  • Senior Year: Tasks to Complete

    ● Re-take the SAT/ACT if needed/desired ○ Be sure to send scores directly from testing website to colleges

    ● Resume ○ Created in Naviance

    ○ Shows schools how well-rounded students are (school and community activities, community service, work experience, awards)

    ● College essay ○ Assigned through Senior English classes ○ Provides schools with personal insight into the applicant

  • Senior Year: Letters of Recommendation

    ● Most schools require 1 or 2 letters of recommendation ● 1 should be from a core-subject teacher

    ○ Consider asking college-major content area teacher ● ALWAYS ask in person first AND provide a copy of your resume ● Submit formal request through Naviance under “Colleges” tab - “Colleges I’m Applying to”

  • Senior Year: College Rep. Visits

    ● For schools of interest, students can sign-up directly through Naviance or in the College & Career Center to attend College Rep. talks.

  • Senior Year: Common Application

    ● The Common App is used by many colleges and enables students to send 1 application to multiple schools ○ Students must create an account → ○ In Common App, students will add the schools they are applying to

  • Senior Year: Common Application Continued...

    ● Next, students will fill-in information for each tab ○ The Education section must be filled out before matching a student’s Common App account

    with their Naviance account

  • Senior Year: Common Application Continued...

    ● Next, the student will sign the FERPA waiver under the “My Colleges” tab. This provides the school with permission to send recommendations and transcripts through Naviance.

  • Senior Year: Matching Common App & Naviance

    ● In Naviance, go to the “Colleges” tab - “Colleges I’m Applying to” ● In the blue box, enter the email address you use for your Common App account and click “match” ● The schools you entered in Common App will now appear in Naviance ● Any schools that are not Common App must be manually added in Naviance

  • Senior Year: Requesting Transcripts

    ● Now click “request transcripts” located above your selected colleges ● For each school you are ready to apply to, check “add request” and then confirm by clicking “request transcripts” at

    the bottom of the screen ● Complete a pink transcript request form located in the School Counseling Office

  • Senior Year: Scholarships in Naviance

    ● To find information on scholarships, click the “Colleges” tab and “Scholarship List”

    ● Review scholarships of interest and criteria to apply

  • Thank You! ● Juniors and seniors: your counselor will invite you and your parents for an

    individual post-secondary planning session ● School Counselors are available to assist students and parents throughout

    the post-secondary high school process ● Follow us on Twitter @LHCounseling to receive important announcements,

    local scholarship opportunities, workshops and more! ● Please call, email or schedule an appointment to meet with us as needed!