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  • 1. Main Street MomenceLeadership Retreat 2011
    Saturday, March 12
    Wikstrom Manor B&B

2. Agenda
2010 Retreat Goals
Objectives Met
In Progress
2010 End-of-Year Report
2011 Community Survey Results!
How do results impact MSM 2011-12 projects?
3. 2010 Retreat Goals
Maximize existing fund-raisers
Online donations
Board calls on prospective financial partners
Community Auction consignment %
Board members active on Org. Committee
Addition of new major fundraising event
gala, silent auction, pub crawl, dine around, talent show
Add new elements to existing events
4. 2010 Retreat Goals
Board/Volunteer Visibility
Attend events & volunteer
Added Board Cruise Night in 2010
Visit/patronize downtown businesses
4 downtown biz owners are now on Board!
Wear badges/MSM gear at events
Volunteer to aid other community groups
Santa at Cabin, Two Rivers Century, GSM Fall Fest, troop welcome, Glad Fest, Graffiti Busters, Mariachi Gringo, regular downtown cleanup
Feature Board members/volunteers in paper, website, Facebook, events
Attend/report at City Council meetings
5. 2010 Retreat Goals
Supporting/Promoting Downtown Biz
Utilize downtown businesses for meetings
Christmas party, Annual Dinner, 2011 Retreat
Promote on Facebook, paper
Urge friends & neighbors:Shop Momence
Co-op marketing partnerships among DBO
Expanded Awards Program & Buzz B4 Biz, Regional Restaurant Guide
Faade Grants: Paint the Town
Independents Week promo
Regular retail events > First Fridays
Promotion in MSM e-newsletter
Branding downtown district
6. 2010 Retreat Goals
Cooperation with City & other ED orgs.
Enterprise Zone & TIF District
Vision, Streetscaping: Downtown Master Plan
Downtown Task Force
Regular meetings with City officials
Parking enforcement
New business packet
Rental inspections
Code enforcement
7. 2010 End of Year Report
8. 2010 End-of-Year Report
Personal Finanace
Whole Kit & Kaboodle
Alley Cuts
Johnny Angels
Apothocary Arts
Laura Art Upholstery
Pet Well Clinic
Laura Art Furniture
Smoke Shop
Costin, Hammel & Leake
9. RESULTS:2011 Community Survey -Downtown Momence Historic District
10. Survey Background
Collected throughout February 2011
Collected via direct mail, e-mail, Facebook, website, newspaper promo, hand distribution
12 questions
Multiple choice
158 TOTAL Responses
40% financial partners
14% downtown building/biz owners
41% City of Momence residents
37% area residents
11. 12. 13. Take a guess
I am primarily drawn to downtown momence because
One or more businesses with excellent products or services
Important government services (e.g. post office, library, City Hall, etc.)
That is where I work.
I am committed to strengthening our local business community.
Fun community events
14. Other:Location/convenience, restaurants, hometown, Island Park/nature
15. Take a guess
One new business or improvement Id liketo see downtown is
16. Top Businesses Suggested
#1. Gift/card Shop
#2. Hardware Store
#3. Bakery
#4. Restaurants - unique cafes, high-end, fast food, outdoor dining
#5. Florist
#6. Gym
17. Top Improvements Suggested
#1. General clean-up & improve facades
#2. Tear down Plein building
#3. Create a broad economic strategy, better utilize river
#4. Repair streets, sidewalks, parking lots
#5. More community-centered activities
18. Take a guess
I do not patronize Downtown Momence businesses as much as I might because
I shop closer to where I work.
I purchase items I need locally but outside of the Downtown district.
I shop online.
I am dissatisfied with parking.
I am dissatisfied with the product selection.
I am dissatisfied with the service.
I am dissatisfied with the prices.
I am concerned about safety.
I am concerned about cleanliness.
19. Other:Inconsistent hours, live out of town, forget they are there
20. Take a guess
greatest challenge to downtown momence is
21. Greatest Challenges
#1 Poor Image
Cleanliness, loitering, building maintenance
#2 Vacancies/Attracting sustainable biz
More unique, niche businesses
#3 Competition/Motivating people to Shop Local
#4 Nothing there perception
#5 Critical Mass, not enough there
#6 Economy
Also Lack of vision, morale, lack of retail, Plein building, parking
22. Final Thoughts
How will the overall results of this survey impact our program & 2011-12 work plans?
What could MSM do better to meet the many needs of our Downtown District & community?
Thank you for attending!