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SRD para Traveller de Mongoose

Text of Mongoose Traveller Mercenary SRD v1.2

Mercenary SRD

Mercenary System Reference Document

The entirety of this document is designated as Open Content.

New Army Mishaps


2Finding conditions to be inhumane under a barely sane commander during your current posting you desert and are now a wanted man. Gain 1d3 Enemies amongst the military, including your former commanding officer, who will try to bring you to justice.

3You are involved in a disasatrous campaign and barely escape off planet in a frantic and badly organised evacuation. This leaves you a long way from your own lines and you make 1d3 Contacts as you return home. However you find yourself a wanted man and are listed as AWOL by an inquisitional commission that has come down hard on those even remotely involved in the debacle.

4Your regiment merges with another due to budgetry constraints. You are one of those who are not offered a position within the new unit and are forced to leave the service.

5You spend several days in the brig after getting into a fight with a superior officer. Gain that officer as a Rival as he has you ejected out of the service.

6Severely wounded. Roll twice on the Injury table and take the lower result.

7Your unit is slaughtered in a disastrous battle, for which you blame your commander. Gain him as an Enemy as he has you removed from the service.

8Injured. Roll on the Injury table

9You are sent to a very unpleasant region (jungle, swamp, desert, icecap, urban) to battle against guerrilla fighters and rebels. You are discharged because of stress, injury or because the government wishes to bury the whole incident. Increase Recon or Survival by one level but also gain the rebels as an Enemy.

10You discover that your commanding officer is engaged in some illegal activity, such as weapon smuggling. You can join his ring and gain him as an Ally before the inevitable investigation gets you discharged, or you can co-operate with the military police the official whitewash gets you discharged anyway but you may keep your Benefit roll from this term of service.

11You are tormented by, or quarrel with, an officer or fellow soldier. Gain that officer as a Rival as he drives you out of the service.

12You have a strong relationship with a munitions supplier which is deemed to be too close by your superiors and you are requested to resign from the service. Gain the supplier as a Contact.

New Army Events


11Disaster! Roll on the mishap table, but you are not ejected from this career.

12You are assigned to an urbanised planet torn by war. Gain one of Stealth 1, Streetwise 1, Persuade 1 or Recon 1.

13You are assigned to a planet with a hostile or wild environment. Gain one of Vacc Suit 1, Engineer (any) 1, Animals (riding or training) 1 or Recon 1.

14You are given a special assignment or duty in your unit. Gain a +1 DM to any one Benefit roll.

15You are thrown into a brutal ground war. Throw Endurance 8+ to avoid injury; if you succeed, you gain one level in Gun Combat (any) or Leadership.

16You are given advanced training in a specialist field. Throw Education 8+ to increase any one skill you already have by one level.

21Surrounded and outnumbered by the enemy, you hold out until relief arrives. Gain a +2 DM to your next Advancement check.

22You are assigned to a peacekeeping role. Gain one of Admin 1, Investigate 1, Deception 1 or Recon 1.

23Your commanding officer takes an interest in your career. Either gain Tactics (military) 1 or take a +4 DM to your next Advancement roll thanks to his aid.

24You are chosen for cross training in a different service. Roll for a skill in a Specialist assignment other than your own.

25You are assigned to protected forces training, gain one of Vacc Suit 1 or Zero-G 1.

26You are named in a law suit alleging war crimes against your unit. You gain 1d3 Enemies despite your proclamations of innocence (whether they are true or not).

31-36Life Event. Roll on the Life Events table (see page 34 of the Traveller main rulebook).

41-46Wartime Event. Roll on the Wartime Events table (see page 34).

51You are assigned to Officer Training, gain a commission, if you are already an officer you are automatically promoted.

52You are given special forces training. Gain one of Melee (any) 1, Gun Combat (any) 1, Survival 1, Combat Engineering (any) 1 or Explosives 1.

53You are assigned to a teaching post. Throw Instruction 8+. Success increases your Instruction skill by one level.

54A posting far from any conflict on an idyllic world leaves you with plenty of downtime. Gain one of Gambling 1, Carouse 1 or Streetwise 1.

55You are assigned to the legal offices of your base, helping with court martial services. Gain one of Admin 1, Advocate 1, Investigate 1 or Deception 1.

56You are assigned to Military Intelligence. Gain one level in Streetwise, Computer, Interrogation (any) or Deception.

61You are assigned a position at an embassy. You are automatically promoted this term and gain Social Sciences 1.

62Your unit is sent to combat insurgents. Throw Gun Combat or Stealth 8+ to avoid injury; if you succeed, you gain one level in Gun Combat (any) or Tactics (military).

63Your ability at the card table makes you a legend amongst your unit, however not everyone is a good loser. Gain one rank in either Gambling or Carouse, but gain 1d3 Enemies.

64A revolution overthrows the legitimate government of the world you are serving on. Your unit backs the government as it attempts to regain power, throw Tactics or Gun Combat (any) to avoid injury. You gain both an Ally and an Enemy as a result of the fighting.

65Your immediate superior is a drunkard and incompetent. If you report him then you gain a +2 DM to your next Advancement roll. If you say nothing and protect him, gain him as an Ally.

66You display heroism in battle. You may gain a promotion or a commission automatically.

xe "Wartime Events"Wartime Events

If you roll a Wartime Event on the Events table for your career, roll on the Wartime Event table.

Wartime Events

Roll 2d6Event

2Just a Flesh Wound: You are lightly wounded. Roll two dice on the Injury table, choosing the higher result.

3Heartfelt Confession: Someone close to you, likely within your unit, is fatally wounded and dies in your arms. Whilst dying, he confesses something previously unknown to you; from knowing about a traitor to explaining where stolen treasure might be.

4Double-cross: Someone on your side in a conflict turns on you at the last moment, causing tension within the unit. Paranoia and distrust exists in the ranks for some time to come. Gain a Rival.

5Impressive Scar: You were wounded by an alien weapon that left a strange scar on your face or neck. It does not hurt anymore, but it does give you a rough exterior that is sometimes difficult to ignore.

6Camaraderie: You become very close to the other members of your unit and such fraternity is rewarded with unquestioning acceptance. If you choose to remain in the same career path and assignment for your next term, you do not need to roll for Qualification.

7You save a member of your units life and gain a new Ally.

8Weapon Cache. You stumble upon a stockpile of weaponry and armament. When no one is looking you manage to claim a piece of the find for yourself. Add an Armour, Combat Implant or Weapon Benefit (players choice) when you muster out.

9Employment Offer: The character is approached by a potential future employer, and the unit is set up for another conflict before the current one is even concluded. You gain a +2 DM to your next Qualification roll.

10Heroic Stand: You are caught alone in a fire fight where you hold off an enemy force for a prolonged period of time. Increase Social Standing by 1 or gain a +1 DM to your next Benefits roll.

11Trouble with Authorities: Your unit is arrested and detained for supposed illegal wartime activities. Lose one Benefit roll or reduce your Social Standing by 1.

12Unusual Event: Something odd has occurred. Roll 1d6

1 Meta-Intelligence Officer. You encounter a Psionic officer, who offers to spend some time with you. You may immediately test your Psionic Strength (see page 152 of the Traveller core rulebook) and can, if you qualify, take the Psionist career in your next term.

2 Alien Mercs. You are saddled with a small unit of alien mercenaries for a few tickets. Gain a Life Science and a Contact among an alien race.

3 Military Black Market. You are approached by a black marketeer who has some advanced technology for sale on the cheap. You may choose any piece of TL12 personal equipment instead of taking the cash from a Benefits roll.

4 Shell Shock. You were knocked into a short coma by artillery, and lost several weeks of your memory.

5 Governmental Award. You and your unit are publicly heralded by the government you were serving. This ruins anonymity, but increases Social Standing by 1.

6 Ancient weapon technology. You discover a weapon older than the Imperium. Now, if you could only figure out how to use it.

Mercenary Retirement Benefits Friends & Favours

Friends & Favours

2d6 ResultBonus

2An alien transport pilot remembers you being kind to his people. Gain 2 ship shares.

3 4Old gambling buddy owes you money. +10,000 credits

5 6Government agent owes you for his life. Gain Ally

7 9Military types rarely forget their debts. +5,000 credits

10An arms dealer owes you for helping him in a hard time. +7,500 credits or the Weapon benefit

11One of your old