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Mirapoint are the 4th largest email server platform and also have security and email archive appliances available. Castleforce are Mirapoint Platinum Partners in the UK and I\'ve published this presentation for a seminar we are running in the University of Reading on Tuesday 6th October

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  • 1.Mirapoint Company Overview

2. Messaging Solutions EmailSecurity Archiving & Compliance Mobility Email &Collaboration 3. E-mail Matters

  • E-mail is the ubiquitous, mission critical form of corporate communications.
  • Over 120 million corporate e-mail mailboxes in 2007.
  • Corporate email is expected to exceed 124 billion messages per day in 2008.
  • 86% of IT managers believe email is extremely valuable.
  • Email rates 5 on a scale of 1-5(vital) in importance to IT managers.
  • The cost of managing email for a 5,000 employees company is $1M+

*Radicati **Nemertes (Sources: Radicati, Osterman, Gartner) 4. Email Requirements are Increasing Metamorphosis of E-mail Results Phishing, Spam, Viruses, Malware SARBOX, NASD, GLBA, JSOX Too many technologies to manage Corporate and legal policy enforcement 89% of professionals will carry mobile device by 2008 Downtime costs on average $162,000 per year *Radicati **Infonetics SecurityCompliance SimplicityPolicy Mobility Reliability Requirement 5. Reality Check:Email is very Expensive "The cost of supporting email infrastructure has got to a point where CIOs are under pressure to sort it out." - Gartner Group The impact of unscheduled downtime to an organization of 10,000 email users is more than $400,000 per year. - Radicati Group Microsoft Exchange 2007 migration costs can run as high as $244 per user . -Osterman Research 6. Mirapoint Solutions

    • Enterprise Ready
    • Scalable &Reliable
    • Lowest TCO

E-Mail & Collaboration Email Security Email Archiving Mobility & UM 7. Appliance Family EmailServer Message Server Email Security RazorGate Email Archiving RazorSafe

  • Appliance based product
  • Web-based email, group calendar, shared folders & address book
  • Transparent to Outlook and Entourage clients
  • Field-proven 99.999% reliable
  • Web & wireless access
  • Proven industry lowest TCO
  • Appliance based products
  • Interoperable with any mail server
  • Patented high speed MTA for high performance
  • Proven high catch-rates (98%+) with low false positives
  • Multi-layered email security technologies
  • Junk mail quarantine
    • Support Exchange, Lotus Notes and Mirapoint Server
    • Powerful Index and search on email messages and attachments
    • Multiple Language Index and Display Support
    • Support for LDAP/AD
    • Departmental search capabilities with audit trail and access controls

8. Benefits of Appliance Solution 25% 50% 75% 100% Exchange Mirapoint -40% -40% -20% 50%savings