Making a Presentation about yourself to other students Mrs Mason Unit 7.1 Using ICT.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p> Slide 2 Making a Presentation about yourself to other students Mrs Mason Unit 7.1 Using ICT Slide 3 Starter Circle the things you think should be in a presentation to an adult audience rather than someone your age Ill be asking some of you to say why you chose certain things afterwards You have 2 minutes to circle your choices! Slide 4 Lesson Objectives Know what makes a good presentation. Created a PowerPoint presentation about your school, for parents of year 6 pupils. Lesson Outcomes By the end of the lesson everyone will: Be able to explain what makes a good presentation Have created at least one slide of your presentation Some will: Have created a series of slides in your presentation Have Identified where you have used good practice in your work Recap Slide 5 What makes a bad presentation? Too many colours, or colours that clash Mixed Fonts No white space Too many sounds/images A lot of information More than one type of animation Slide 6 English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College Catcote Road Hartlepool TS25 4HA Telephone No 01429 273 790 Head Teacher: Mr Hughes Deputy Head Teachers: M. Lee &amp; M. Mekins Slide 7 What makes a good presentation? Limit use of colours and fonts Consistency (keep things the same) Limit use of animation and Images Think about your audience Dont use too much sound Relevant Information Slide 8 Who is your audience for your presentation? What sort of information could you include about your school? Making a presentation about your self Other students in year 7. Your name Age Head Teachers name Pictures of your self Lessons/Subjects you like Hobbies Likes/dislikes Parents Back Who are your audience for this presentation? What sort of things could you include ? Slide 9 Recap Who can tell me what you had to do this lesson? Have we met our objectives? What did you find easy/difficult? List things that make a good presentation Using a felt tip pen write on the explosions one thing that youve learnt today. Im then going to choose people to explain how they learnt this. Slide 10 Well Done Everyone! Give yourselves a big tick, youve worked really well today. </p>


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