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Learn how to send merged e-mails using Gmail and Google Drive.


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2. Mail Merges Facebook shares Magazine articles Newspaper articles Re-Tweets + ups in Google+With Gmail, Google Drive & Scripts 3. Why Gmail? Gmail surpassed Hotmail as the most used email system in the world. Gmail Users 423 million (June 2012) Reliable, secure 2 stage authentication Cloud always available Not tied to your desktopImage attribution Google 4. As reported by GigaOm Oct. 31, 2012Click for article 5. Advantages of Gmail Merge Free, immediate, personalized email to defined list Add name, details of contact, as recorded in your database spreadsheet Avoid mass mailing list or self-mailing w/ BCC list 6. IngredientsGmail accountGoogle Drive AccountSpreadsheet with dataproperly organizedSeparate cells for eachbit of discreteinformationMulti-tabbed browser 7. Set Up Your Mail MessageFormat your email messageInsert merge fields as neededto format the messageMerge fields are set apartwith for example.Image derived from jimbo05784s Photobucket 8. Get the Script 9. Notice you have a new menu item now that the script has been added. 10. You will have to Authorize the Script to Run 11. Authorize the Script Then you will have another window in which you must select the field with the data to run. 12. Reusing The DatabaseClear flag by deleting the Done status message 13. AvoidLarge AttachmentsImages that require float, or center as text willnot wrap around. This is one fly in the ointment. 14. Thank you!