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Magnetic Flowmeter

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  • 1. BY:Airin Nuryanda R. (111611004) Indra Setiadi (101611018) Intan Adilla (111611016) Rizaldi Satria N. (111611026)
  • 2. A magnetic flow meter (mag flowmeter) is a volumetricflow meter which does not have any moving parts and is idealfor wastewater applications or any dirty liquid which isconductive or water based. Magnetic flowmeters will generallynot work with hydrocarbons, distilled water and many non-aqueous solutions. Magnetic flowmeters are also ideal forapplications where low pressure drop and low maintenance arerequired.There are some condition before you install the flow meter :Meaning of measurement, accuracy, type and condition offluid, pressure of the pipe, measurement range, power supply,environment condition where the flow meter will be place.
  • 3. These cost-effective magnetic flow meterscombine superior noise immunity with high purityAlumina ceramic detection tubes, allowing precise flowmeasurements in a wide range of applications. Thesemagmeters are available in pipe sizes from 1 /2 " up to16" to accommodate many materials: chemicals,corrosives, foods, pulp and other solid matter slurryflows. The FMG-600 Series electromagnetic flowmeterunique noise-suppression circuitry utilizes the optimumsquare-waved excitation frequency, eliminating variousnoises generated by slurries, making this flowmeterideal for pulp, food and grout applications.
  • 4. The FMG-550 Series fits pipe sizes from 2 to 48". Thestandard connection is a 1" NPT. It features an integral displayfor flow rate or totalization. The latest in bipolar pulsed dctechnology and the best features of an insertion magnetic flowmeter sensor are packed into the FMG-550 Series insertionmagmeter. The FMG-551 is a magnetic flow meter to meet yourflow measurements challenges. Simple installation, easymaintenance, and state-of-the-art microprocessor technologymake the FMG-551 the best alternative to traditional full-linemagmeters. The FMG-551 electromagnetic flowmeter generatesan isolated current output and an isolated frequency output. Thecurrent output provides a universal signal to recorders, valves,and a host of process control and data acquisition devices.
  • 5. The FMG3000 and FMG3100 Series are for 0.5 to 8 in.Pipes. These are blind transmitter with either a 4 to 20mA orfrequency output. All versions of this magmeter are constructedof corrosion-resistant materials to provide long-term reliabilitywith minimal maintenance costs.
  • 6. The FMG201 Series is a small plastic-bodiedmagnetic flow meter capable of measuring the pulsatingflows from air and solenoid-driven metering pumps, themeter is primarily designed for electrically-conductivechemicals and fluids of varying viscosities. The FMG201electromagnetic flowmeter is an ideal flow measurementdevice for low flow applications. In addition to measuringand displaying flow rate and total flow, this magmeter unithas a variety of outputs. For continuous transmission of aflow signal, there is a 4 to 20 mA, and 0 to 5 volt signal, anda frequency signal proportional to flow. In addition, thereare relay alarm outputs for low and high flows with user-setflow levels
  • 7. Type Difference In line Magmeter Ideal for pulp, food and grout (FMG 606) applicationsStyle Mag Flow Meter The current output provides a (FMG 551) universal signal to recorders, valves, and a host of process control and data acquisition devicesStyle Mag Flow Meter Same as FMG 551 ( FMG3002)Low Flow Magmeter An ideal flow measurement device (FMG201) for low flow applications
  • 8. Usually electrochemical and other effects at theelectrodes make the potential difference drift up anddown, making it hard to determine the fluid flowinduced potential difference. To mitigate this,the magnetic field is constantly reversed, cancellingout the static potential difference. This howeverimpedes the use of permanent magnets for magneticflowmeters.