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Luxor temple Valley of the kings The Great Sphinx of Giza The Pyramids of Giza

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Text of Luxor temple Valley of the kings The Great Sphinx of Giza The Pyramids of Giza

  • Luxor templeValley of the kingsThe Great Sphinx of GizaThe Pyramids of Giza

  • Oil and gasIron orePhosphateLimestoneManganeseTalcZincAsbestos Gypsum

  • SoccerGolfBasketballTennisTrack

  • HolidaysEgypt Police Day Sinai Liberation Day Labor DayRevolution DayArmed Forces DayCelebrations and festivals Christmas Sham El NessimIslamic New YearProphet Mohammeds BirthdayRamadan FeastSacrifice Feast

  • Islam (mostly Sunny) Christianity (Coptic)

  • Open and friendly with the visitors Men must not talk to women they do not know When you enter into a mosque in Egypt, you have to take your shoes off

  • Flatbread FalafelMolokhiaPeasBeansRiceBread Shawerma

  • Solid gold chairsStatues of catsEgyptian pop music

  • Anwar Sadat (president) CleopatraKing TutRamses IIEuclid Mohamed ElBaradei

  • Museum of Egyptian AntiquitiesMuseum of Islamic ArtThe Coptic MuseumThe National Police MuseumThe Military Museum The Postal Museum

  • Egypt has many cities the capital is Cairo some other major cities are Alexandria, Al Mahalla, Al Koda, And Giza. Egypt has a large popluation of 72,oooo!

  • The most common languages spoken in Egypt are Arabic, and English

  • Egypt has a very unique type of Government they are a republic and they elect a President AND a prime minister. Except the prime minister leads the cabinet

  • Egypt's current currency is the Egyptian pound

  • Egypt grows many crops are the most popular are fruit, wheat, beans, cucumber,

  • Egypt orders lots of imports. Here are a few of the most important machinery, food, fuel, and wood, . Egypt also sells exports they sell products such as crude oil, petroleum, chemicals, cotton, metal, and textiles,

  • Egypt has a mix of poor and rich people. Some kids have to drop out of school to support their families.

  • Egypt's climate is like a endless summer . The whether in Egypt is almost always sunny!

  • Egypt's land forms are desserts, rivers, caves, lakes, mountains, and springs,

  • The transportation in Egypt is buses, cars, boats, planes, and camels.

  • The plants in Egypt are flowers, trees, wheat, and crops.

  • Egypt's animals are camels, snakes, lizards, birds, insects, and fish,

  • Egypt has a big problem: the population keeps growing and that mean more pollution

  • Egypt is located on the outskirts of Africa and the countries around it are Chad, Sudan, Libya, and Jorden . The most popular vacation spots are Giza, and Cairo.

  • Books usedThe True Book About EgyptAfricaWelcome to EgyptTwo books called EgyptWeb sites used