LinkedIn Top Sponsored Updates (Q3 2014)

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The top 5 sponsored updates in North America (by click-through rate) with commentary on why they got great engagement. Designed to help social media and content marketers learn best practices and apply them to their own efforts on LinkedIn Corporation.

Text of LinkedIn Top Sponsored Updates (Q3 2014)

  • 1. Top Performing Sponsored UpdatesNorth AmericaQuarter in Review Q3, 2014

2. OverviewContent Marketing on LinkedInprovides marketers with the data thatenables them to improve results witheach post.Through analyzing your SponsoredUpdates you will be able to gleaninsights, refine your approach, andincrease engagement over time.To help, weve created this quarterlyreview highlighting the top performingSponsored Updates and our thoughtson why they did well.The sky is the limit. Were excited tosee you raise the bar!- LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Best in class marketers are seeing Engagement Rateshigher than 1% with their Sponsored Updates Are you ready to take your content to the next level? 3. HEADLINES MATTERTop Performing Sponsored UpdatesNumbered lists make content easier toconsumeStrong language creates asense of urgency 4. ASK QUESTIONS TO ENGAGE THE READERTop Performing Sponsored UpdatesStart with a question or quote to hookyour readerMake sure the image is relevantand adds to the tone of the post 5. OPTIMIZE FOR MOBILETop Performing Sponsored UpdatesEliminate the intro copy, or keep it fewerthan 150 charactersUse link posts to optimize mobileclicks (make sure the landing page isresponsively designed) 6. SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THE AUDIENCE YOUARE TARGETINGTop Performing Sponsored UpdatesCall out your target audience directly in the copyAsk questions and use you directlyto your target audience 7. INSPIRE THROUGH STORYTELLINGTop Performing Sponsored UpdatesRich media image commands attentionin the news feedUse first-person language and includea clear call-to-action 8. Key Takeaways Keep your copy short and sweetunless you are teasing a longerstory Successful posts provide clearvalue oriented to helpingprofessionals be more productiveand successful: Helpful Informative Inspiring Brands from all sizes &industries - Finance to Tech toPersonal Care are producing highperforming content. Professionalsare consumers, too 9. Content Best Practices Copywriting Tips: Try opening with a question Directly address the audience you aretargeting Lists are easy ways to get a messageacross succinctly, but use themsparingly Direct users with clear call-to-actions Keep intro copy under