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Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited

Internship ReportSubmitted to Miss Perkha Khan

Talha Majeed10/5/2010

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In the name of Allah the most merciful, the most beneficent. We raise in degree of rank whom so ever we pleased; and our every pressure of knowledge is one, most knowing. (Al-Quran) Im very thankful to ALLAH the Almighty who gave me the opportunity, courage and confidence to explore more knowledge and complete this internship and for His (ALLAH) blessings that have brightened every part of my life. And also Im very thankful to my parents whose prayers always supported me in every task of my life. While working here in KTM, I was guided by my experience, knowledge and interest in the subject Human Resource Management. Beyond of all the material available Im very thankful to our respected and honorable resource people for giving me such knowledge about the subject that make HRM a very motivating subject. This become possible only due to their very unique style of telling things I ever experienced during my academic and professional life. And through their motivational behavior I was able to complete this complex task. Besides I would also like to thank The Department, Chairman of the Dept., and Maam Perkha Khan who showed their kind concern towards my knowledge appetite and helped me to produce this report.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This main focus of this report is on HR Dept of Kohinoor Textile Mills Ltd. However out of six weeks I spent around two weeks in Marketing Department. I got training from its H.R Department. The internship basically revolved around the employee relation with the organization. The system, the style of working & the commitment of the employees in KTM is really an example. The difference between the success & failure is doing things right and doing things nearly right, & KTM has always tried for success & that is why it is known to be one of the leading organizations in Pakistan. Irrespective of all these positive points of Kohinoor Mills Limited, I have noticed a few areas where the improvement can really increase the efficiency of KTM. I also mentioned about the Textile industry in Pakistan and vision of its industry. Then I have done a detailed PEST analysis as well as SWOT Analysis. Then I have discussed about my learning in the whole internship that is all about the Textile Terminologies and process of the human behavior. I have made it possible to write each and every thing that I have learnt there. I have all my practical efforts in the form of this manuscript thats the asset for my future. I have also given the scenario of the whole divisions and also gave the detailed processes that are been running. I have also mentioned the exporting countrys names to which KTM is exporting their products. Since dont know much about the export but the people in export tried to tell me every con and pro of the process. Similarly Yarn Marketing was a good experience and I learned a lot. I also had a look at the shipping and logistics of KTM. Finally I have also made my findings and suggestions and if I were the manager of the organization then what would have been my decision.

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Contents1. Company Profile

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1.1. History 1.2. Profile1.3. Company Information

1.4. Companys statements & Certifications 1.5. The Textile sector 1.6. The Textile Process 1.7 Different Departments 1.7.1. The working of HR Department

2. Learning and Personal Experience 2.1 The working of HR Department 2.2. On the Job Assignment 2.3 The Marketing Dept. (YARN) 2.4 The Marketing Dept. (EXPORT) 3. Performance Analysis 3.1 SWOT Analysis 3.2 PEST Analysis 4. Conclusion and Recommendations Annexures References

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