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  • Kirkland Energy ServicesLarry KirklandPresident

    Your Logo HereKES

  • Who We Are

    Kirkland Energy Services, Inc. , Has been formed by professionals from operating, engineering, construction and service companies throughout the energy industry.

  • KES Services

    Project Proposals/Feasibility StudiesDismantling Existing FacilitiesRefurbishment/ModularizingCrating/ShippingRe-erecting FacilitiesCommissioning, Start-Up & TestingOngoing OperationsMaintenanceTraining

  • Bid Proposals/Feasibility Studies

    KES provide clients with budget cost estimates for proposed project needs. Project feasibility engineering studies involve formulating a project plan to save money and execute the project as efficiently as possible and give more accurate cost projections.

  • Dismantling Facilities

    Expertise,equipment and manpower for decommissioning, match marking equipment and facilitiesThorough documentation of all phases of projectCrating and shipping

  • Refurbishment

    Refurbishment of usable facilitiesEliminate equipment long lead timesDrastic reduction of engineering costsQuick production and paybackLower up front cost No new refineries in USA since 1980s (all USA refineries are refurbished)

  • ModularizingModularizing of facility equipmentFabrication in shop for interchangeable componentsAllows process trains Easily expandableShutdown one train for maintenance without shutting down entire facilityProvides for better maintenanceMaintains income stream at all times

  • Site PreparationRe-erecting FacilityKES will contact sub-contractors for the dirt work Manage the site prep workRe-erect the facility from documentation obtained during dismantlingMuch easier to re-erect a facility if it is done by the same company

  • Pre-commissioning, Commissioning & StartupKES provides the expertise and personnel to properly bring your facilities on-line in the shortest time possible, meeting or exceeding deadlines, as well as avoiding costly mistakes during startup that can reduce your equipment life and facility capacity.

  • Performance Testing

    One of the most important jobs KES can provide has to do with working the bugs out. Our staff will ensure that any problems are identified and corrected and that facility production goals are met, and if not, develop solutions to shortfall.

  • Project Management/Client RepresentationProtect client interests by:Cradle to Grave project involvementPro-active management between construction and operations.Vesting interest in achieving Project Milestones.Assured fitness for purpose.Guaranteed Project documentation.Enhance safety efforts.

  • Training

    If the Client wishes to operate the facility with his employees, KES will ensure long term profitability of your projects by passing on our knowledge of operating and maintenance to clients personnel. We will ensure that before KES hands over full operational responsibilities, that your personnel are fully competent with associated documentation.

  • KES PersonnelAVERAGE EXPERIENCE:Operations - 20 yearsI&E - 17 yearsMechanics - 24 yearsEngineers - 15 yearsSchedulers - 10 yearsTraining - 26 yearsTech. Writers -20 yearsManagers -25 years

  • Advantages to Using KES

    KESs core business is relocation, commissioning, startup and operating oil and gas facilities. We dont deal in equipment or work on financing projects. We leave that to people that are experts just as we are experts in making the project produce profits.

  • Advantages to Using KES - SAFETYAbove all, we at KES are very proud of our commitment to safety. From its inception as a company, KCS has NEVER experienced a lost time injury of any kind!! This record covers 8 years of very dangerous and remote working conditions.

  • ExperiencePartial client list:Duke energy USABp/Amoco, ColombiaQatar national petroleum company Anadarko/Sonotrach, AlgeriaRepsol/ Sonotrach, AlgeriaGeneral electricDynegy

  • Other KES AdvantagesKirkland measurement services

    Kirkland infrared services

  • Measurement ServicesKirkland Measurement Services offers a complete line of measurement services including:System Balancing (LAUF)InstallationsAuditingTesting/Witness TestingMeasurement engineeringConsulting

  • Kirkland Infrared ServicesKirklands infrared services provides our projects the additional capability to locate potential problems in electrical circuits, energy loss, product loss, and as an aid in risk management; All non intrusively while circuits and systems are operating. This is especially helpful at startup and preparing for maintenance turn arounds.

  • Kirkland Energy ServicesOur experienced engineering, operations and maintenance personnel are ready to bring your facility on line, on TIME.