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BACKGROUND. -Ketel One enjoys a substantial equity and volume positioning in the USA, but in the ROW is still working to gain the necessary awareness - With the weight of the Diageo portfolio, in many markets distribution is possible, but rate of sale is challenging

- Ketel One needs to stand out from the vodka crowd, to gain acceptance, awareness and adoration-The Global Ritual Competition was born out of the need to recognise bartender creativity but simultaneously engage the consumer - There are too many new cocktail recipes and the ingredients tend to becoming more important than the brand. A need to bring the brand back into the centre

-We work in the entertainment industry and a ritual perfectly fits into this philosophy.


- Put the Ritual at the heart of Ketel Ones Mixology strategy- Position the ritual as the defining foundation to Ketel Ones F11 Worldclass expectations - Flex the Discovery Model to recognise and celebrate bartending creativity, whilst at the same time engaging the consumer - Recognise our top 10 performing markets and unite and consolidate relationships THE METHOD.

-Identify the top 10 markets for Ketel One, choose the top 10 accounts in each country and run a competition amongst the bar/bartenders to see who can develop the most engaging drinking or serving ritual- 100 rituals would be created and the aim is to source some of the rituals created and use them as part of our global cocktail strategy - Every account would receive a booklet, sketch pad and USB stick, as each ritual needed to be filmed in order to be judged. (booklet overleaf) - 2 bartenders from the winning account would be awarded a prize of coming to the Ketel One Distillery for 2 days to participate in the Grand Final, and experience the brand lifestyle through a series of events


-10 countries participated:- Brazil / Mexico / Puerto Rico - GB / France / Netherlands - China/HK / India / Korea / Australia - Winners from each country invited to attend a 3 day Celebration of Ketel One Lifestyle in September 2010. THE PRIZE. Global Ritual Competition Celebration Week

- September 6-9th 2010- Celebrate Ketel One within the Ketel One Trinity House - Perform the Rituals and judge an overall winner -Observe the on-trade of Amsterdam - Interact with the USA Ketel One AmbassadorTeam

The Ketel One Trinity House A Celebration of Heritage & Modernity: The Essence of Ketel One

The Ketel Trinity House is a way to showcase the 3 ambassador programs which run in market under one umbrella concept called The Ketel House.It will re-group the Ketel One Market, the Ketel One with a K, and the Ketel One Hour, One Night. These promote discovery, creativity, brand passion, define a lifestyle and create a buzz. Aim is for market ambassadors and trade to adopt and showcase back in their markets

The Ketel Trinity House: 3 programs, 1 HouseAim of the Ketel One MarketKetel One Market is an interactive, dynamic expression of the discovery model, combining both the traditional educational seminar messages, which are the foundation of any Ketel One event, together with an activity taking place in an authentic market place, where the guests are asked to search for and purchase clearly defined market produce in teams, where they will subsequently both learn about cocktail making techniques and use the ingredients purchased to make cocktail martinis, together with Ketel One.

Aim of the Ketel with a K eveningKetel One Party , is a dynamic, entertaining social party event, regrouping the bartending community; where the brand comes alive through a series of activities in an underground, speakeasy location, with both the location and the evening activities chosen, as well as the dress code and decoration all reflecting the brand Ketel One through an attitude, an energy, and an original, unique variety of activity choice. Guests will learn about the Ketel One way of life, but also about themselves. Discover and Be Discovered.

Aim of the Ketel One Hour, One Night (Pick and Mix elements of the above 2 for a Brand Sting approach.)Inject a word of mouth virus about Ketel One into the bartending community, by using modern techniques, with an entertaining education foundation, through a quick info burst event.By using a sms viral chain, invite the bartenders to an impromptu Ketel One pop up bar, which is in a secret location which reflects the brand, but where social mixology can be championed, but will only last one hour and one night/Location is revealed through a riddle at the end of the sms invite/Location is innovative, edgy, unknown, fun, curious/Event last One Hour only

When you combine the 3, you create The Ketel One Trinity House: A way of showcasing 3 programs under the umbrella concept of the Ketel One House in a unique environment at the Home of Ketel One to stimulate, excite and build brand awareness and adoration.

The Ketel One Trinity House.

10 Countries, 20 Bartenders, 10 Local and Regional Ambassadors, 10 members of the USA Ambassador Team, One Family, One Passion, One Vodka





Antonio LaiBar: FINDS, Hong Kong(moving to Buddha Bar, Shanghai)

WinnerGlobal Ketel One Ritual Competition 2010

1st PLACEBartender: Antonio Lai Bar: FINDS, Hong Kong


Ingredients of Ritual: - 35cl of Ketel One - Shaker - Boston glass - Martini glass - Angostura Bitters - Vermouth spray - Olives - K ICE BALL

How to prepare the ice-ball? 1. Bring the water to boil twice and leave it to cool down. 2. Prepare a big slice of orange zest and cut it into a K shaped (represent the logo).


3. 4.

Open the ice-ball mould and squeeze the orange zest to release its oil and aroma inside. Put the K-shaped orange zest inside the ice-ball mould with the front (skin) facing down.


Close the ice-ball mould and fill-it up with boiled water through the hole on top of the lid.

6. Leave it in a freezer for 5 hours before removing from the mould. Tips: By boiling the water repeatedly would make the ice crystal clearer. May use either orange or lemon zest for the ice-ball. Best storage method for the ice-ball is to be kept in an air-tight container in a freezer.

2nd PLACEBartender: Evan Stanley Bar: BLACK PEARL, Melbourne


Ingredients of the Ritual: One Martini (50ml) separated into three parts, with three separate rinses for the glasses before filling with Ketel One: The three rinses and garnishes were: 1 - Manzanilla sherry (and a touch of vermouth) with orange bitters, served with smoked almonds 2 - Wet martini with peach bitters, and a lemon twist 3 - Lagavulin 16yo (and a touch of vermouth), originally served with anchovy stuffed olives, or Dutch sour pickles

3rd PLACEBartender: Ariel Rosario


Bar: CARIBE HILTON Bar, Puerto Rico

Ingredients of the Ritual: 1 pineapple Hollow out & use as the Shaker Incorporate 10 different fruits, spices and herbs to represent the 10 Generations


MEXICO: Manuel Gonzalez Play on citrus to bring out the citrus aroma of Ketel One

BRAZIL: Christiano Nasser Sitting the rocks glass on a bed of ice in a martini glass

AUSTRALIA: Petr Dvoracek Ketel One shot with a slice of lime with sherbet on top.

NETHERLANDS: Make a toast: traditional vodka way of drinking with Ketel One

GB: Julian De Ferral Four drinks in one, simple napkin to describe