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  • 1. Ontario JOIN Best Practice Platinum Standard Project Communiqu and Special InvitationOntario JOIN (Job Opportunity Information Network) has received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to supportan innovative project that would introduce a new Standard of Excellence in workplace accessibility for employers and forpersons with disabilities seeking employment.The goal of the JOIN Best Practices Platinum Standard project is to increase workplace accessibility by researching,developing and testing best practices with employers and other stakeholders in Ontario. Employers in Ontario will also besupported to meet the requirements of the Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.JOIN is initiating the Community Consultation component of the Project.There are two parts to the Community Consultation:1. On-line surveys will be tested initially through several members of the JOIN Business Leadership Network, followed by the distribution of the on-line survey (revised from the initial test) to a larger group of Ontarios employers. The results from this survey will be incorporated into the JOIN Platinum Standards for Accessibility and Inclusion.2. Focus Groups are slated for three regions of the province--the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, and London. The Focus Groups will consist of Ontario JOIN Business Leadership network members, persons with disabilities both seeking employment and employed, Ontario JOIN member agencies and service provider agencies from the Ottawa and London regions, government, interested stakeholders in Ottawa and London, and JOIN staff and project consultants. Recommendations arising from this phase of the community consultation will also be incorporated into the JOIN Platinum Standards.Finally, the JOIN Standards will be market tested. Two pilot audits are planned:1. at a large, private company;2. at a small, not-for-profit organization.Both will be audited using the JOIN Platinum Standards benchmarks, and at the conclusion of the audit, both will beasked to rate their audit experience.The findings from the audit results will be incorporated into a final draft of the Ontario JOIN Platinum Standardsfor Accessibility and Inclusion on Customer Service, Employment and Communication--the key deliverable ofthis project.Page 1
  • 2. Ontario JOIN Best Practice Platinum Standard Project Communiqu and Special InvitationThe Focus group will include: persons with disabilities who are employed or are looking for workRepresentatives from: the private sector (large, medium and small companies); the not-for-profit sector (large, medium and small organizations/agencies); service providers who offer employment supports to persons with disabilities; the government--both local and provincial; other stakeholders involved in regional activitiesThe input of the participants in the Focus Groups is very important.We want to identify: The positive aspects of the AODA Standards for everyone The key challenges and pressures for compliance Any gaps in the AODA Standards from the perspective of persons with disabilities at work or looking for work or accessing goods and services Key priorities to include in the JOIN Best Practice Platinum Standards WHAT: Employers Focus Group WHEN: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. WHERE: Goodwill Centre, 255 Horton St., London For additional information, please contact: Wendy Lau, Leads Employment Services 519-439-0352 ext. 226, wendylau@leadsservices.comPage 2