Jeff East Photography Promo. Vol. 1

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2011 Summer Portfolio for Jeff East Photography, plus articles on making your wedding day better and less stressful!

Text of Jeff East Photography Promo. Vol. 1

  • Bridal portraits are so often neglected in the planning stages of the wedding! You put a lot of time in choosing just the right dress for your special day, not to mention money! Why not document it too!Bridal portraits are a blast! Romance, fun, and elegance all at once. For those of you who are wondering, not all bridal portraits will get the dress dirty, however, we LOVE to throw a fashion edge on all our bridal portraits that will require you to think outside the box! If you want formal, posed studio shots you might think about calling someone else. We like to take you to old homes, bed & breakfasts work well, but barns for country girls, garages for tomboys, downtown urban sets are always amazing! Just use your imagination for something completely unique! If this seems all a bit scary before your wedding, relax! We will gladly schedule your session after the big day so you wont have to worry if it gets a little dirty!

    Bridal PortraitsBridal Portraits are so Important!

  • There is nothing more valuable than your photographs. You have invested a lot of time and money in selecting the photographer that is just right for you, and your images deserve to be archived and presented in the best most stylish way possible!Choosing the perfect wedding album can be a daunting task, with so many wonderful, creative manufacturers on the market, its nearly impossible to choose! We have done a lot of research for you, and we have considered most of the best companies out there, and narrowed your choice to what we think are two of the best options available today.After carefully considering the manufacturers styles and the varying needs of our clients, we have decided to offer two distinct styles. Our Fine Art Album, elegant and simple, beautifully bound in premium Italian leather, and our Classic Wedding Album, a distinctive hard bound coffee table style book.We hope that by narrowing your search, we have provided you with choices that will reflect your own personal style. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss what is available to you for design, sizing and payment options. Contact us for more details.


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