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Inventory Acc.13236 John Murray Archive (additional papers) · PDF file 2012-05-01 · Elwin, Whitwell (1816-1900) Anglican clergyman and editor of the Quarterly Review Gifford, William

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  • Acc.13236 March 2012



    John Murray Archive (additional papers)

    National Library of Scotland Manuscripts Division George IV Bridge Edinburgh EH1 1EW Tel: 0131-466 2812 Fax: 0131-466 2811 E-mail: © Trustees of the National Library of Scotland

  • Collection presented by John R. Murray, April 2011. Summary: Further papers of John Murray publishing house.

    For the principal collection see Mss.40000+ The collection is arranged into the following series:

    1-44 Author papers 45-66 Quarterly Review papers 67-169 Business ledgers and papers 170-411 Murray family papers 412-422 Research files

    Author papers 1-44. Author papers, including manuscripts and typescripts, proofs,

    correspondence and other papers for John Murray authors including; Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, Lord Byron, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Austen Henry Layard, Sir Philip Magnus, Axel Munthe, Samuel Smiles, Paul Henri Sproge (a.k.a. Fred Rebell) and Ibn al-Wardi, various dates (see also: research papers Acc.13236/444-450)

    Bowen, Charles Synge Christopher (1835-1894) 1. Proof pages of Charles Synge Christopher Bowen ‘Lord Bowen’s

    Judgements’, unpublished and likely preparatory materials for Murray publication of Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham’s Lord Bowen, a biographical sketch, with a selection from his verses (1897), not dated

    Byron, George Gordon (1788-1824) 6th Baron Byron, poet 2-21. Lord Byron, research papers, off prints etc regarding anniversaries,

    exhibitions, publications etc, by various authors, including Doris Langley Moore and Fiona MacCarthy, 20th century

    [awaiting final arrangement and description see David McClay for access] Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan (1859-1930) Knight author physician criminologist 22. Bound typescript of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of ‘A selection of Short

    Stories’ containing; The Silver Hatchet, A Night among the Nihilists, The Fool of Harvey’s Sluice, The Gully of Bluemansdyke, My Friend the Murder, The Ghosts of Gorethorpe Grange, The Memoir of Sherlock Holmes – The Field Bazaar, That Veteran, Touch and Go: A Midshipman’s Story, Our Derby Sweepstakes, That Little Square Box, The Last Resource and The Death Voyage, not dated, and manuscript note by unknown, 25 Mar 1959

    23. Typescript, ‘Alphabetical index to all the Sherlock Holmes Stories’ to

    Murray’s Omnibus edition, not dated (20th C.)

  • 24. Collection of journals, newspaper clippings and magazines related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock Holmes Journal (winter 1965, ‘Tour of Switzerland in the Footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, pictorial supplement’ 1968, summer and winter 1871, summer and winter 1972), World of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine (Dec 1977)Observer magazine, with article by Len Deighton, Graham Greene and High Greene ‘Sherlock Holmes Investigated’, 6 Jan 1974, Observer magazine, with article by John Fowles ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of Death’ and Hamish MacInnes ‘Journey to the Lost World’, 13 Jan 1974, with photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous, 1966 to 2000, and not dated

    25. Typescript, ‘Conan Doyle Biographical Archives’, index and inventory

    listing, 1958 Layard, Sir Austen Henry (1817-1894) Knight Politician Diplomat

    Archaeologist 26. Bound scrapbook of engravings and proof engravings from Sir Austen

    Henry Layard Nineveh and its Remains (1848–1849), not dated 27. Unbound collection of engravings, prints and sketches, and annotated title

    page, from Sir Austen Henry Layard Nineveh and its Remains (1848–9), not dated

    28. Paper cast of cuneiform script Sir Austen Henry Layard, not dated 29. Manuscript, bound volume, of Sir Austen Henry Layard excavating

    expenses, not dated Magnus, Sir Philip (1842–1933) 1st Baronet Educationist and MP 30. Typescript with manuscript annotation of Sir Philip Magnus of King

    Edward the Seventh (1964), with letters to Sir John Murray VI, 1963-4 31. Papers relating to copyright of article of Sir Philip Magnus of ‘The

    character of King Edward VII’ from the Quarterly Review, 1910 Munthe, Martin Axel Frederik (1857-1949) Swedish physician and writer 32. Annotated and corrected proof pages of Axel Munthe of The Story of San

    Michelle, 1929, with annotated and corrected proof pages of ‘Preface to the 12th Impression’, 1930

    33. Correspondence, off-prints, booklets and papers, regarding Axel Munthe

    and income Tax, royalties, international rights and Begt Jangfeldt’s Axel Munthe. The road to San Michelle (1999), 1931-2007

  • 34. Correspondence, off-prints, correspondence, booklets etc, regarding Axel Munthe, The Story of San Michelle, including Jerry Laurie’s unpublished A Faithful Likeness (1994)

    Smiles, Samuel (1812-1904) biographer 35-38. Bound manuscript of Samuel Smiles, ‘Memoir of John Murray’ published

    as A Publisher and his Friends (1891), includes additional annotations and editorial revisions by unknown hands [possibly including John Murray III, Sir John Murray IV and Thomas Mackay], 4 volumes, not dated

    39. Manuscripts of Sir John Murray IV of chronological plan for Samuel

    Smiles Publisher and his Friends (1891) for period 1803-1841, with chronological plan for the Quarterly Review for period 1807-1815, not dated, pre-1891

    Paul Henri Sproge (a.k.a. Fred Rebell) (1886–1968) sailor and author 40. Bound typescript of Paul Henri Sproge (1886-1968) of ‘In Search of

    Happiness an illustrated autobiography and travel adventure’, Published as Escape to the sea: the adventures of Fred Rebell who sailed single- handed in an open boat 9,000 miles across the Pacific in search of happiness (1939), iv (title page, contents, illustrations list) and 257 pages, c.1939

    41. Unbound typescript of Paul Henri Sproge [Fred Rebell] of Escape to the

    sea, 233 pages, c.1939 42. Two steel woodblocks; passport illustrations for Paul Henri Sproge [Fred

    Rebell] Escape to the sea, c.1939 43. Log book of yacht ‘Elaine’ by Paul Henri Sproge, 1931-2 Ibn al-Wardi (d.1348) author 44. Bound manuscript copy of Ibn al-Wardi’s (d.1348) Kharidat al-Aja'ib wa

    Faridat al-Ghara'ib (Cosmography or The Pearl of Wonders and the Uniqueness of Things Strange), in English, in unknown hand, not dated

    45-66. Quarterly Review Quarterly Review papers including notes and plans, subscription,

    photographs, manuscripts and proofs of articles, legal papers, contributors and general papers.

    45. Quarterly Review subscription 46-47. Quarterly Review portraits 48. Quarterly Review manuscripts and proofs of articles 49. Quarterly Review letters and copy letters 50-52. Quarterly Review legal papers

  • 53-60. Quarterly Review contributors 61-66. Quarterly Review general papers Quarterly Review subscription 45. Subscribers book of John Murray, listing some of the subscribers and free

    copies distributed of the Quarterly Review, Edinburgh Review, Edinburgh Medical Journal, Farmers Magazine, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Rees’s Cyclopaedia, Edinburgh Encyclopaedia, Harleian Miscellany, Somers’s Tracts, Asiatic Annual Register, Chalmers Caledonia, Kerr’s Voyages & Travels, Edinburgh Annual Register and other miscellaneous magazines, 1810-12

    Quarterly Review portraits 46-47. Photograph portraits (17) and printed engraved portraits (20) of Quarterly

    Review contributors, not dated 46. Photograph portraits of 17 Quarterly Review contributors: Archer, William (1856-1924) dramatist and drama critic Bailey, John Cann (1864-1931) critic and essayist Baring, Evelyn (1841-1917) 1st Earl of Cromer and statesman Frazer, Sir James George (1854-1941) knight and social anthropologist Hutchinson, Horatio [Horace] Gordon (1859–1932) sportsman and writer Hyndman, Henry Mayers (1842-1921) socialist leader Inge, William Ralph (1860-1954) Dean of St Paul's Lawrence, Charles Edward (1870-1940) author and editor MacPherson, William (1812-1893) legal writer Maurice, Sir Frederick Barton (1871-1951) knight and general Murray, Sir John (1851-1928) knight, publisher and editor Murray, Sir John (1884-1967) knight and publisher Norwood, Sir Cyril (1875-1956) knight and educationist Oman, Sir Charles William Chadwick (1860-1946) knight, historian and

    MP Prothero, Rowland Edmund (1851-1937) 1st Baron Ernle Saintsbury, George Edward Bateman (1845-1933) literary critic and

    historian Shadwell, Arthur (1854-1936) author and lecturer 47. Engraved portraits of 20 Quarterly Review contributors: Apperley, Charles James [pseud. Nimrod] (1778–1843) writer Barrow, Sir John (1764-1848) 1st Baronet, Secretary of the Admiralty,

    travel writer Canning, George (1770-1827) statesman Cecil, Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne- (1830-1903) 3rd Marquess of

    Salisbury and statesman Coleridge, Sir John Taylor (1790-1876) knight and judge (two copies) Croker, John Wilson (1780-1857) politician and essayist

  • Elwin, Whitwell (1816-1900) Anglican clergyman and editor of the Quarterly Review

    Gifford, William (1756-1826) editor of the Quarterly Review Gladstone, William Ewart (1809-1898) statesman Irving, Washington (1783-1859) American author Layard, Sir Austen Henry (1817-1894) knight, politician, diplomat and

    archaeologist Loc

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