Inspirations Office Space –Main inspiration for group name and theme –TPS report –Swingline stapler Software engineering Cubical life Rat in a maze Dilbert.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p> Slide 2 Inspirations Office Space Main inspiration for group name and theme TPS report Swingline stapler Software engineering Cubical life Rat in a maze Dilbert Slide 3 Other inspirations 5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself) The Matrix Robot Chicken One sketch will a similar theme Slide 4 Theme The real strategy for climbing the corporate ladder. Work your way up from the basement to the executive floor. Slide 5 Theme Eliminate all of your competition on the floor for your chance to progress. Once you are alone you must face your boss for your promotion. Slide 6 Characters Characters are based off real people, but not real stats. Characters differ in stats There are pros and cons to each Slide 7 Programming secretary Strength:7 Stamina:5 Intelligence:3 Slide 8 Backup programmer Strength:5 Stamina:5 Intelligence:5 Slide 9 Chief programmer Strength:3 Stamina:5 Intelligence:7 Slide 10 Game mechanics Isometric Wanted to keep a true isometric view Similar to Diablo Movement and boundary checking stems from this idea Slide 11 Game mechanics Tile based movement Hero moves to clicked on tile Boundary checking is done per tile Map layout using spreadsheets Makes creating maps quick and flexible Slide 12 And now what youve been waiting for </p>