Winter Edition 2011 I n enuit y g F ar away, aith And gone forever, Hope can stay, So never say never. Deep in your heart, Strength will stay, If you just do your part, And never say never. By:Brianna Fuller

Ingenuity - Winter 2011

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Semi-annual literary magazine for Carthage HS.

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Winter Edition 2011

In enuityg

Far away,aith

And gone forever, Hope can stay, So never say never. Deep in your heart, Strength will stay, If you just do your part, And never say never.



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Regret is a situation I want to endThe biggest mistake is doing

it again

Even when I’m with my friendsI want this whole thing just to end

Sometimes I ponder what I would do

If this whole thing hadn’t come true

Even though its in the pastI’m still running from it really fast

Crying out for someone to care Because deep inside I’m

really scared

Help me! Help me! Help me, please!Can someone just acknowledge

my plead

I honestly don’t know what I should do

Is there anyone who can see my pain through and through

Now day by dayThings are slowly coming into play

Hurt, regret, and sheding tearsAre only going to make me

stonger over the years

So now I am a little strongerNo need to cry any longer

I am happy with the things that happen everyday

There’s a new person waiting to break away

Regret? Ha! That’s in my pastBecause guess what? I’m

regretfree atlast!

Regret . . .By: Tiara Perkins

Page 3: Ingenuity - Winter 2011

For fifteen years you have been by my side,

And when you leave, you will always be on my mind,

We've shared so many tears and so many laughs,

I must admit that you are my better half.

I will in my room all sad and alone,And wait for the night when we catch up

on the phone,Please don't leave and forget about me,

Because then I will miss my best friend you see.

I know you must grow and mature in your studies,

So remember now who is your one true buddy,

I love you so much and don't you forget,I will always cherish the first day

we met....


BrooklynByMy Better Half

For 15 years

Page 4: Ingenuity - Winter 2011

You were supposed to always be there for me,

But now you feel like a distant memory.

A call here; a call there,It really makes me feel like you just

don’t care.

A father’s love is supposed to be pure;But yours feels rocky and unsure.

You never tucked me in at night,You never taught me how to fly a kite.

You never did anything a father should do it seems,

You never comforted me when I awoke from bad dreams.

A father’s love is true and unconditional they say,

So whenever I’m around you why does it feel like a play?

Like you just acting and really don’t want me around,

And you wonder why I sit in the corner and don’t make a sound.

I try and tell you how I feel, but you don’t understand,

But what can I expect from an imperfect man.

I wish though for only one day you could be perfect for me,

And then maybe; just maybe I could see.That you actually do love me.


A Father’s Love

by Alexus Rollins

Page 5: Ingenuity - Winter 2011

Memoriesby Marlei EnglishThe day you were born,The styles you’ve worn.Your birthdays you remember,That special day in December.When you travel far away, All the things you say.Who your best friends are,When you get your first car.These memories and many more,

Are what will make your heart soar.As you get older these will fade,More will be made,But you will never forget these days,

They formed the person you are that stays.

Paintingsby Lauren Addington

Page 6: Ingenuity - Winter 2011

In our teenage minds the big picture isn’t clearBecause we don’t face the same traumatic fear

Across dark waters, and through unknown landsIn these areas, I am one of their biggest fans

In America, friends talk about each otherIn Iraq, each man is a brother

Gun shots in this small town are very rareBut in Iraq it’s all they hear

Liberty and trust are two simple wordsBut in Iraq it’s a whole different world

Liberty for families at home and trust that your brother has your backInto beds at night they all stack

Prayers for the ones they lost, and pains shooting up their bodiesLord bless those American soldiers who cross those dark seas

A land unknown full of men of our countryIn this time we are seeing our history

Peace in the Middle East is not a familiar soundBut this is not the first time we have fought for their ground.

Peace in the Middle East

by Amber Goodwin






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