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ICT Project.


  • 1. Life

2. LifeFlies too fast 3. There are so manypaths in life 4. Creativity.Friends.Family.The Future. 5. WHAT WILL I DO INTHE FUTURE? 6. EGYPTOLOGIST WRITER. CRIMINAL TEACHERDANCER.PSYCHOLOGIST. PSYCHOLOGISTACTRESS. MOVIE CRITIC.I DONT KNOW WHATTO DO 7. YES from NO..? 8. All the simple things in lifeCan be the most complex mechanisms in theworld. 9. How am I supposed to understand my lifescourse when there is no exact path for me tochoose? 10. What will happen in a year?20 years?30 years? 50 years? 11. I. DONT. KNOW. 12. The words I dont know is the basis of mycurrent life.Because I dont know whats going tohappen in the future. 13. LIVE IN THE PRESENT. FORGET THE PAST.PREPARE FOR THEFUTURE.