Presentation to Canadian companies about HK ICT

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presentation to Canadian delegation to ICT Expo Apr 13 2012


  • 1. +Hong Kongs ICT Trendsand OpportunitiesCharles MokChair, Internet Society Hong Kong2012.4.13

2. +Hong Kongs ICT sector Software Applications Project Management Telecommunications Internet Home-grown technologies 3. +What you will remember aboutHong Kongs ICT Applications in key sectors Advanced infrastructure Highest mobile/Internet penetration Innovative workforce Legal infrastructure e.g. intellectualproperty Telecommunications deregulation Free flow of information 4. +Location, location, location Chinas gateway Pearl River Deltas window From The Worlds Factory toa center of hitech engineeringand manufacturing 5. +Trends to watch Cloud Datacenter Apps 6. +Trends to watch Major public projects: eHealth Records West Kowloon Cultural District The dark horse: Green tech 7. +Thank youCharles MokFounding ChairInternet Society Hong


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