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Holiday Homework - Grade 04

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Holiday home work

Text of Holiday Homework - Grade 04

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    Dear Students

    Make your vacations enjoyable, fun filled, fruitful & productive. Spend quality time

    with your parents and near & dear ones.

    All play and no work will make you dull and lazy so balance leisure and learning.

    Elevate your learning Experience! Express yourself! Explore the World!

    Indulge in pleasurable and educative activities. Nurture your creativity.

    Improve your vocabulary by exploring different forms of reading materials.

    Make it a daily habit to read articles of your interest from the newspaper &

    practise cursive handwriting of 3 lines on a daily basis in a two line note book.

    Practise multiplication tables and work on the four basic operations in Maths

    to improve your computing skills.

    Do 15 minutes of Yoga or meditation daily to keep yourself fit and healthy.

    You could refer to the link

    Please ensure that you do the yoga under the supervision of your parents.

    You could also try playing online chess @

    Be Eco-friendly and protect the environment. Follow the 3 R s.

    Do your best to beat the heat. Bring back your precious work. To go through it, will

    be our pleasure.



    See you on 30th AUGUST 2015.



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    Select a profession which you would like to take when you grow up.

    Write a short paragraph (5-7 sentences) about it.

    (For Example: Policeman-Pilot-Doctor-Teacher- Farmer-Engineer-


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    Good manners must be practiced until they become a habit. Make a conscious effort to

    practice them with your family and friends over the summer.

    Collect information and pictures about three famous Mosques of the world on A4 size


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    I. Creative Writing: Lets give wings to our imagination and express our thoughts

    creatively. Write a short paragraph on any one of the following topics:

    1. Imagine you are on a magic carpet that takes you anywhere you

    choose. Think about where you would go and what you might do.

    2. If I could go to Mars.

    3. Story of a Pencil

    4. Imagine you could design an Eco-friendly city for the future. Describe how it would

    look and the various attractive features of the new city.

    5. What if electricity didnt exist? How would you do ordinary things? Write how having

    no electricity could benefit life and also describe how it could affect your current life.


    Poetry: Express your love for the language by writing short poems. You may choose any

    topic of your choice or write on the topics suggested below

    a) Childhood

    b) Nature

    c) Friendship

    d) Rainbow


    Book review: Get hooked to a book this summer and creatively present a book review on

    any one of the story that you have read. Use the given

    format to complete your review:

    a) Title of the book, Name of the Author.

    b) Summary of the book.

    c) Part you liked the best.

    d) Part you would like to change and why

    e) Different title you would like to suggest.

    f) Suggest a different ending to the story.

    g) Illustrate the scene you liked the most.



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    Suggested books:

    Fantastic Mr.Fox Roald Dahl

    Gullivers Travel Jonathan Swift

    Three Musketeers Alexander Dumas

    Journey to the Centre of the Earth Jules Verne

    Heidi Johanna Spyri

    Black Beauty Anna Sewell

    Tom Sawyer Mark Twain

    Charlottes web E.B. White

    Four Mice Deep in the Jungle- Geronimo Stilton

    II. Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. You could have

    some pleasurable time reading online during the vacation.

    Visit these sites to listen to stories online.


    Create your own story using artful imagination on

    III. Get to know the world around you. Read the newspaper and collect interesting articles

    in a folder whenever you come across one. Do share with your friends once you are back

    to school.


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    Make a separate notebook for Holiday Homework and do the following:

    1. Learn your multiplication tables up to 12 thoroughly.

    2. Practise 2 questions on any two basic operations on a daily basis.

    (Addition and Subtraction with 5-digit numbers - Include regrouping and carryovers)


    (Multiplication of 3-digit by 2-digit and 3-digt by 3-digit, Division 3-digit by one digit.)

    3. Frame and solve 2 word problems in a week on any of the 4 basic operations (addition,

    subtraction, multiplication and division).

    4. Keep the bills of any one shopping/outing expenses during your vacation. Add them up

    at the end of the day to find the total expenditure for that day. Please stick a few bills.

    5. Draw pictures of any four 2D or 3D shapes and stick pictures of these shapes found in

    real life situations. Write the number of sides, edges and corners.



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    1) Plants Our Green Friends

    1. Buy some healthy seeds from a gardening store or a nursery. You can even take some

    from your kitchen.

    2. Take two small-flat pots. Put a layer of healthy soil (soil with manure) in the pot and place

    the seed in both. Cover it with another layer of soil.

    3. Label the first pot as With water and the other pot as Without water.

    4. Water the first pot (the one that says- With water). Do not water the other one.

    5. Observe the pot daily for 5 days.

    6. Record your observations on a daily basis in the table given below. Draw the table in your

    Spiral Notebook.

    Date of sowing: ________________________________

    Depth of sowing the seed: _________________________________

    Position of the seed while sowing: ______________________________

    Observation table

    Day Water No Water

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    2. Who says insects only destroy our crops, eat our books, spread diseases and dirty our

    linen? There are many of these creepy crawlies that are helpful. Some helpful bugs are

    given below, you can add some more. Not down their habitat, eating habits and their




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    3. Find out the information about few natural calamities and fill in the given table.



    Year State/Country No. of People


    Any Preventive measure


    As a student how could you help the victims? Write a short paragraph.

    To revise the learnt concepts visit the following : - Plants - Body Systems

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