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  • Greener Storage John Sheehy Systems Architect [email protected]
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Increased Computing Demand Changing Cost Dynamics Data Center Lifecycle Mismatch US commercial electrical costs increased by 10 percent from 2005-06. 2 - EPA Monthly Forecast, 2007 Data centers have doubled their energy use in the past five years. 4 - Koomey, February 2007 Per square foot, annual data center energy costs are 10 to 30 times more than those of a typical office building. 1 - William Tschudi, March 2006 Twenty-nine percent of clients identified data center capability affected server purchases - Ziff Davis Eighty-six percent of data centers were built before 2001 3 Over 160B Gigabytes of data created in 2006. Number is expected to grow 6X by 2010 IDC, The Expanding Digital Universe, March 2007 Data Centers at a Tipping Point: Unsustainable Growth 1. William Tschudi, March 2006 3. Nemertes Research, Architecting and Managing the 21st Century Data Center, Johna Till Johnson, 2006 2. EPA Monthly Forecast, 2007. 4. Koomey, February 2007. Source: IBM
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Power issues in the data center are putting business growth at risk Data centers maxing out on power (and space) Increasing densities of servers and storage are overloading cooling infrastructure High energy costs are squeezing budgets Regulatory and environmental pressures are growing Near-term Challenges Storage is growing at 30-70% per year An estimated 27% of data center power is used for storage A rack of storage uses 2-10x the power compared with just a few years ago Data Source: IBM Storage in the Data Center
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Source: IBM Storage Products are not the worst consumers Tape is far more energy efficient than disk.
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Strategies for Greener Storage Deploy more power efficient storage devices Align business needs and device capabilities Tier & virtualize your storage Utilize storage more efficiently Size for IOPs and space requirements Know what is consuming your resources Consolidate Cool storage more efficiently Understand other environmental implications
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Disk System Power Consumption Comparison Comparisons based on typical power usage ratings using published EMC data and IBM measured power usage. For comparable configurations, the DS8300 is 15% to 30% more power efficient. IBM DS8000 can consume up to 31% less power. Source: IBM
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  • 2008 e-TechServices The Most Important Factor for Energy Consumption Storage is Drive Rotational Speed Watts W at ts /G B Speed Kills: Best server class drive in Watts/GByte is 7,200 RPM 500 GB drive Flash Based DDMs (Data Device Modules) are much more efficient.... Drive Power Use Source: IBM
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Tape Drive Power Consumption Comparison Comparisons based on typical power usage ratings using published EMC data and IBM measured power usage. Shorter bar is better. Data source: Specification sheets IBM LTO 3 tape drive can consume up to 12% less power IBM TS1120 tape drive can consume up to 38% less power Chart source: IBM
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Tape Library and Virtual Tape Power Consumption IBM TS3500 tape library can cost up to 20x less in energy consumption IBM TS7740 VTL can cost up to 14% less in energy consumption Data Source: User guides. Chart source: IBM
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Deploy More Power Efficient Storage Facts Tape Power & Cooling is Dramatically Better Than Disk Store 250TB with 25% Growth Rate over 10 Years 10 Year TCO Analysis Scenario: Store 250TB 25% Growth Rate Over 10 Years DS4700 SATA Disk LTO 4 Tape Library Customer Storage Goals: Performance Compliance Data Security Disaster Protection Reduce TCO and energy costs Tape is very green @ 20x less energy expense All disk or all tape may not address all goals Source: IBM MI TCO Analysis
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Deploy More Power Efficient Storage Action Combine Tape & Disk to Address Goals and Green Initiatives 10 Year TCO Analysis IBM Blended Disk and Tape Products TS7500 Virtualization Engine for Open Systems TS7700 Virtualization Engine for System z DR550 and WORM Tape Customer Storage Goals: Performance Compliance Data Security Disaster Protection Reduce TCO and energy costs Blended disk and tape can address the goals Source: IBM MI TCO Analysis
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  • LTO Gen 4 Highlights 4 th Generation of LTO Tape Drive roadmap 120MBps performance (up to 240MBps at 2:1 compression) 800GB capacity (up to 1.6TB at 2:1 compression) Attaches to IBM System p, System i, System x servers Selected platforms from HP and Sun Microsystems Selected versions of Microsoft Windows and Linux Supported in TS2340 tape drive (desktop/rack-mount) TS3100 tape library (desktop/rack-mount) TS3200 tape library (desktop/rack-mount) TS3310 tape library TS3500 tape library Chart source: IBM
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  • LTO4: New or Enhanced IBM Technology New Encryption capable SME, LME, and AME Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) at 3Gbps Customer Centric Statistical Analysis Reporting System Improved 256MB read-write cache Electronic components Carried Forward Write Once / Read Many Graceful dynamic brake function at power loss High bandwidth dual stage actuator Positive pin retention LTO Gen 3 surface control guiding Steel loader/clutch construction Roller coating Chart source: IBM
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  • Page 14 LTO Cartridge Interoperability 1 Rewritable Cartridge illustrated, WORM Available 2 Native sustained data rate, native physical capacity LTO CartridgeLTO Tape Drive Generation GenerationNative Capacity 2 Datarate 2 Gen 1Gen 2 Gen 3 Half Height Gen 3Gen 4 100GB Read 15MBps 20MBps 20MBps Write 200GB Read 35MBps Write 400GB Read 60MBps80MBps Write 800GB Read 120MBps Write Gen 1 Gen 2 Gen 3 1 Gen 4 1 Chart source: IBM
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  • IBMs LTO Generation 4 Tape Data Encryption Solution: Comprehensive Tape Security Solution New IBM LTO Ultrium Generation 4 Tape Drives with Encryption Standard capability on all IBM Gen 4 Fibre Channel and SAS drives Integrated into all IBM LTO Automation offerings Enhanced Encryption Key Manager (EKM) component for the Java platform Supports LTO Gen 4 encryption key serving on a wide range of systems including: z/OS, i5/OS, AIX, HP, Sun, Linux and Windows New Tivoli Storage Manager support for LTO Gen 4 encryption Integration with System z encryption key, security and cryptographic capabilities New services and consulting for LTO tape data encryption and management Encryption Key Manager Chart source: IBM
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  • 2008 e-TechServices Tape Data Protection Requirements Protect tape data in transit from the primary data center to a secondary data center or business continuance site Protect tape data generated by mainframe as well as open systems And use the same management infrastructure Protect tape data in transit to a business partner, but allow the business partner access once the data has arrived High Performance with no impact on backup windows Compliance with data protection laws Data Center Secondary Site Business Partners Chart source: IBM
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  • The LTO Gen 4 standard differs from the TS1120 implementation of tape drive based encryption Unlike the TS1120 tape drive, the LTO Gen 4 specification does not support encrypted (wrapped) key storage on the LTO cartridge Key identifier is stored on the cartridges Associated Cartridge Data Keys stored in a Key store LTO Gen 4 supports Application Managed Encryption via SCSI T10 commands This is the standards-based implementation that will provide for cartridge interchange between drive vendors Requires Application ISVs to enable AME functions TSM available at GA Other ISVs considering LTO Gen 4 does support external key management and out of band key delivery With appropriate modifications, encryption appliance suppliers or third party software may support LTO Gen 4 encryption IBMs approach is to enhance the EKM to support transparent LTO Gen 4 encryption Chart source: IBM
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  • Tape Encryption Offering Comparisons Chart source: IBM IBM drives have less than 1% overhead for encryption functionality..
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  • 2008 e-TechServices SVC Can Help Improve Energy Efficiency Designed to migrate data without disruption Helps make it easier and quicker to implement more energy efficient storage Designed to ease deployment of tiered storage and improve storage performance Helps use lower-tier storage for greater range of applications Designed to help increase storage utilization and control growth Helps reduce storage requirements and so energy use Chart source: IBM
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  • 2008 e-TechServices SVC 4.3: Improving Utilization & Availability Chart source: IBM Storage utilization a key issue As information volume continues to grow, improving use of storage is a key tool to control growing costs Space-Efficient Virtual Disks and Space-Efficient FlashCopy Thin provisioning and snapshot functions Dramatically improved storage utilization with dynamic provisioning Virtual Disk Mirroring High availability for critical data Multi-Target FlashCopy copies increased Now up to 256 copies dependent on one virtual disk Scalability and standards Up to 8192 virtual disks supported, twice previous limit Support for IPv6 environments Expanded server and stor

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