Grant Writing Grant Writing Prof. Muthukumaran Sivanandham Dean - Research Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Sriperumpudur Sri Venkateswara College.

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  • Grant WritingProf. Muthukumaran Sivanandham

    Dean - Research Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Sriperumpudur

  • Grant Writing Skills

  • Purpose of Grant WritingReceive funds:Research and non-research improve knowledge and societyInteract with scientists, technologists, and academicians nationally and internationally meetings and publicationsReceive royalties for inventionsCareer advance

  • Purpose of GrantsResearchEducational new programs Facility, institution building, EquipmentConference, training Non-academic health club, swimming pool, child care center, etc

  • Research Grant HypothesisLiterature searchPatent searchDiscuss with collegues Choose a mentorKeep updating the relevant knowledge by attending conferences, reading journals, etc.

  • Identifying Granting AgenciesIntramural and extramuralAdvertisement journals, newspapers, newsletters, internet websites,Contact relevant agency eg. ICMR for medical research, AICTE for Engineering and Technologies, etc.Office of grant administration

  • Identifying Granting Agencies Cont.Writing letter of intentPropose your plan Ask relevancy to the granting agencyWhen to applyWhat is the budget limitWhen will the grant be initiated if awardedSuccess rate

  • Components of a Grant ProposalSummaryIntroductionAim or objectiveMethodSignificanceBudgetRegulatory info

  • Summary

    One page2-3 lines on introductionClearly state the objectives Methods to achieve the objectivesSignificance of the proposal

  • Introduction

    Basic info no complexPreliminary work publicationsFeasibility facility, equipment, library, other collaborative investigators, other projects ongoing, etc.Evolution of hypothesis.

  • Objective

    Overall ObjectiveSpecific objective

  • Methods

    Methods should be related to the specific aimsPublished but change can be allowedFeasible equipment wise, skilled persons, training, etc.Detailed verifiable

  • Significance

    Should have valueFinancialAdvancement of knowledge

  • Budget

    Give a true estimate for:Personnel (supplementary salary- percent effort)Supplies and reagentsMiscellaneousStationaryTravelBooks

  • Regulatory Information

    Signatory authority National and international regulatory issues human subjects, animals, recombinant biologics, etc.Waste disposal radioactive, biohazard, etcSafety and ethics

  • Accepting GrantsRead the agreement and make sure you can follow the regulations pertaining to the awarding agencyIf budget is reduced, renegotiateIf not feasible to do the work, do not take it

  • ReportingFollow the reporting requirements for progresses in science and budgetAdhere to the timeline in the proposalIf could not be achieved the objectives as mentioned in the timeline, justify.

  • Dos and DontsRead forms and instructionsWrite clearly and preciselyExplain all abbreviations and acronymsEdit for spelling and grammar

    Long phrases and complex sentences, avoid jargonsAvoid lot of pictures, drawings, and tables Lot of citations Lose focus

  • Offfice of Dean-Research is with you...Let us do it!!


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