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03/14 2nd April 2014 Goulburn High School Newsletter 5/12 1st June 2017 [email protected] An-Bullying Assembly and New Procedure Introducon A Huge Success GHS’s new An-Bullying Procedure was introduced with a wonderful assembly. Our school band, The Architects, performed a song by the Cranberries and our Drama group demonstrated the various ways of dealing with bullying issues. Shnaya Stubbings gave a poignant speech about the White Ribbon organisaon and the Honourable Pru Goward made some interesng points about bullying in and outside of school.

Goulburn High School Newsletter

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Page 1: Goulburn High School Newsletter

03/14 2nd April 2014





5/12 1st June 2017 [email protected]

Anti-Bullying Assembly and New Procedure Introduction A Huge Success

GHS’s new Anti-Bullying Procedure was

introduced with a wonderful assembly.

Our school band, The Architects,

performed a song by the Cranberries and

our Drama group demonstrated the

various ways of dealing with bullying


Shnaya Stubbings gave a poignant speech

about the White Ribbon organisation and

the Honourable Pru Goward made some

interesting points about bullying in and

outside of school.

Page 2: Goulburn High School Newsletter

A definite highlight of the past week was the formal

assembly and launch of Goulburn High School’s Anti -

Bullying procedures.

The development of the procedures was a

collaborative effort which involved parents/carers,

members of the P&C, senior students, SRC members

and staff.

Fundamental to the procedures is the development of resilience in students so that they can cope with

life outside of school. The development of resilience is underpinned by support from the student body,

teachers and parents.

The procedures are an easy to follow flow chart that has all stakeholders, teachers, students and parents

playing a vital role to support students in overcoming and changing the mindset around bullying.

The clear message is that all students have the right to be safe and happy at school and bullying will not

be tolerated. There will be clear consequences for those not heeding the warnings.

It was tremendous to see the support given by the Goulburn community through their representation at

the assembly. Guest speakers were the Honourable Ms Goward and P&C President Renee Woodberry.

Ms Goward’s message was clear that the teaching of resilience is vital to the development of young

people as life sometimes is not fair. Ms Goward also had a message for all, that bullying of any kind, be it

at school or in the workplace, is not acceptable and there is always a course of action and support.

Mrs Woodberry also spoke strongly about the effect that bullying has on families and how important it is

for parents to respond appropriately, maintaining strong communication with the school.

Goulburn High School is a ‘White Ribbon’ school and is proud that we make a stand against violence in

any shape or form.

I would finally like to thank Ms Whiley and her Wellbeing team for all their efforts in the development of

the Anti-Bullying procedures.

Principal Paul Hogan

Principal’s Report

Teagan Peden received the

prestigious International Zonta

Achievement Award for a Young

Indigenous Woman for service,

leadership, initiative and a

determination to successfully

complete Year 12.

Congratulations Teagan.

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Mine Excursion

Nine students from Goulburn High School were fortunate to visit the Boral and Holcim

quarries in Marulan, on Monday 8th May. The day started off at 9:00am with the

accompanying schools of Trinity Catholic College and Mulwaree High School, on a very

crowded but kindly supplied bus by Trinity. The first stop was Boral, where we learned

about the quarry and were given an introduction (Boral is a ‘new’ 5 year old quarry). We

learned how the mine functioned, about the different jobs and what qualified staff to

work there. The quarry’s main purpose was to cut granite out of the earth to be used for

large construction purposes in Sydney.

After a quick tour around the mine, we learned some interesting facts about machinery

and maintenance on the diggers. Finally we were shuffled onto the bus, and headed to the

lime stone quarry (approximately 150 years old), accompanied by staff from Boral. After

‘question time’ at the lime stone quarry, we headed west to the Holcim mine, where we

were introduced to the hierarchy system of employment and jobs in the mining sector.

This system ranged from gardeners to engineers and finally to the CEO. All in all the day

was quite an experience which gave us a wider take on careers, with the pay cheque

looking very good indeed.

We would like to thank Alana White and Sharon Makin from Holcim and Boral for making

the excursion possible and Ms Gill from Trinity for organising and driving the bus.

Jayden Sasse and Tom Carmichael, year 10

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Anti-Bullying Procedures Assembly

GHS launched its new Anti-Bullying Procedures at a whole school assembly on Friday 26th May. Speakers

included Mr Hogan, Ms Whiley, Mrs Renee Woodberry, Cory Roberts, Mr Carroll and Shnaya Stubbings as well as

Ms Pru Goward, who all explored ideas around bullying and the need for our students, teachers and parents/

caregivers to take an active role in creating a respectful school community where bullying is not accepted.

Silence is not an option in the face of bullying. It is up to our school community to openly and honestly stand

against the minority of those who intimidate and harass the majority. By following the new Anti-Bullying

Procedures that were presented to the school on Friday, our classrooms and playgrounds will become the best

places they can be – a place where everyone is free to learn and grow without fear of intimidation and violence.

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Page 6: Goulburn High School Newsletter

Deputy Principal’s Report

Uniform The term is certainly moving very quickly and the weather is starting to change. I would like to remind students to wear correct uniform, including jumpers and jackets. We are fortunate to have the Uniform Shop on site and students are usually able to find their size quickly at a very reasonable cost. If you are finding it difficult to purchase any uniform items, please do not hesitate to contact the school to ask for assistance. Thank you to the majority of students who are always in correct uniform, and thank you also to students and parents who have provided notes on the occasions when full uniform has not been able to be worn.

Exam Feedback Students in Years 7 to 11 have just finished half yearly examinations. I encourage students to consider teacher feedback about their exams and use this information to guide their future learning. It is important that students have high expectations and always challenge themselves to achieve their personal best in all areas of school. This year we have changed the report format to include specific information about a student’s achievement and recommendations for further improvement. I hope the new reporting style will meet parents’ expectations.

Subject Selection Year 8 and 10 students will be making subject selection choices early next term. Parents should discuss with their children appropriate and enjoyable subjects that can be chosen in conjunction with core subjects. Students MUST make realistic choices to ensure future success. Remember, choices must be your own and not based on what your friends may be choosing and/or what teacher you may think will be teaching the course. Students should also ensure that they cover a broad range of subjects to maximise future opportunities and remember that a change of course may NOT be possible in the future. A parent and student information evening will be held on Wednesday 9th August in the Library: Year 8, 5:00 – 6:00pm Year 10, 7:00 – 8:00 pm. In addition, there will be a careers talk for ATAR pathway students between 6:15 – 6:45pm. Your attendance at these meetings is highly recommended to allow you to receive the most up-to-date information and for you to take the opportunity to talk with teaching staff here at Goulburn High.

Student details As you are aware, Goulburn High School has been expanding its communication with parents and carers through our school app, parent portal, school webpage, Facebook and Twitter feeds. An integral part of clear communication is that we have correct contact and emergency information. For some of our students, this information may be five or more years old. In some cases, students have only one contact number available for use. In an emergency, it is important to be able to call parents, carers or failing that, emergency contacts. A change of detail form is available at the front office and will soon be available for download through the parent portal. Please let us know of any changes to your contact and emergency information.

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Zone Cross Country Carnival

On Friday the 12th of May our school Cross Country runners travelled across to Mulwaree High for the Zone Cross Country Carnival.

Our students turned up excited about the day and performed well as a school, finishing 2nd in the zone.

There were some outstanding performances on the day by all students but most notably:

- Buster Strickland 12 years boys Age Champion

- Bailey Stewart 16 years boys Age Champion

- Our 16 years boys team winning their age group and in the process knocking off Mulwaree who were last year’s NSW All Schools winners.

All students are to be congratulated on their excellent participation and great representation of Goulburn High School.

The Regional Carnival will be held on the 2nd of June at Cambewarra near Nowra.

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Swan Shield – Under 15’s AFL

Goulburn High School played their 2nd round match of the Swan Shield competition on the 16th of May against Bowral High School. With all the boys being new to the game, they were keen to shown an improvement and understanding of AFL after their round 1 victory. The boys came out and played fantastically as a team, working the ball up the ground for numerous scoring opportunities. The defence held up well repelling many of Bowral’s attacking raids and the midfield of Jack Peppernell, Bailey Lanham, Menker Lowah and Rhys Rakete were dominant, giving our forwards first use of the ball. Josh Bligh played well kicking 7 goals as full forward. The boys will now play their 3rd round game against Oak Flats or Warilla High School.

South Coast Representatives

Congratulations to Macleay Robinson on gaining South Coast selection

in Touch.

Page 9: Goulburn High School Newsletter

NSW CHS Representatives

Congratulations to Georgia Noack and Aleisha Price on gaining selection in the CHS NSW

state sides.

Aleisha has gained selection for hockey. She attended the state trials representing South

Coast at Tamworth. She was named Captain of the side which made it to the Grand Final

which lost to

Hunter 4-2.

Georgia gained selection for basketball. She attended the state trials representing South

Coast at Goulburn. Georgia was selected as Captain of the side.

Aleisha and Georgia are to be

congratulated on this

outstanding achievement. Both

girls have given up countless

hours to practise, travel to

games and to develop their

individual games to allow them

to get to this level. Goulburn

High School wish them the best

at the next level.

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Page 11: Goulburn High School Newsletter

Jayden Ralph BloorRail, Picton

Joshua Madden Marvel Construction company

Jessica Sylvester Hair Talk

Careers Desk

There is so much information for this week’s edition that I have had to condense it for the school

newsletter and I ask that you visit the Goulburn High School Careers web page to access the full details

for each of the activities listed.

If you haven’t been there before it is worth spending a little time to see what is available. You will find

the newsletter under Important Information Careers Newsletter May 31st 2017.


The 2018 Scholarships and Cadetships for future teachers have opened. To find out more about these

fantastic opportunities visit www.teach.nsw.edu.au and sign up for the video conference to be held at


ACU's (Australian Catholic University – campus in Canberra, Sydney) Early Achievers' Program

University of Wollongong Year 12 Information Evening – Goulburn 31st May

University of Canberra Health Open Day - Saturday 3rd June 2017 10:00am – 1:00pm

Indigenous Police Recruitment – IPROWD Miimi-djuul Courses – for Year 10 2017 students.


Kenvale College - HIGH FLYER PROGRAM - Hospitality, Cookery & Events Scholarship Program

Whitehouse Institute of Design - TWC’s Wool4School student design competition for 2017.

The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors scholarship applications now open .


Congratulations to the following students who have completed Work Experience. A big thank you to

the employers for supporting the students and providing them with such a valuable opportunity.

Page 12: Goulburn High School Newsletter

Mathematical Murmurs

Congratulations to all students who have completed their half yearly examinations in mathematics this semes-

ter. The mathematics faculty are impressed with the students’ positive approach to their examinations.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents/caregivers/students that it is essential that students have

not only purchased a scientific calculator for their studies in this subject but they are to bring it to school for

use in class. A phone is NOT an acceptable replacement. Calculators are not only used in mathematics but in

a wide range of other subjects too. The school canteen sells scientific calculators for $31.50. The calculators

that are sold at school often will last for the whole 6 years of schooling and can be passed on to younger sib-


Don’t forget about Early Morning Wednesday Maths Club. Every Wednesday morning the mathematics fac-

ulty run a program for students needing extra assistance in grasping mathematical concepts or completion of

classwork/homework. Any student may attend. All they have to do is show up anytime between 8am and

8:45am in E6. Students may either bring work with them or the staff in attendance will find suitable exercises.

Mrs C Kelly

HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES: William Angliss Institute Sydney – Hospitality Workshops

Automotive Apprenticeships - School Holiday Program.


Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, Open House 2017 Saturday 5 August 2017.

Australian Film Television and Radio School Open Day, Saturday 12 August 2017.

TAFE NSW Open Week 19 - 24 June: Year 10 Excursion – TAFE TASTER Wednesday 21st June Goulburn


Year 9 & 10 Financial Literacy Course commences Week 6

Year 12 – HSC & Careers Expo Excursion, Moore Park Sydney – Thursday 1st June $30, limited places.

ANU RURAL MEDICAL SCHOOL VISIT Year 9 & 10 – Monday 19th June.

To view the full newsletter please visit http://goulburnhighcareers.com/?page=newsletter

and see Mrs Kennedy for further information.

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Page 14: Goulburn High School Newsletter



Wednesday June 14th

Wednesday August 9th

Wednesday September 13th

Wednesday November 8th (Annual Christmas Dinner)

The P&C are progressing well this year. We have some great news to report. Our Water Refill Stations

have arrived at Goulburn High School and we are now waiting for them to be installed. This is great news

all round. The hard work put in by the P&C is finally coming to fruition. Thank you to everyone for helping

us to raise the money.

Around the middle of 2016 the P&C wrote a couple of letters to the Department of Education informing

them of the state of our PE change rooms. I can report that as of this term, work has begun on new

change room facilities for our students. We need to ask that all students bear the current conditions until

the work is completed but what another wonderful outcome for Goulburn High School!

The P&C are working with the school in regards to our bullying policy and procedures. This is a positive

step in the right direction for all of us at Goulburn High School. This is a huge task and we would like to ask

everyone within our Goulburn High School community to support this.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.

Renee Woodberry P&C President

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Students from the support unit participated in an initiative to promote awareness about childhood cancer. Students were given the opportunity to decorate and paint a fire truck and a tractor. The initiative was sponsored by "Angels for the Forgotten".

Mr Jacob Sheehan

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