Get Engaged! Social Media for Public Libraries

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  • 1. GET ENGAGED!Social Media for Public LibrariesSusan

2. We want more people to come to our programs.We want to boost ourcirculation. We want people to vote yes for a new We want more people library. to use our databases. 3. En/gage: a) to hold theattention of b) toinduce to participate 4. In the beginning, there were icons 5. SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM 6. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY 7. LOCAL FOCUS 8. SOCIAL MEDIA FANS 9. WHAT HAVE WE WON? 10. Admin buy-in Staff buy-in Start small Listen first Earn social capital Understand time commitment Prevent burnout Understand what social media isand can do If I knew then what I know now 11. BROADCAST MEDIUMCOMMUNICATION TOOLMEDIA PLATFORM SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT (JUST) 12. PARADIGM SHIFTWAY OF DOING BUSINESSA MISSIONSOCIAL MEDIA IS 13. WHO? WHAT?WHERE? WHEN?WHY?HOW? SOCIAL MEDIA BASICS 14. ?? ? ??? ? ??1. What if a staff person says something inappropriate?2. What if a patron says something inappropriate?3. What about personal social media bleeding intoprofessional?4. What if people post sales pitches on FB?5. What about relationships with businesses? Are you endorsing? 15. LISTEN PARTICIPATE RESPOND USE TOOLS TELL THEM WHATS IN IT FOR THEM BUILD RELATIONSHIPS HAVE A VOICE BE CREATIVE BE HUMAN HAVE FUN!SOCIAL MEDIA DOS 16. ASK BEFORE YOU GIVE BRAG, LET OTHERS DO THAT AUTOMATESOCIAL MEDIA DONTS 17. BEST ADVICE I EVER GOT 18. START WITH THE LOW-HANGING FRUIT 19. START WITH THE LOW-HANGING FRUIT 20. START WITH THE LOW-HANGING FRUIT 21. START WITH THE LOW-HANGING FRUIT 22. START WITH THE LOW-HANGING FRUIT 23. What We Tweet About When We Tweet About BooksRA News, Feb 2012RA 4 FB: Creating A Social Space for ReadersRA News, Nov/Dec 2012 START WITH THE LOW-HANGING FRUIT 24. GIVE V.I.P. ACCESS 25. GIVE V.I.P. ACCESS 26. BE PERSONAL 27. BE PERSONAL 28. TALK ABOUT OTHERS MORE 29. TALK ABOUT OTHERS MORE 30. HAVE A VOICE/CREATE A CHARACTER 31. HAVE A VOICE/CREATE A CHARACTER 32. STEAL BORROW FROM OTHERS 33. STEAL BORROW FROM OTHERS 34. PIGGYBACK 35. BE RESPONSIVE 36. BE RESPONSIVE 37. FACEBOOKVSTWITTER 38. Better for connecting with people you know Better for posts that are not time-sensitive Better for local news/events Conversations happen less in real time- From Doing Social Media So ItMatters by Laura Solomon FACEBOOK 39. Better for connecting w/people you dontknow Better time-sensitive posts Better for non-local content Conversations happen more in real time- From Doing Social Media So ItMatters by Laura Solomon TWITTER 40. FACEBOOK (RE) BOOT CAMP 41. VISUAL CONTENT IS KING ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS FB FOLKS LOVE PHOTOS FEED YOUR FEED EMBRACE THE JUNK WEB COMMUNICATE CALL TO ACTION BASIC TRAINING 42. QUESTIONS 43. QUESTIONS 44. QUESTIONS 45. BASIC COMMUNICATION 46. NUMBERS 47. READERS ADVISORY 48. CREATIVE MESSAGING 49. BEHIND THE CURTAIN 50. BEHIND THE CURTAIN 51. FUN STUFF 52. FUN STUFF 53. FUN STUFF 54. BROADCASTING IS OKAY 55. BROADCASTING IS OKAY 56. TWITTER SCHOOL 57. 1. Think like a magazine2. Its okay to spam a little3. Hashtags are your friend4. Its all about the RT!5. Understand the @reply6. Tweet often7. Make it easy8. Try live tweeting9. Find out what theyre saying10.Fill out your bio!TEN TWIPS 58. LOCAL LORE 59. LOCAL VOICES 60. LOCAL BUZZ 61. CONNECT 62. EDUCATE 63. PROMOTE 64. PROMOTE 65. PROMOTE 66. WHAT ABOUT PINTEREST?BLOGS? 67. CROSS PROMOTE 68. A POST IS A 69. A BOARD IS A 70. A BLOG POST! 71. Work in Progress:Measurement 72. Work in Progress:Sustained Content Creation 73. Work in Progress:New Platforms 74. Work in Progress:Staff Workflow & Accountability 75. Susan Brown658point8@gmail.comWANT TO KEEP TALKING?