Gerber OMEGA 5.0 empowers the beginner and propels the . 2013-04-08آ  it easy to separate a decal from

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Text of Gerber OMEGA 5.0 empowers the beginner and propels the . 2013-04-08آ  it easy to separate a decal...

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    New Features Included in OMEGA 5.0

    Gerber OMEGA™ 5.0 empowers the beginner and propels the expert.

    New Raster to Vector Capabilities New conversion features smooth

    the rough spots in low-res images

    for quicker, more accurate vector

    conversions. Also, get truer

    conversions on small objects.

    GSPPlot Weed Sectioning/Weedlines Automatically sections background vinyl for faster, easier weeding.

    Composer Nesting Move and rotate objects to reduce the amount of material used.

    Print-to-Cut Auto- Alignment using the EDGE and enVision™ 375 Automatically position the plotter knife to the target at the beginning of an EDGE job and skip the manual alignment.

    Distort Gradient Fills Use Tools>Distortion to make radial and linear fills conform to distorted objects.

    Perf Cut Output user selected vectors as perforation patterns, making it easy to separate a decal from the background liner.

    Faster Composer Selection/Redraw Large files - with 20,000 to 100,000 objects or more - draw, redraw, click-and-drag select, show filled and zoom/unzoom much faster. Depending on the size and makeup of the file, the times have been reduced from minutes to seconds.

    PLUS! Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets you scan and go. No retyping required.

    New Fonts! Interim-Approval Federal Highway Administration fonts are included with Omega 5.0.

    SPLView Preflight Enhancements SPLView shows the exact print data and cut data that is sent to the EDGE and plotters. SPLView now includes EDGE color registration tools and lets the user choose colors to be output from the SPL files.

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  • System Requirements

    • Minimum processor and RAM hardware requirements are

    dictated by the operating system: Multicore CPU and 4+ GB

    RAM recommended

    • Windows® 7 32 or 64, Windows Vista 32 and Windows XP Pro

    32 - SP3

    • 64 bit Window 7 systems require a GSP USB to parallel adapter

    cable for use with the EDGE or EDGE 2

    • 3D AutoCarve and Gerber Braille Interpreter need 32 bit OS

    (not 64).

    • 100+ GB available disk space

    • 1024 x 768 + monitor resolution w/ 16 million colors

    • DVD-ROM: Required

    • USB ports: At least 2 available required

    • Ethernet port for use with Gerber EDGE FX and other network


    • Serial port (9-pin): For use with Gerber plotters and/or routers.

    (Optional GSP USB to serial cable is also available)

    • Parallel port (25-pin): For use with the EDGE or ECP for EDGE 2

    (Optional GSP USB to parallel adapter cable is also available)

    Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. Intel

    Pentium IV is a registered trademark of Intel Corp. TrueType is a

    registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

    More Speed from Design to Production.

    CT USA | 800.222.7446 |


    These additional features are included in OMEGA 5.0 • ART Path automatic rule processing by layer

    • Improved DXF, DWG and PDF import

    • Composer on-screen fills

    • Automatic guidelines in Composer

    • Improved GSPPlot user interface

    • And many more features

    Plus, OMEGA 5.0 still has all the great features you loved in 4.0, such as... • Back-cut, kiss-cut and back-slit

    • “ReAction” Smart Editing

    • Special effects reaction templates

    • Outline, shadow, distortion, vector, special effects, contour

    • Image menu for automatic image adjustments and special effects

    • Variable data, plus Barcodes, QR codes and code 39

    Visit us at for more information:

    • “What’s New” Documentation

    • Videos & Demonstrations

    • Features & Benefits

    • Electronic Brochure and Gerber Fonts

    • Upgrade Information

    Contact your distributor today to see OMEGA in action.

    Gerber OMEGA design and output software is a complete suite of layout, design, output, and conversion

    tools created specifically for use in the sign and other specialty graphic industries. OMEGA design and

    output tools are fine-tuned to accommodate vinyl cutting, printing, and routing on sign-industry production

    devices, such as Gerber vinyl cutters, the GERBER EDGE® family of thermal transfer printers, and Gerber

    routers. OMEGA is intuitive, versatile, and easy to use.

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