Geography of Ancient China. Questions and Titles Geography of Ancient China Draw this in your notebook.

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  • Geography of Ancient China
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  • Questions and Titles Geography of Ancient China Draw this in your notebook
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  • What are the major rivers of Ancient China? 2 main river systems Huang He River and the Chang River The Huang He (Yellow River) begins in the mountains of western China then flows east and empties in the Yellow Sea The Chang River is Chinas longest river
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  • Why are the rivers of Ancient China important? They provide water for farming They help move people and goods Rivers carried loess throughout the plains to help fertilize the soil
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  • Why was Ancient China isolated from the rest of the world? It was thousands of miles from other ancient cultures in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India. Natural barriers like mountains, deserts, and seas made it difficult for ideas and goods to travel between China and those areas.
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  • What impact did Ancient Chinas isolation have on its culture? Created a unique culture unlike any other place China knew little about the rest of the world
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  • Geography Summary Write a 5-6 sentence summary about the geography of China. Use a topic sentence and transition words. You can find transition words in your agenda on page 160.


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