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1. GCSE PhotographyKelsey SmithShoot 1 2. On each of my fourphotos here I havefocused on objects welland used the light comingfrom one direction.However I dont like howthe backgrounds are notall one colour. I think thephotos would be moreeffective if they were allwhite or black.In the bottom right photothere is a bone next tothe dog which distractsyou from the main object. 3. Non of these photos are verybright so the camera shouldbe set to a different lightsetting. The lens is also notvery well focused so in mynext shoot I will need toimprove on focusing the mainsubject of the photo moreaccurately.In the picture on thebottom right there is abucket in the backgroundwhich catches moreattention than the actualsubject of the picture. 4. The lens is focused well on the guitar on both of these pictures, however the guitar reflects some of the lights which makes the photo look less effective. This could be edited out or the photo should have been taken at a different time In the bottom right photo the of the day.carpet has some marks on it whichshould be edited off. There are alsoobjects in the background whichdont help define the main object.The dream catcher imagecould have been focusedon a lot better. I think thepicture should have beenmade brighter. 5. In the photo in the top left corner I have focused on the bone and blurred out the dog in the back ground to suggest the emotion of abandonment.I think I have focused well on the dogs eyes The photo in the top right ison the bottom right corner which makes the quite blurry. This could bephoto more effective. On the other hand Iimproved by focusing thethink that all 4 picture would be more camera better and using theeffective with a plain, one coloured setting necessary.background. 6. On the top left pictureI think the way thedogs eyes are definedis very effective. I alsothink that thebackground has toomany colours. Maybeif the background wasmade black and whiteand the dog the samecolour it would drawI took this picture (top right) atmore attention to the a more unusual angle for adog.better effect.These two bottompictures are verysimilar however Ithink that the lightcoming from the TVslightly ruins thephoto as it reflectsoff the dogs fur. 7. Improvements In my next shoot I aim to improve: Focusing the camera on the correct object The amount of light on the main object and thebrightness of the photo The colours in the backgrounds of the photos Edits and effects (changing colours)