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  • TrainIntegrated Futsal coaching with a dedicated Futsal syllabus

    futsal academysports studies & careers

    national colleges & academies programme

    WorkEducation and business working together to provide young people with career pathways

    PlayOfficial colleges and academies national league and tournaments

    LearnCutting edge BTEC study programmes incorporating Futsal


  • www.futsaluk.net

    Contact us today to arrange an introductory meeting:


    Students aiming for a career or higher education in the

    leisure or sports sector

    Colleges and Academies looking to open new student markets

  • IntroductionSince @Futsal created and launched the first study programme featuring Futsal in the UK, we have continuously invested more in the development of these programmes than any other organisation in the UK, with a view of providing opportunities for our education partners and young people.

    We are delighted to invite you to join the rapidly growing list of Colleges and Academies across the UK that are participating in the official Futsal Academy programme, that we are delivering in collaboration with the Association of Colleges Sport.

    Learning is at the heart of all that we do and @Futsal this is no exception. Right from the outset we learnt that our pioneering Futsal operations needed to provide communities and not just elite groups, with an end-to-end experience that recognised our changing lifestyles and the ways in which we want to Learn, Train, Play and Work. @Futsal Group is the UKs leading operator of FIFAs only approved form of indoor small-sided football, which is called Futsal, and all associated sports study programmes. We are totally focused on providing our national arenas, learning platforms and resources to help our education partners and young people to achieve high levels of success.

    Students aiming for a career or higher education in the

    leisure or sports sector

    Level 1 3 learner study programmes available

    Male and Female students aged 16+ (all abilities welcome)

    Colleges and Academies looking to open new student markets who is a futsal

    Academy for?


    ETHE NATIONAL COLLEGES & ACADEMIESGet your college or academy involved in the premier small-sided football league and competition structure in the UK. Fully sanctioned by the AoC Sport and English Colleges FA (ECFA) the NCA competition structure will provide a regular programme of regional tournaments and a national super league played at our state-of-the-art Futsal arenas. Making things simple for our education partners, all you need to do is just turn up and play. Everything from referees to fixtures is organised and provided by @Futsal.

    The competitions are organised to suit team ability at all levels. Whats more, we provide a dedicated internet TV channel with televised highlights and post-match interviews through to an on-line league management portal for every team. @Futsal is the only organisation in the UK that can deliver a national infrastructure to colleges and academies as a fully managed package.

    FUTSAL - THE GLOBAL SPORTIn case you didnt know about the sport, Futsal is an exciting fast paced version of 5-a-side football. Recognised by FIFA, UEFA and the FA as the international standard for small-sided football. The sport boasts over 30 million players worldwide; with major events such as a World Cup and UEFA Futsal Cup. Many world-class players such as Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar attribute their abilities to having played Futsal. For more information visit the following web sites:





    national Colleges & Academies Futsal TV to see current Futsal Academy teams in action.

    futsal will always be my first love


  • INSPIRED LEARNING Inspire, our bespoke virtual learning environment (VLE), has been developed in collaboration with leading education software specialists and is used extensively by students in leading institutions throughout the UK. Inspire supports a blended learning experience that can be delivered flexibly to suit timetables and study centre resources. Inspire does not replace tutors! It supports them by providing a wealth of interactive tools to enhance the learning experience. We also ensure that tutors receive full support before delivering the courses by providing inductions and regular CPD workshops. Moreover, all tutors have access to our online and call centre help desk for day-to-day support.

    Exciting and engaging on-line content and resources.

    On-line BTEC courses aligned to new study programme.

    Unique coaching Futsal syllabus and accessories. On-line Career Information, Advice and Guidance. On-line Functional Skills - Maths & English. On-line Attendance Management. Content download and print capabilities. Branding to suit partners.

    Inspired futsal coaching Inspire also offers a unique world-class Futsal

    coaching Portal developed by our pro coaches. We believe that learning should be available to access anywhere, at any time and offer our Futsal scholars the best possible experience, and were passionate about the way technology can enable this across our programmes in a consistent way.

    This includes: Full 36 week Futsal coaching syllabus. FREE Futsal tactic board App. Futsal coaches handbook. Futsal player passport. Futsal session plan library. Futsal coaching forms and

    checklists. Futsal match analysis


    and more...

  • Setting up the Futsal Academy has been a great

    addition to our curriculum. The course really stands out in our offering and has certainly

    helped in recruiting a new profile of learner with an

    interest in futsal and football.East Berkshire College

    The Futsal league has been an amazing opportunity for our students. Until we had this

    league it was difficult for us to find regular games and give

    our students the full Futsal Academy

    experience.Haringey 6th Form Centre Futsal Coach & England Futsal player

    Engaging SPORTS STUDY PROGRAMME A typical Futsal Academy has 16 learners that are based at the college or academy, but receiving a very unique enrichment. Education takes place at your facility, with students studying via our bespoke virtual learning environment (VLE) called Inspire. This contains all of their learning material, assessments and also the worlds first Futsal Coaching Syllabus. Alternatively, we have provided options for those institutions that would prefer to use their own teaching resources or systems, but would like to have access to the full Futsal experience.

    During the week, the Futsal scholars are studying with Inspire, training from the Futsal coaching syllabus and preparing for their upcoming fixtures in the NCA Futsal league competitions at our unique Futsal arenas. This approach allows both tutors and coaches to focus on their students individual needs; therefore better preparing them for their next steps.

    In addition to the academic course, each student in a Futsal Academy receives a FREE place on the FA Coaching Futsal Level 1 qualification. We also include 2 FREE places for college or academy teaching staff.

    Providing such comprehensive experiences are now key to attracting and engaging learners, and to encourage them to achieve their full potential throughout their study programme. It is likely that learners joining a level 1 programme will stay in their Futsal Academy until they complete a higher level qualification.

    A Futsal Academy can cater for groups of all sizes and abilities, and by using the Inspire platform, mixed groups can be taught at the same time and by the same tutor. Whats more, our library of courses is constantly expanding; so if theres a course that you would like to run then simply let us know...


    e partner


    my coach

    The Inspire platform has really helped me, it lets

    me manage the workload and I can see how I am progressing through

    the course.Swindon Academy

    Futsal scholar


    what colleges, academies and students say...

    Join the rapidly growing list of colleges and academies joining

    the Futsal programme

  • THE PROGRAMME OPTIONS The Futsal Academy profile is highlighted below:

    Futsal Academy

    Inspire platform with BTEC courses. Online Futsal Coaching Syllabus. FA Futsal qualifications for 2 staff. CPD programme for tutors and coaches. FA level 1 Futsal coaching for students. Participate in fully managed NCA league and

    competitions. On-line league management portal. Access to NCA internet TV channel. Recruitment and media support. 8 Futsal balls and Bibs. Access to Futsal Academy kit. Ad-hoc FREE access to Futsal arenas nationally. @Futsal key account manager. FREE Futsal league operator license. Purposeful student work experience.

    Please contact us: education@futsaluk.netfor competitive pricing


    Career Pathways:Sports & Leisure sector

    Coaching & RefereeingPublic & Military servicesSports & leisure journalism

    Apprenticeship Teaching

    and more

    Academic Pathways:

    University educationSports science

    Sport managementPhysiotherapy

    Sport journalismand more

    Learning profile:Work skills, nutrition,

    psychology, anatomy, leadership in sport, event

    management, sports marketing, coaching,

    refereeing, performance analysis, fitness training and

    programming, functionalskills in English & Maths

    and more

    Player Pathways:England Futsal TeamEngland u18 Futsal

    National League TeamProfessional Futsal player