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    A division of Fugro Canada Corp.

    2505 Meadowvale Blvd Tel: +1 905 567 2870 Mississauga, Ontario Fax: +1 905 567 2871 L5N 5S2 Toll-Free NA: 800-828-ARAN (2726) Canada Web: www.fugroroadware.com

    May 17, 2013 Attention: Local Planning Agency Re: Local Pavement and Asset Data Collection

    As an amendment to our current contract, commencing 2013, Fugro will be collecting and delivering to the

    Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) Right-of-Way (ROW) videolog, asset

    inventory and Global Positioning System (GPS) for all local roads within the State of Louisiana over the next three

    years. This effort is being funded by LADOTD and the data will be available to your agency from LADOTD at no


    However, as a full service asset management company, Fugro can also offer local agencies additional data and

    services including pavement condition (distress and profile) data, geometric data, additional roadway assets not

    part of the LADOTD data set, Pavement Management System Implementation, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

    data providing layer type and thickness information, coring, structural testing using Falling Weight Deflectometer

    (FWD) and Surface Friction Testing. Such data and services offer tremendous value to the local agencies as this

    information will enhance and maximize each agencys ability to make confident roadway management decisions,

    leading to improved network condition through early invention and efficient maintenance to extend the performance

    life of all roads, and a better understanding of how to best allocate maintenance funding.

    The following sections provide an overview of the additional data and services that Fugro can provide to the local

    agencies and the applicable rates.

    Pavement Management System Implementation

    Fugros pavement management expertise encompasses over 25-years of experience in data collection of both

    surface and sub-surface pavement data, pavement management, pavement design, evaluation and materials


    Large and small agencies alike, Fugro is committed and dedicated to provide tailored solutions for each and every

    clients unique needs. By carefully planning each project to address the unique needs of each agency, Fugro

    provides tailored pavement management solutions to cities and counties. Our experience with municipal agencies

    of various sizes and needs keeps Fugro on the forefront of understanding municipal pavement and asset

    management needs, which has allowed Fugro to be an industry leader. Fugro has provided pavement

    management services for all different sized agencies with a wide variety of needs:

    Paved roadway inspections

    Unpaved roadway inspections

    Data migration of Pavement Management Data

    Pavement Management Implementation

    Pavement Management Update

    Roadside Asset Inventory and Inspection (e.g., sidewalks, ramps, signs, guardrails, etc.)

    Geographic Information System services

    Web-viewing software


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    Presentations to City Councils and Commissioners Courts

    Structural Evaluations: Ground Penetrating Radar and Falling Weight Deflectometer

    Work plans, budget analysis, and network condition reporting.

    Fugro is experienced with a variety of pavement management software packages such as Cartegraph,

    StreetSaver, Agile Assets, dTIMS and MicroPAVER. Our experience with these software packages includes

    developing condition listings, condition maps, work plans, budget optimization, and maintenance and rehabilitation

    alternatives for agencies.

    Fugro provides implementations and updates on these systems on a continuous basis as well as guides agencies

    through the software selection process for initial implementations. This helps to ensure that a cost effective

    solutions for each agency we work with.

    Fugro can offer each agency consulting services to complete a full pavement management system implementation

    excluding software for $25,000.00.

    Pavement Condition Data

    Pavement condition data available to each local agency includes the collection, processing, and delivery of

    pavement surface distress according to LADOTDs protocols, International Roughness Index (IRI), rutting, roadway

    geometry, and faulting. The price per mile is $60.00 per mile (driven or lane mile). We would be pleased to offer

    a 10% discount for the price per mile, or $54.00 per mile (driven or lane mile), if the total number of miles to be

    collected is greater than 2,000 miles.

    If pavement surface distress is to be rated to a different protocol than that used by LADOTD, the price would be

    $7,500.00 for each time that our rating software, Vision, will need to be calibrated. For example, if an agency

    requests that surface distress be rated according to a different protocol other than that used by LADOTD, the price

    to perform such setup and calibration would be $7,500.00. This would be an additional cost and not included in

    the rates provided above to collect, process and delivery the pavement condition data.

    Asset Inventory/Extraction

    As part of this contract, LADOTD will be funding the asset extraction of the following Highway Performance

    Monitoring System (HPMS) asset types and make them available upon request:

    Number of travel lanes Type of HOV operations

    Number of HOV lanes in both directions Presence of right turn lanes

    Posted speed limits Presence of left turn lanes

    Sections with toll charge Type of toll

    Count of signalized at-grade intersections Count of at-grade intersections with stop signs

    Count of intersections without stop sign or signals Begin bridge location

    Measure of existing lane width End bridge location

    Type of median Measure of existing median width

    Type of shaller material Measure of existing right shaller width

    On route parking locations Measure of existing left shaller width

    Presence of curb Presence of rail road crossing


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    Start location of sidewalk right End location of sidewalk left

    Identify ADA ramps

    In addition, the following LADOTD point feature locations for mapping include:

    Cemetery Church

    Church & school Church with cemetery

    Courthouse Fire station

    Hospital Police station

    Post office School

    Additional asset types can be extracted from the collection ROW videolog if requested. The following table

    provides the applicable pricing by commonly requested asset types:

    Item Price per

    Asset Type per Unit


    Point Assets Low frequency/attributes (e.g. Ramps, Traffic Signals, Drop Inlets, Catch Basins, Utility Poles, Manholes, Pavement Markings)

    $8.00 Per Mile

    Point Assets - High frequency/attributes (e.g. Street Signs)

    $10.00 Per Mile

    Linear Assets Low frequency/attributes (e.g. Sidewalks, Curb and Gutter, Boulevards)

    $8.00 Per Mile

    Linear Assets High frequency/attributes (e.g. Striping)

    $6.00 Per Mile

    MUTCD Signs $15.00 Per Mile

    Guardrails $8.00 Per Mile

    Sound Barriers $5.00 Per Mile

    Please note that the per mile rate provided in the table is by asset type. For example, if a local agency would like for Fugro to perform feature extraction for both ramps and manholes, pricing would be as follows: Ramps ($8.00) + Manholes ($8.00) = $16.00 per mile


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    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

    As the age of road stock increases, the effects of maintenance and repairs can lead to a level of structural

    complexity that is seldom well recorded and cannot easily be determined by coring alone. Designing remediation

    works, planning longer term asset management and interpreting other test data such as condition or deflection

    measurements are all made more challenging by the mismatch between poorly recorded and actual structure.

    Investment in ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys, supported by targeted coring, provides the engineer or

    asset manager with a cost-effective and comprehensive overview of the actual pavement structure with minimal

    disruption to road users.

    We have been building pavement structure inventories based on GPR and coring for over 15 years and have

    undertaken some of the largest surveys of this type including:

    California Department of Transportation: 51,250 miles

    Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development: 20,000 miles

    Virginia Department of Transportation: 1,800 miles

    Use of the data set varies widely but can include some or all of the following:

    Fiscal valuation of roadstock / auditing

    Calibration of deflection measurements

    Basis for fixed segmentation of the road network based on homogenous pavement sections

    Identification of defects

    QA/QC of new build / reconstruction

    Over the past five years, we have been integrating GPR systems into our world-leading ARAN collection vehicle.

    Our clients gain the option to collect GPR information at the same time as surface condition data, reducing cost,

    environmental impact and risk.

    Within your area GPR data would be collected using the latest generati