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  • 1. Find the hidden images ...

2. 3. Look at this picture: what do you see? Images nearby ... and far away 4. Can you see the dog? 5. Where are: The woman The horse The lion The old man The wolf And what else do you see? 6. And here: How many hidden images? Horse Bear Lion Eagle Wolf Father Woman And ??? 7. 12 elephants / 6 heads 8. Can you find the 7 horses in this picture? 9. Find10 facesin this tree 10. There is a hidden face in this scenery Can you find it? 11. This face consists of 30 animals 12. Find the persons in this foliage 13. Can you find 9 hidden images? 14. Find the baby 15. Can you find the sleeping woman? 16. Find the couple 17. The spirit is looking at the grave In Einsteins face youll see the three graces