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  • 1. I want to invite all of my friends to a barbecue that Im having at my new home. Jut a simple get together. Left click your mouse to advance to the next page.

2. LOCATION: PACIFIC OCEAN Guest houses My humble little home 3. Location of BBQ 4. home sweet home. 5. Hope you like the guest house accomodations. 6. 7. Fruits and champagne for the evening if thats okay? 8. If TV reception is bad the satellite control is behind tub. 9. If the bed isnt comfortable there are nets on the island . 10. Massages after the party 11. Lighting was improvised.Sorry, I didnt have time to define it. 12. 13. 14. Fishing gear is under the bed 15. 16. Please RSVP 17. Dont worry about transportation.I have engaged a yacht for our exclusive use. 18. 19. I have arranged for a bus to get you to the dock. 20. 21. 22. bus accomodations 23. 24. 25. Now WAKE UP, and get back to work!