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Forest Watch to Forest Watch. Building on a Great Idea Presentation for Forest Watch teachers, UNH, March 2009 Martha Carlson. Forest Watch studies gives teachers and students:. Exposure to academic challenges: Botany Math Statistics Physics Satellite imagery Calculus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Forest Watch to Maple Watch

Forest Watch to Forest WatchBuilding on a Great IdeaPresentation for Forest Watch teachers,UNH, March 2009Martha Carlson.

Forest Watch studies gives teachers and students:

Exposure to academic challenges:BotanyMathStatisticsPhysicsSatellite imageryCalculusSocial studiesComparative ForestryArt and Literature

New perspectives onThe size of the air pollution issueThe size of the organism affectedThe power of studentsThe power of long-term studiesThe power of analysisThe limits of knowledgeDaily change in the environment

Acer saccharum, Sugar MapleFarewell to New Englands Sweetest Tree?

Extirpation by 2100 in the USA.Also birch, quaking aspen, hemlock.And their ecosystems. The Big Problem for Maples

Does Forest Watch Have A New Task?ObservingClimate Change

Latitudinal Change

PhenologyChanging SeasonsBud BreakLeaf Fall

Bringing Global Perspective HomeIs Climate Change Here?Leaf HealthSap flowSyrup quality

Finding Local ArchivesMeasuringObservingData analysisMicroscopePhotographyAssay ToolsCommunicating

Inductive Thinking, the value of lay field workScience is generally deductive, building on assumptions and hypotheses. We, in the field, can look and question. And notice the unexpected.

Thank YouDr. Barrett RockMike GagnonForest WatchForest Watch Teachers who are awfully patient. This 7-hour program is now over!!!!!!!