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  • Who We AreTable Of ContentsWhat We AreWhy EnglishCentral?Teacher Tools & Trial

  • Who We Are1.

  • Headquarter Boston, MAOver 750,000 registered usersOver 20,000 registered teachersOver 140 million lines of speech recordedTurkey Office Ankara Korea Office SeoulJapan Office TokyoPhilippines Technical Team Corporate Background

  • Alan Schwartz, Founder and CEO 12 years of experience in speech recognition with AT&T Labs, SpeechWorks and Nuance. He led Nuance's Mobile & Automotive business as VP & General Manager. He then served as the VP for Nuance's Asia Pacific and Japan operations. Alan began his career as an English Teacher in China. Alan SchwartzDr. Charles Browne, Pedagogical AdvisorProfessor of Applied Linguistics and head of the EFL Teacher Training Program atMeijiGakuinUniversity. PastDirector of Sony Language Laboratories, National Chairperson of the JET Program. He publishes widely on the topics of English education in Japan, Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition,and CALL. David Deubelbeiss, Director of Education Professor of Education, Nipissing University, Canada, Professor, Ewha Graduate School of TESOL, S.Korea. Technology leader, teacher trainer, blogger and edupreneur. ELT curriculum specialist publishing extensively both online and offline materials. Dr. Charles Browne David DeubelbeissPedagogical Leadership

  • I think about ninety percent of the problem in teaching, or maybe ninety-eight percent, is just to help the students get interested. Noam Chomsky Stephen KrashenThe best methods are therefore those that supply comprehensible input in low anxiety situations, containing messages that students really want to hear. Learning from context is so important that some studies suggest that first language learners learn most of their vocabulary in this way. Paul NationOur Philosophy

  • USANetherlandsKoreaJapanEnglishCentral In Action

  • 100s of schools and universities are using EnglishCentralKoreaTurkeyJapanEurope, Middle East & The Americasand many more Our Academic Partners

  • What We Are2.

  • Engaging, authentic mediaScaffolding NoticingDiagnostic speech feedbackGame dynamicsPersonalized Language Learning

  • Watch | Learn | Speak | QuizOur Approach:

  • The largest library of authentic, leveled language learning video content Over 100 structured courses: Academic, Career, Business, Travel, Social and Media EnglishAll content leveled to global standardsOur Content PartnersContent and Curriculum

  • 9,000+ authentic video lessons50 new video lessons added / weekBusiness English13 topics1075 videosTravel English9 topics1074 videosSocial English17 topics1752 videosMedia English13 topics1652 videosCareer English6 topics297 videosAcademic English5 topics623 videosEngagement: Authentic Video Lessons

  • Rewards systemCompetitive RankingGet rewards for every line of speechMake progress by your study effortsView your ranking by country, by class, by timeImprove ranking as you study moreEngagement: Game Dynamics

  • What learners notice in input is what becomes intake for learning. - Schmidt, (1995)

    EnglishCentral makes you notice and bridge the gap to enable understandingBridging The Gap: Pedagogy

  • WATCH our player with scaffolding tools helps boost learning and understanding In-Context Word Definition by 1 clickOptional CaptionBridging The Gap: Scaffolding Tools

  • SPEAK - compare you speech at the sentence & word level, analysis at phoneme levelBridging The Gap: Speech Feedback

  • EnglishCentral allows you to make the most progress at your appropriate levelStudents who spend time working with the target language at their appropriate level, make the most progress.Personalized Learning: Pedagogy

  • Students choose the topics they like100+ courses9,000+ videosFilter by topic, by level, by popularityFavorite your videos for later studyBuild your own word listRecommendations based on your interestPersonalized Learning: Student Interest

  • Weekly GoalVocabularyPronunciationManage the word acquisition progressSet weekly goal and track the progressVisual pronunciation reportPhoneme progress over timePersonalized Learning: Tracking Progress

  • EnglishCentral enables you to master words by reviewing them at spaced time intervalsReview the words at spaced time intervals enables the learner to achieve long-term, instant-recall ability.Vocabulary Acquisition

  • Quiz the wordQuiz 5 TimesMasteredThe word waits until next reviewVocabulary AcquisitionSpaced Repetition

  • EnglishCentral helps you improve the poor pronunciation that you dont notice.Pronunciation Focus

  • Why EnglishCentral?3.

  • Why Use EnglishCentral At Your School?

  • (5: strongly agree, 4: agree, 3: no opinion, 2: disagree, 1: strongly disagree)EnglishCentral rates far above 9 other online providers#1 With Students






















  • In 10 weeks, students following EnglishCentrals program improve their speaking by 8 percentiles against their L1 peersImprovement: It Works

  • Assessment: Pearson Versant Evaluation Test1200 Japanese university freshman used EC over a 14 week periodStudents evaluated before and after to compare the amount of studying at EC and the increase VET scoresConclusionsStudents who studied more than 42 hours increased their Versant score by 7 points

    1: A 15-minute spoken English test for adults3rd Party Validation






    Hours per Semester




  • What Teachers SayI personally think its the best site period for Englishlanguage learners. It provides listening, speaking, and reading practice all in an extremely engaging way.Larry Ferlazzo Websites Of The Day

  • Teacher Tools & Free Trial4.

  • Our Teacher Tools make it easy to set up your class page, select video curriculum and get students studying. Our Learning Management System

  • A Custom Class Page

  • Set Goals and Select Video Curriculum

  • Track Student Achievement9 detailed reports for any date range

  • Listen In to student recordings

  • Our Teacher TrialWe highly value our teachers and believe once you start using EnglishCentral, youll become a believer. So many already have!All teachers get a free trial that they can start at any time they are ready. 50 Premium seats that can be assigned to give students Premium access. Registered but didnt get a chance to use your trial? Contact us and well set you up!

  • Discounted Academic PricingSchools and teachers are our partners and get significantly discounted pricing. Please briefly tell us about your needs and well provide you with a custom quote for your institution. Our price per student is less than the cost of a textbook!Go Premium: Our Academic PackFull access to all Premium features, video lessons and coursesUnrestricted use of our Learning Management SystemPremium level Tier 1 Customer Service1 or more Teacher Training sessions

  • teachers@englishcentral.comContact Us

  • ***************Manage students, including adding to specific Classes with specific content, adding to Groups within such Classes by level.Communicate with students via an onsite messaging system, as well as via one-click email access from the student roster. Four touch points:Team Leader -- to encourage progress (probably automated)Manager - 1st escalationKyle - 2nd escalationMikitani CEO - 3rd escalation (probably limited to company-wide blasts)*******


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