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FIRST THINGS SEPTEMBER, 2016 - First United Methodist ... · PDF file FIRST THINGS SEPTEMBER, 2016 FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 501 Church Street, Sweetwater, TN 37874 423-337-7903

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Text of FIRST THINGS SEPTEMBER, 2016 - First United Methodist ... · PDF file FIRST THINGS SEPTEMBER,...



    501 Church Street, Sweetwater, TN 37874




    Church Staff:

    Ron Fisher, Pastor Anne Wilson, Administrative Asst.

    Jacqueline Mason, Children’s Minister Melinda Hendricks, Custodian

    Crystal Ragan, Youth Minister Patricia Richesin, Organist

    Larry Orr, Senior Adult Minister Janet Standridge, First Kids Director

    Margareth Urias, Music Minister All Christians, Ministers

    “Glorifying God—Offering Christ

    Making Disciples—Serving Others”


    Becca & I just got moved into the parsonage. I am grateful to Pam Morris, Chair of Trustees and the many volunteers who prepared the house for our arrival. Pam arranged for the furniture to be moved out to make room for our things. Pam & many volunteers cleaned and painted the parsonage. Our furniture was moved to Sweetwater on Monday, August 22. The movers brought two truckloads of furniture to the parsonage and left about 11:30 pm. We were worn out but not as exhausted as the movers.

    It will be a while before we get things in order at the parsonage. We have plenty to do at our house in Lenoir City as we approach "Closing Day" which is on Au- gust 29. We have lots of stuff to sort through and much cleaning to do. The buy- ers were scheduled to do a walk through on Sunday, August 28. My real estate agent called and said the date was changed to Thursday. I immediately be- came overwhelmed wondering how we would get it done. The prayer I turned to for strength was, "Give us this day our daily bread." This is the prayer I have been pray- ing since I began preparing my house to be put on the market.

    Life is filled with overwhelming mo- ments. Instead of losing heart we must fo- cus our sight on God who empowers us at all times in life including those times that overwhelm us. The words of the Apostles Paul come to mind, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

    Each day is filled with challenges and struggles. Let's remember to look into the face of God before we face the day. The song, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, reminds us, “Look full into his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace."

    Many blessings,


  • ENGAGE, The Event of the summer

    Bring your family and friends and join us for a wonderful Combined Wor-

    ship Service in the FLC on Sunday, August 28 at 10:30 am featuring Doug

    Richesin, Beth Burkey, Michael Rodgers, the Chancel Choir, the Worship

    Team and the Men’s Choir. Following the service, everyone can enjoy

    food and drinks, displays, games and other activities. Also at this event

    you can sign up for WNC Small Groups. Bring a chair and join in the fun!





    The Chancel Choir and Men’s Choir would like to

    invite you for the third annual Hymn Sing Night on

    Sunday, September 20 th at 7:00 pm in the Sanctu-

    ary. We will be singing many of the wonderful

    hymns that proclaim the majesty and glory of our

    God and tell of the wonderful love of Jesus Christ.

    Please invite friends and family to join us on that

    special night of worship.




    It’s always so exciting when we begin our Wednesday Night Connection (WNC)

    sessions with activities for all ages to include the whole family! You can come to enjoy a

    nice meal prepared by members of our congregation and have fellowship with old and new

    friends, followed by a variety of interesting Bible studies available for adults of all ages.

    The youth, grades 6-12 can join us for dinner and then resume their own activities including

    Bible study and fun activities with the Youth Director, Crystal Ragan.

    The children, K-5th grade, can attend choir with Miss Margareth and this is open to all chil-

    dren in the community. This semester they will be preparing for the musical “All About that

    Baby” to be performed on Sunday, December 4th at 5:00 pm in the FLC. This group also

    can attend WEB (Wednesday Evening Bible) with Miss Jacqueline for Bible studies, fun

    crafts and play time.

    There are sessions for the tots, ages 1-4, for preschool Bible studies and preschool choir.

    They love being a part of the musical in December too.

    We even have a nursery for the babies.

    So please plan to come for a very enjoyable family night. You are welcome to attend all or

    part of the activities. The time schedule is below.


    Sep 7—Preschool Bible (1-4) begins on Wednesdays from 4:30-4:45

    Sep 7—Preschool Choir (1-4) begins on Wednesdays from 4:45-5:00

    Sep 7—Children’s Choir (K-5) begins on Wednesdays from 5-6:00

    Sep 7—WNC (Wednesday Night Connection) begins on

    Wednesdays with a meal at 5:30 pm. Adult Bible Studies

    will begin on Sep 14.

    Sep 7—WEB (Wednesday Evening Bible) for children (K-5)

    @ 6:15.

    The Nursery for the little ones is available every Wednes-

    day evening.



    The Call: The Life and Message of the Apostle

    Paul- by Adam Hamilton

    Follow the journeys of Paul, beginning with his dra-

    matic conversion as he spread the Gospel through

    modern-day Greece and Turkey to the early church

    sites, and explore Paul’s conversations with the Ro-

    mans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippi-

    ans, Colossians, and Thessalonians. In this six

    week study, you are invited to experience faith

    through Christ’s greatest teacher and missionary.

    Facilitator: Ron Fisher 6 weeks. Audience: All

    Beautiful Mess—Sherry Surratt and Tracey


    As much as women desire to become mothers,

    sometimes the challenges and circumstances are

    not what they ever expected. Being a mom is won-

    derful, but it’s also hard. Moms wonder: Am I

    enough? How can I love today when my child is de-

    liberately disobeying me? How did I get in this

    mess, and why can’t I get it together? Motherhood

    is a beautiful mess. And, regardless of the season,

    it requires balance and time management with the

    strength of a CEO! Along the way, women often

    feel like they’ve lost themselves and wonder what

    God is doing in their lives or if they are getting any-

    thing right. This study helps each mom discover (or

    remember) that she is the mom God chose for her

    children, and she is a beautiful mom. Facilitators:

    Beth Killingsworth and Hannah Camp Audience:

    Moms with young children *Will be held at Beth

    Killingsworth’s house on Wednesdays from 6:00-


    Good and Bad Girls of the Bible- by Liz Curtis

    Higgs (No book needed- just a bible).

    Examine the lives, situations, and personalities of

    eight women from the bible. Some of these women

    play prominent roles in the bible, while others are

    barely mentioned. Yet, each of them have some-

    thing to teach us about what not to do, as well as

    how to live a better life in Christ. The design and

    questions discussed will have people look at their

    own lives and see how we can learn from our own

    mistakes. Facilitator: Tony Martini 8 weeks. Au-

    dience: All

    Armor of God- Patricia Shirer

    All day, every day, an invisible war rages around

    you. A cunning, devilish enemy seeks to wreak

    havoc on everything that matters to you—your

    emotions, your mind, your family, your future.

    But…….when the enemy meets a woman dressed

    for the occasion, he fails miserably. Join Patricia

    Shirer in this study that will challenge you to suit up,

    stand firm, and secure victory in your life. Facilita-

    tor: Kristi Correll 7 weeks. Audience: All

    Teach Us To Want—Jen Pollock Michel VIDEO

    SERIES including discussion guide-

    We all wa

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