Fine Art Design and Photography by Iva Penner

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Text of Fine Art Design and Photography by Iva Penner

  • Fine Art, Design & Photography


    Iva Penner

  • "Sails at Sunrise"

    Oil on Canvas24"x 36"

    Are you a gentle diver? Are you a vicious storm?

    To bring up chunks of crustacean covered dreams from before.When the ships docked their load on the floor, battles were lost and forlorn.Are you a blade? Are you a hammer? Are you equipped with a manner?To chip at the memory absent sediment and scrub clean the bow.What does it take- a whim? A prowl? Bloody knuckles? A vow?Do you dreams come alive? Do they stir awakened at the blows?Visions of places youve never flown birthing lovely forms.Are you surprised at the gentle sun? Are you in awe of life?The boats in the harbor and I got new sails.

    Pick up the pieces and get in it!


    All rights of my work are reserved to Iva Penner and may NOT be reproduced, copied, edited,

    published or uploaded in any way without written permission.

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