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Feliz Navidad! - Wine Author Feliz Navidad! Spanish Case, Christmas 2014 Bodegas Los Frailes, "Trilogia" Tinto, Valencia, Spain 2009 {organic} 70% Monastrell, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon,

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Text of Feliz Navidad! - Wine Author Feliz Navidad! Spanish Case, Christmas 2014 Bodegas Los Frailes,...

  • Spanish Gift Case: $200.01 (20% off!) Feliz Navidad!

    Bodegas Los Frailes The Velazquez family has taken care of the vineyards at Bodegas Los Frailes since 1771, when they acquired the land from a group of Jesuit friars (the namesake “frailes”) who had found themselves on the wrong side of King Carlos III’s ire. Those friars loss was our gain, as the wines of Bodegas Los Frailes are some of the crown jewels of the Wine Authorities Selections portfolio. Specialists in the indigenous Monastrell grape, Bodegas Los Frailes makes wines of exceptional depth, structure, and character. As a bonus, their farm and the wines they produce are 100% certified organic. There are four selections from Bodegas Los Frailes in our “Feliz Navidad” case; four chances to taste the best Valenica has to offer.

    Viña Aliaga Viña Aliaga (more formally known as Bodegas Camino del Villar) is located in the heart of the Navarra region, neighbor to the more famous Rioja. The wines of Navarra are considered by those in the know to be just as delectable as those of its more famous neighbor, but the absence of the “R word” on the label makes for better values and lesser-known masterpieces. Viña Aliaga’s focus is on Spain’s flagship grape, the venerable Tempranillo. They are also talented stewards of Cabernet Sauvignon, and their blends of the two are always magnificent. Our case includes two such blends, each aged to perfection in a different way. We’ve also thrown in their spectacular Moscatel dessert wine to highlight the sweeter side of this fabulous producer. !

    Please call 919-489-2884 (Durham) or 919-831-9463 (Raleigh) to reserve your Feliz Navidad case!

  • Viña Aliaga, Moscatel "Vendimia Tardia" [500ml], Navarra, Spain 2009

    100% Moscatel


    You know those cartoons in which a pie on a window sill emits visible good smells that waft into a hobo’s nose and carry him toward the pie? In this case, this fantastic sweet wine from Carlos Aliaga is the pie, and we’re transformed into floating hobos. The aromas blooming from the glass are dense, heady, and almost palpable, but the wine finishes cleanly with notes of fresh green grass and herb. Don’t leave this one on the window sill.

    Serving Suggestions: Pungent, strongly flavored blue cheeses will work perfectly. Try a blue cheese soufflé. It’s easier than you might think.

    Viña Aliaga, “Vendimia Seleccionada”, Navarra, Spain 2001 70% Tempranillo, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon RICH & POWERFUL, AGED TO PERFECTION. A MODERNIST MASTERPIECE. While Viña Aliaga is not a winery that pushes the envelope in the modernist, hyper-rich style, they will flirt with it to the point of seduction if the vintage merits. In 2001 they had a small parcel of grapes with perfect ripeness and balance that reached this rare quality. So they put it in new French and American barriques for 14 months then bottled it. It was so rich that they decided to leave it in their cellar for ten years before selling it. This wine is now starting to blossom and it is magnificent! Serving Suggestion: Crispy and moist, slow broiled cabrito with potatoes in its own juices. Any high quality steak that needs to be elevated to something special.

    Viña Aliaga, Cuvée Tinto, Navarra, Spain 2009 85% Tempranillo, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon LIGHT TOASTY OAK, TONS OF BERRIES WITH BACKBONE Carlos Aliaga created this cuvée (a blend) by blending modern and traditional grapes and techniques at his Navarra estate. Mostly traditional Tempranillo with France's Cabernet Sauvignon give us a rich berry quality with a hint of mint or basil on the finish. A firm, pleasurable backbone that rises up and slinks back down smoothly without a bite shows the harmony between these two grapes. Berry- licious from start to finish and just a light toasty oak nuance. Serving Suggestion: Keep the sausages grilling and the pork bbq slow roasting. This warm and inviting red is perfect meaty, grilled flavors including vegetarian lentil/legume dishes.

    Feliz Navidad! Spanish Case, Christmas 2014

    Bodegas Los Frailes, "Trilogia" Tinto, Valencia, Spain 2009 {organic} 70% Monastrell, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Tempranillo BLACKBERRY, EARTH & CHOCOLATE Powerful and filled with ripe black fruit, this blend is a bold representative of both Valencia and the adventurous combination of modernization and respect for tradition. Aged for a year in Hungarian oak, the dense chewy fruit and earthiness of Monastrell is given a boost from Cabernet and rounded out with a juicy kiss of Tempranillo. Serving Suggestion: Roasted leg of pork with rosemary, garlic, and coriander.

    Bodegas Los Frailes, Blanc de Trilogia, Valencia, Spain 2013 {biodynamic} Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Verdil ELEGANTLY TROPICAL, SPICY, EXOTIC BASIL Every bit as exotic and enchanting as it is rare. With bright tangy fruit reminiscent of tangerine, white peach, and mango and beautiful flourishes of basil, shea butter, and vanilla, there's no mistaking that this is truly something special. Serving Suggestion: Paella with squid, mussels, and lobster with saffron and paprika.

    Bodegas Los Frailes, "Bilogia", Valencia, Spain 2009 {biodynamic} 50% Monastrell, 50% Syrah BLUEBERRY & PLUM, BOLD & LUSH. SOFT, TOASTY OAK For the Bilogía cuvée, Monastrell is blended with its classic blending partner of France, Syrah, grown in Valencia to great results. The result is a plump but well structured wine with soft tannins, supple purple fruit character, and a very tasteful dollop of creamy oak for good measure. Serving Suggestions: Majorcan sausage such as Botifarró with aniseed.

    Bodegas Los Frailes, "After 3" Late Harvest Monastrell Viñas Viejas [500ml], Valencia, Spain 2009 {biodynamic} 100% Monastrell (dulce natural) GORGEOUS VIOLET PERFUME, SWEET BLACKBERRY, SPICE & COCOA By the middle of November, Bodegas Los Frailes' old-vine Monastrell is about as ripe as it can get, and a manual harvest means the grapes in this beautiful dessert wine are dried to raisins. Surprising & expressively floral with great acidity Serving Suggestion: Grilled foie gras on toast with black currant sauce, lavender crème brûlée, chocolate cake.

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