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Fall 2012 Employer Relations & Recruiting · PDF file Fall 2012 Employer Relations & Recruiting Newsletter Inside This Issue: From left to right: Anthony Mujica, Emma Maynard,

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    Fall 2012 Employer Relations & Recruiting Newsletter

    Inside This Issue:

    From left to right: Anthony Mujica, Emma Maynard, Denise Meadows Rudolph, Melissa Peale, Donna Pettit, and Kelly Gooch

    Mee t the

    Tea m!

    Meet the Team, Important Dates


    Letter from the Recruiting Assistant


    Recruit Tech Alumni Fair 3

    Spring Career Fair, Access to OCR


    Getting Involved 5

    Graphic Design Major 6

    Student Shout Outs 7

    Stay Connected with JMU CAP 8

    Important Upcoming Dates November 1st: Spring Recruiting Registration begins & Education Recruitment Day Registration begins November 15th: Recruit Tech Alumni Fair December 1st: Spring Career & Internship Fair Registration begins February 5th-April 12th: Spring Recruiting Season February 19th & 20th: Spring Career & Internship Fair February 28: Education Recruitment Day

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    Greetings Employer Partners,

    Hello! Allow me to introduce myself… I am the new Recruiting Assistant here in Career & Academic Planning - Employer Relations and Recruiting Services at James Madison University. I am also a proud 2007 graduate of JMU with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. After graduating, I worked at Rosetta Stone for a few years and many of the skills I learned along the way have proven to be very beneficial in my new role here- but there is still much to learn! I feel very fortunate to have finally returned “home” to JMU and am really looking forward to getting to know all of the exceptional employers who recruit our students.

    I would also like to take this time to introduce a few other new members of our team this year: Kelly Gooch is our Recruiting Graduate Assistant who graduated this past May with her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and is now pursuing her Masters at JMU in Adult Human Resource Development. Melissa Peale is our Media Student Assistant and will be graduating in May 2013 with her Bachelor’s in Corporate Communications with a Human Resources Development minor. Bonnie Ham is the Executive Secretary to our Director, Lee Ward. She is a 2010 JMU grad with her Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs. Bonnie began working in CAP in March of this year and will be assisting our Recruiting Services team on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

    A word from our Recruiting Assistant...

    A few familiar faces that you’ll see again are Anthony Mujica our Centennial Scholar for the past four years, who volunteers in our office each week as part of his scholarship program. Anthony will be graduating in May 2013 with his Bachelor’s in Health Services Administration, Spanish and Business. Donna Pettit, our Receptionist will be greeting you on your visits to campus and providing additional support as needed! And you all know our Assistant Director, Denise Meadows Rudolph, who ensures that the wheels of our office keep turning through this busy academic year!

    I am sure that this will be an exciting and productive academic year and we look forward to working with all of you! If we can be of service to you in any way, please feel free to reach out to us. A complete listing of our staff and contact information can be found here.

    Best Regards,

    Emma Emma Fridley Maynard

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    A word from our Recruiting Assistant...

    Date: November 15, 2012, from 11:00 AM- 3:00 PM at George Mason University

    Presented by: MyWorkster

    To register go to For questions contact Lisa Penberthy at (914) 953-8297 or [email protected]

    MyWorkster develops relationships with the best schools in the country and the amazing, hard working career and alumni professionals that represent their institutions. With their help, we create exclusive, high quality recruiting events that unites the nation’s strongest talent with amazing companies.

    Recruit Tech Alumni Career Fair


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    If you wish to set up an on-campus interview with a student, they must first: • View the Recruit-A-Duke online tutorial. • Once the tutorial is viewed, students must complete a short quiz

    Students who do not complete these steps will be unable to access any of the On-Campus Recruiting opportunities.

    Gaining Access to OCR

    Spring Career & Internship Fair Date: February 19th & 20th, 2013 Location: Festival Ballroom This Career Fair will provide fulltime and internship opportunities to a variety of majors. REGISTRATION OPENS December 1st

    To register please follow these instructions: 1. Go to the Recruit-A-Duke login page for employers 2. Log in with your username and password 3. Click the tab labeled “Career Fair & Information Sessions” 4. Click on the “Register” button next to the Career Fair that you would like to register for 5. Proceed to filling in all of the required fields 6. You will receive a confirmation from our office upon approval of your registration

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    Spring Career & Internship Fair


    Get Involved On & Off Campus!

    Want more interaction with JMU students but don’t know how to get it? Try out some of these on or off campus options to get better connected with job-seeking Dukes!

    On Campus On-Campus Recruiting and Employer Luncheons- After posting jobs on Recruit-A-Duke, employers have the opportunity to interview students they select on campus. Additionally, employers can participate in a free luncheon where they will have the opportunity to meet with JMU faculty and staff representatives.

    Career Fairs- JMU holds career fairs each semester where employers can showcase their organizations. See our website for more details about our Spring career fair.

    Mock Interviews- This program gives students the chance to practice interviewing with employers. Share your feedback and help them improve their skills!

    Resume Reviews/Resume Roundup- Another great way to connect with students is through our resume review programs. These allow employers to give feedback to students on their resumes. Join us for either resume reviews which occur various times each semester, or Resume Roundup which is held once each academic year.

    Off Campus Off-Campus Recruiting Using Skype- It’s on-campus interviewing without actually being on campus! This is available for both first-round interviews as well as mock interviews.

    Job Postings on Recruit-A-Duke- Gather resumes from interested students through job announcements on Recruit-A- Duke. Students can submit their resumes for review through this account. From there, you may contact the students you would like to communicate with further.

    E-Bulletin Board Announcements- Have your job posting or campus visit announcements displayed all around JMU’s campus! Across campus students will encounter “e-bulletin boards” (flat screen monitors that display electronic announcements). Get your organization’s name out there by sending in one of these!

    Beinvolved- Interested in students that are involved in specific organizations? See to advertise your company through the over 300 student clubs and organizations around campus.

  • Getting Graphic: This fall marks the beginning of a brand new major at JMU: Graphic Design. The program started out as a part of the School of Art and Art History, which has respectively been renamed the School of Art, Design and Art History. Graduates of this program will come away with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Coordinator of the program, Trudy Cole emphasizes how the program will enable students to become “excellent problem solvers” in the field of graphic design. Students in the program will complete courses on topics such as design technology, computer graphics, brand identity and typography. As seniors, students must also enroll in the graphic design senior portfolio course, where they will bring all of their design materials together to create a synopsis of their career’s work. Students must successfully complete this course before they can graduate from the program. Graduates of JMU’s Graphic Design major will be prepared at entry level for virtually any market. Says Cole, “Graphic Design

    is a generalist program. Students will achieve all the functional skills that they need to be successful problem solvers. In this program we give them a taste of everything rath- er than pigeonholing them into one specific area. We are promoters of life-long learning.”

    Employers seeking entry-level graphic design specialists should keep an eye out for upcoming graduates of this program. According to Cole, “Because our students come from a general education undergraduate university, our focus is preparing them for employers. What makes our students stron- ger than those from other programs? They are well-rounded intellectual individuals. Not only are they wonderful image makers, but intellectual problem-solvers”. Keep an e