Eyeblaster Confidential - For Internal Use Only Eyeblaster In-Stream Video Solution Overview

Eyeblaster Confidential - For Internal Use Only Eyeblaster In-Stream Video Solution Overview

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Eyeblaster Confidential - For Internal Use Only

Eyeblaster In-Stream


Solution Overview


• Introduction• Market status

– Landscape– Challenges

• Solution– Features & Capabilities– Process

• Benefits– For Agencies– For Publishers












2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Timeline of rich media advertisingIntrusive vs Immersive advertising…

N O N – B R O W S E R B A S E D


InGame video launches

Video standard in all formatsPurpose shot video begins

‘PreRoll’ ads before online video content

First 2MB Video AdRe-purposed TV

Offline video & sponsorship InStream interactive video within player

Eyeblasterlaunches the‘Floating Ad’

Rise of the ‘Smart Ads’

“Information Source to Entertainment Stream”

Desktop applications

Behavioural & Sequential ads

Cross-Network advertising


Broadband Penetration

% of ads using video

Cross-Channel advertising formats

Mobile & IPTV

Symantic Web‘Web 3.0’


• What is inStream video advertising?– Playing a short video ad (usually up to 30 seconds long) within a player

before the content (Pre-roll), after the content (Post-roll) or within the content playback (Mid-roll)

• See a live sample here

• Pre-roll video inventory has grown in 105.2% annually (CAGR) between 2001 – 2006 (source: eMarketer)

• But is about to explode between 2007-2011

Instream opportunity

• Premium inventory• No-longer dedicated video portal/Ents stream

– can be ROS on any content page

• Multiple instream per page impression (stay on same page)– Can appear anywhere and as may times per content stream – pre, mid, post + multiples thereof

• New revenue stream– TV budgets complementing existing online

• instream currently 1% of TV• 15% by 2011 = to online display

• Complemented by companion with interactive – intrusive + immersive– no need to click away, deliver everything to user

• Reach/frequency – people/content – not impressions• Consolidated reports

Online TV ad spend: $10bn globally by 2011

Market Status

Publisher using WMP

Ad Agency

Ad management

Ad serving & tracking

Ad management

Ad serving & tracking

Publisher using a proprietary Flash implementation

Publisher using Brightcove

• Landscape:– Publishers are using different

technologies (WMP, Flash, etc.)– Many big publishers have

proprietary player implementations (usually based on Flash)

– Some use 3rd party ad management and player solutions (e.g., Brightcove)

• Challenges:– Agencies have to send over video files or

tapes to every publisher separately in the specific format it supports

– Agencies cannot modify or swap creatives, perform optimization or change clickthru URLs mid campaign

– Publishers have to manage the ads and run tracking using internal ad-servers

– Agencies can’t get uniformed and consolidated tracking and analytics

– Agencies can’t provide 3rd party tracking with delivery, reach & frequency and performance

Ad serving & tracking

Ad management

Solution – Features & Capabilities

• Universal 3rd party video ad-serving - across different player technologies and implementations

– Windows Media playlist support– Generic player support– Full Brightcove integration

• Video files hosting and serving using our CDN partners• Automatic encoding to 12 versions (3 formats for 4 bandwidths)• Automatic bandwidth detection and serving• Full tracking*:

– Delivery, reach & frequency – Video progression (start, end, 25%, 50%, 75%)– Click, fullscreen, pause, play, mute, unmute, and more– Integrated with Eyeblaster new analytics application

* Tracking availability depends on specific publishers capabilities

• Auto-detection of plug-in – Flash 7 – Flash 8 – WMP

VideoStudio – setting the new standardOne single package - multiple videos to match user environment

Solution – Process

Publisher using Brightcove

Publisher using WMP

Ad management

Ad serving & tracking




• Agency uploads (or sends) assets to Eyeblaster in any format

• Eyeblaster encodes 12 versions (3 formats for 4 bandwidths)

• Agency creates one unified media plan across publishers

• Publisher generates tags/xml for its specific player technology/implementation and places them in player / publisher ad-server

• Eyeblaster manages the ads and serves them to all publishers using CDN

• Eyeblaster collects tracking info from all publishers

• Agency analyzes campaign across publishers in Eyeblaster Analytics

Publisher using a proprietary Flash implementation

Ad Agency

Solution – Benefits

• Benefits for the agency:– Stop sending videos to multiple publishers (quicker

turnaround and save money)– Work in one format, let EB worry about conversions– One unified media plan and serving across

publishers– Flexible mid campaign management (change

creatives or clickthru URLs, optimize campaign, …) – Advanced, unified tracking across publishers– Use standard EB tools for trafficking and analytics– Provide comprehensive 3rd party tracking

• Benefits for the publisher:– Avoid overhead of internal ad management

(increase scalability and turnaround)– Avoid video encoding and simplify campaign rollout

operations– Increase accessibility and usability for ad agencies– Continue using specific/proprietary player solution

Publisher using Brightcove

Publisher using WMP

Ad management

Ad serving & tracking



Ad Agency


Publisher using a proprietary Flash implementation

InStream technicalities

• Sound ON• Up to 30secs

– 2sec bumper, 10-15 sec recommended or 30-sec TV

• Full Screen• Video package – one size fits all (bandwidth or plug-in)

– Usually set-up as 4.4MB to allow for scaling

• Advanced Delivery options (not just impressions)– Set to every 3 mins, irrespective of viewing many clips within that time

• Works with Companion Banners to give creative freedom

• Flash: Has cross-platform compatibility and Interactivity (WMV doesn't) – Suitable for short-length content – We are Brightcove compatible

• WMV: Has streaming quality and DRM protection (Flash doesn't) – Both required for 30min IPTV shows. – We are WMV direct compatible and working with Roo and Narrowstep

• Silverlight: Promises to address it all... (?!) - – Eyeblaster already is compatible

pics InStream Companion

Ents Portal








No need for page / companion

Allows power of TV plus interactivity

Ads can be dynamically inserted

Content and ads can be seamless

Allows option to removing the fixed ad-break slot


TV style ad + companion

Uses upto 30 second linear footage

Companion banner allows interactivity

No need to click away

Initial Solution Proposed Ideas

Consumer Behaviour Tracking (pre-click)

Behavioural Sequencing

Re-target ads based on previous consumer behaviour on media properties (across domains)

Cross sell/Up sell to maximise ROI

Build valuable user database over time

who have never visited your site

visited your site

active participants on your site

Behavioural Re-targeting

User interactions determine what ad is shown next coaxing user through decision making cycle

Unlimited creative ‘paths’ help improve conversion rates catering to users at different stages of decision making cycle

During The Campaign Prior to Campaign