Every great dish deserves the perfect salt. Every great dish deserves the perfect salt. ... Himalayan

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    Every great dish deserves the perfect salt.



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    organiccompliantSaltWorks is proud to offer organic compliant products.

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    Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt is the traditional salt used in Hawaii to season and preserve. It con-tains purifi ed Alae clay, which is high in minerals and gives the salt an earthy fl avor. Try mixing the coarse salt with herbs and use as a spice rub; it seals in the natural moisture of meats. The fi ne grain can be used as a replacement for ordinary table salt.

    Bonfi re is naturally smoked for 14 days with a blend of 7 care-fully-chosen woods to create a hearty smokehouse fl avor. Crafted with our own PNW-harvested Snow-fl ake sea salt and our proprie-tary real-wood smoking process, Bonfi re will instantly transform your dishes with its mouthwater-ing, savory taste.

    Cyprus Black Lava is cre-ated from Mediterranean sea salt fl akes combined with activated

    charcoal. The dramatic color and delicate texture of this salt make it ideal for table-side presenta-tion. The charcoal will enhance the fl avor of your favorite dishes.

    Cyprus Flake Salt is a unique Mediterranean pyramid-shaped crystal. This is a new favorite among chefs and weekend gour-mets alike! The texture and mild taste make this a versatile salt for use in cooking, baking and gar-nishing.

    Durango Smoked Sea Saltis created when delicate Pacifi csea salt fl akes are naturally smoked with untreated Hickory wood, resulting in a full, smoked fl avor without turning bitter. Hick-ory smoked fl avor is synonymous with southern cooking. Durango is a natural with ribs and burgers, or any red meat.

    El Dorado is an all-natural sea salt smoked with genuine Mes-quite wood, the offi cial smoke fl a-vor of Texas barbecue. This tena-cious wood has a strong, hearty fl avor that complements meat or any dish that needs an authentic Southwest twist.

    Fleur De Sel de Gurande from France is known as the caviar of salts, and is acclaimed by many chefs as the best of all sea salts. The delicate fl avor and moist tex-ture make this the ideal fi nishing salt.

    Flor Blanca is made from the premium crystals that form on the surface of the salt ponds. The Salinas (salt farms) of Manzanilla, Mexico produce this beautiful sea salt. This salt is hand harvested to ensure the highest quality pos-sible. Perfect for fi nishing.

    Fume de Sel is comprised of premium Fleur de Sel crystals that are cold smoked over oak wine barrels that have been used to age fi ne Chardonnay wine. This salt is one of a kind! Use on sal-ads, veggies, meat...almost any dish.

    Hellfi re sea salt is sinfully hot! Slightly smoky & scrumptiously spicy, this new fl avor creation comes to life with Mesquite-smoked sea salt, a splash of lime and the perfect amount of haba-nero pepper to kick up the heat. With just a sprinkle, this salt will add a pinch of fi re to any dish!

    Himalayan Pink Salt is har-vested from ancient sea salt de-posits deep in the Himalayan Mountains. It is recognized for the beautiful pink color and min-eral content. Available in many grain sizes.

    Mineral Salt

    Kosher Certified

    Sea Salt

    Organic Compliant

    All Natural

    Made in USASmoked

    Optically Clean



    Welcome to the wonderful world of specialty salt! Never before has there been such a wide variety of fl avors, colors and textures available. SaltWorks believes in the difference that the right salt can make. Whether youre fi nishing off a gourmet dish or simply salting your french fries, the right salt can change your eating experience.

    El Dorado Fleur de Sel Flor Blanca Fume de Sel Himalayan Pink (fi ne)Hellfi re

    Alaea (fi ne) Cyprus Black Lava Cyprus FlakeBonfi re

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    Hiwa Kai is prominent in the Hawaiian islands. Activated char-coal is added to Pacifi c sea salt to give this salt both a beautiful color and reputed health benefi ts. The black color makes this a great garnishing salt.

    Mayan Sun is tropical sea salt created from ocean water trapped in mangrove sanctuaries in El Sal-vador. Clean ocean water is cap-tured in the salt, imparting great fl avor and high mineral content.

    Mediterra is pure solar-evapo-rated Mediterranean sea salt. The naturally white and dry crystals are ideal for use in a salt grinder (coarse) or in salt shakers (fi ne).

    Murray River Flake Salt is an apricot-colored fl akey salt from Australia. The colorful crystals melt quickly and have a wonder-ful crunch and mild taste.

    Peruvian Pink Salt is harvested from terraced salt fl ats in the foot-hills of Peru. The crystals have a high moisture content and a light pink color. Peruvian Pink salt has a strong fl avor and chunky tex-ture.

    Pure Ocean is a gourmet sea salt from the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Brazil. The pristine crystals are solar evaporated, carefully crushed, and screened to size in our state-of-the-art fa-cility. No anti-caking agents or additives of any kind are used.

    Salish Smoked Salt is Pacifi c sea salt that is cold smoked over red Alderwood. No artifi cial col-oring or fl avoring is added. Sal-ish gives food a delicious smoke fl avor both on and off the BBQ. Try on salmon, red meat, creamy pasta dishes & baked potatoes!

    Sel Gris is completely natural and unrefi ned grey sea salt from France. This salt is harvested using traditional Celtic methods. High in minerals, the French salts are known to be among the best tasting. Coarse grain is ideal for cooking and baking. The fi ne grain is the perfect upgrade from ordinary table salt.

    Sel Gris - Velvet is light gray in color and stone ground to the consistency of baking fl our. The texture makes it ideal for sauces, salads and snack foods.

    Trapani is handcrafted from tra-ditional salt pans along the fa-mous Salt Road in Sicily. The crystals are the fi rst to bloom on the surface, and retain valu-able nutrients which add delicate fl avor to the salt. Best used as a fi nishing salt for gourmet dishes.

    Wildfi re is a fl avorful blend of our fl akey Northwest sea salt, combined with fresh garlic and rosemary and smoked over our carefully-selected Pecan wood. This herbaceous blend will please carnivores and veggie-lovers alike. A sprinkle will add delec-table fl avor to poultry, potatoes, pastaoptions abound.

    Yakima Smoked Sea Salt uti-lizes sweet Applewood from the Yakima Valley to fuel the fi res that fl avor this smoked sea salt. Aged Applewood is one of the most popular of the fruit woods used in smoking. Delicious on fi sh, poul-try or veggies.

    See the variety... taste the difference.

    Pure Ocean (coarse)Hiwa Kai (coarse)

    Sel Gris (fi ne) Sel Gris (Velvet) Wildfi re Yakima



    Mayan Sun Murray River Peruvian PinkMediterra (fi ne)

    Salish (fi ne)

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    ars Artisan Salt Boutique Gourmet Jars

    Beautiful glass jars with hand-milled cork lids. These are perfect for the gourmet chef & make wonderful gifts.



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    Code Variety Wt oz. DescriptionSuggested

    Retail SKU

    CJ-ALA-FNE Alaea - Fine 6.5 Hawaiian Red Sea Salt $14.99 8 9954900032 5

    CJ-ALA-CRS Alaea - Coarse 6.5 Hawaiian Red Sea Salt $14.99 8 9954900031 8

    CJ-CBK-FLK Cyprus Black Lava 3 Mediterranean Black Lava Sea Salt $15.99 8 9954900059 2

    CJ-CYP-FLK Cyprus Flake 3 Mediterranean Pyramid Flake Sea Salt $15.99 8 9954900028 8

    CJ-DUR-SMK Durango 4.5 Hickory Smoked Sea Salt $15.99 8 7932200040 7

    CJ-ELD-SMK El Dorado 4.5 Mesquite Smoked sea salt $15.99 8 7932200519 8

    CJ-FLR-NAT Fleur de Sel 6.5 French Flower of Salt $15.99 8 9954900026 4

    CJ-FBA-NAT Flor Blanca 5 Mexican Sea Salt $14.99 8 7932200047 6

    CJ-FOR-NAT Flor de Sal 5 Portuguese Flower of Salt $14.99 8 9954900036 3

    CJ-FUM-SMK Fume de Sel 4.5 Chardonnay Oak Smoked Sea Salt $21.99 8 9954900041 7

    CJ-HIM-FNE Himalayan Pink - Fine 6 Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt $14.99 8 9954900055 4

    CJ-HIM-CRS Himalayan Pink - Coarse 6.5 Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt $14.99 8 9954900056 1

    CJ-HWA-CRS Hiwa Kai - Coarse 6.5 Hawaiian Black Lava Salt $14.99 8 9954900088 2

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    et J




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    Code Variety Wt oz. DescriptionSuggested

    Retail SKU

    CJ-MAS-NAT Mayan Sun 6 Tropical Sea Salt $14.99 8 7932200043 8

    CJ-PPK-NAT Peruvian Pink 6 Mountain Spring Salt $14.99 8 9954900037 0

    CJ-SAL-FNE Salish - Fine 5.5 Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt $15.99 8 9954900033 2

    CJ-SAL-CRS Salish - Coarse 6 Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt $15.99 8 9954900024 0

    CJ-SDM-FNE Sel de Mer - Fine 6.5 Mediterranean Sea Salt $10.99 8 9954900038 7

    CJ-SDM-CRS Sel de Mer - Coarse 6.5 Mediterranean Sea Salt $10.99 8 9954900039 4

    CJ-SGR-FNE Sel Gris - Fine 5.5 Whole Mineral French Sea Salt $14.99 8 9954900029 5

    CJ-SGR-CRS Sel Gris - Coarse 6 Whole Mineral French Sea Salt $14.99 8 9954900027 1

    CJ-SGR-VVT Sel Gris - Velvet 5 Whole Mineral French Sea Salt $14.99 8 7932200036 0

    CJ-TRP-NAT Trapani 7 Sicilian Sea Salt $14.99 8 7932200039 1

    CJ-YAK-SMK Yakima 4.5 Applewood Smoked Se