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Eu Air Handling Unit Gb 200809

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EU air handling units by Flakt Woods

Text of Eu Air Handling Unit Gb 200809

  • 1. Modular Air Handling UnitEU

2. Air Handling unit Range 0.2-1.0 m3/s 0.25-8 m3/s0.5-34 m3/s 0.2-8 m3/s 3. EU Casing Dampers Filters Coils Heat recovery Fans Silencers Software 4. Certification EuroventISO 9001ISO 14001 5. EU size range, 11 - 5350-5340-44 10 m3/s 30-33 20-22 5 m3/s11 6. EU size range, 60 - 84 80-8430 m3/s71-7325 m3/s 60-6415 m3/s 7. CasingRobust steel frame50mm casing panels Bolted framework 8. CasingGalvanized steelStainless steelPlastic coated steel50 or 140 kg/m3 density mineral wool (Post insulation optional) 9. Connection between blocks 10. CasingInspection doorAdjustable door hingeMechanically fixed replaceable door seal 11. Casing - Door hinge 12. Casing - Handle 13. Casing - Door handle safety catch 14. Lifting 15. Transport packaging 16. Base frame 17. Hygiene Casing 18. Outdoor CasingEffective protection against rain and snow 19. Outdoor Casing 20. Dampers 100 mm blade 200mm blade 21. DamperPerformance - leakage rate4 3 21 Pressure difference, PaLeakage flow, l/s per m2 CEN Standard EN 1751 22. DamperBlade sealBlade profile 23. Damper 24. Filter Panel filtersFlat or pleated G2 G4 Bag filtersSynthetic/glass fibre Short/long G3-G4 & F5-F9 Compact F6 F9 Carbon filters Impregnated/ Non-impregnated HEPA filters H 10 - H14 25. Filter New filter frame Even lower leakageEasily removable Panel filterBag filterPre-filter Service from side orfront. 26. Carbon filter 27. Absolute filter Eliminates risk of by-pass leakage. Fail-safe. No liquid seals are used. Quick and reliable installation. 28. Filter accessories 29. Heat exchangers Air ventWide range of materialsand capacity stepsCoil drain All connections are now threaded 30. Heat exchangers Purpose made pipe seals for low air leakage and vapour seal for panel. 31. Heat exchangersLargerIntermediatecooling coils condensatetrayFood grade hose 32. Heat exchangersWater and air trap 33. Heat Recovery Plate heatLiquid-coupled Rotary heat exchanger heat exchangerexchanger 34. Recuterm - Plate heat exchangerTwo sizesOptional by-pass damperAdvantages Simple Moderate heat recovery Low risk of odour and bacteria transferDisadvantages Plant room space. Frost risk. Stainless steel drain trayAluminium or epoxy coated aluminium plates 35. Ecoterm - liquid coupled heat exchangersAdvantagesNo risk of transferSupply and extract can be separateModerate efficiencyDisadvantagesMore complex installationFrost risk 36. Econet - liquid coupled heat exchangersAdvantages No risk of transfer Supply and extract can be separate High efficiency Able to use waste heat. Good heat recovery, 60-70% Easy to implement district cooling Low energy costs Compact units give better installation spaces Frost protected Disadvantages More complex installationReturnHeating/cooling 37. Regoterm - Rotary heat exchanger AdvantagesHigh efficiencySmall space requirementCan recover moistureCan recover coolingComplete with speed control DisadvantagesPossible transfer of air and odourDemand on supply and extract position New drive motor Improved reliability Lower noise Better control 38. Fan Centrifugal fan Plug fanAxial fan 39. Centrifugal fan 40. Fan testing Every centrifugal fan is tested in our factory before delivery.Fan speed Vibration Motor current 41. Q-Master 42. Evaporative humidifier 43. Sound attenuatorWhy use an AHU silencer?High sound reduction in theright frequency bands.Low regenerated noise.Noise is treated near thesource.Low pressure drop.Unit casing gives low radiatednoise level. 44. Sound attenuator Traditional silencer splitter 45. Sound attenuator 46. Sound attenuator 47. Sound attenuator 48. Selection program - ACON 49. Life Cycle Cost (LCC)Generally the price is the main deciding factor in the purchasing decision. In Sweden today, LCC is becoming the most important issue. LCC is a tool to help evaluate the total cost during the life of a product.Investment Energy 50. Documentation Catalogue Brochures Web site Product selection program Installation instruction Maintenance instruction Spare parts list